Weight Loss Is, Literally Speaking, Such a PAIN!

Is weight loss a pain? Literally speaking?

While losing weight is an overall uncomfortable endeavor, with symptoms from exhaustion to incessant cravings, many simply say “it’s a pain” to lose weight. But can it really cause you pain? Here are some facts that point to that it can and how it might be a block to dropping those unwanted pounds.

Weight loss comes in many forms, some healthy, some not…

Losing weight is a phenomenon that is a result of a multitude of causes and is really only itself a symptom. Weight loss can occur due to stress just as easily as by a healthier approach. Most commonly, someone has the intention of losing weight. It is at those times that the body has a reaction to the process itself. While stress can cause discomfort, so can making a healthy change in your diet. This is where weight loss and pain connect up.

Weight loss done properly can cause pain and discomfort…

Pounds lost are not necessarily a good prediction of health. This is merely a measurement of body changes that may be positive or negative. Health improvement measures tend to “melt” inches and pounds, side effects notwithstanding. Side effects of healthy weight loss can commonly occur due to detoxification.

Detox from losing weight can come with symptoms of withdrawal…

Your body tends to build immunity to all the “junk” you feed it. Therefore you may not experience any related discomfort. Let go of these toxins and the body can naturally experience various withdrawal symptoms including jitteriness, anxiety, exhaustion or tiredness, depression and, especially, pain. Here is literal pain in fact from losing weight and is one of the foremost sources of diet failure: giving up because it’s just too painful!

Solution: Quit pain, not your weight loss efforts…

It’s clear that weight loss can be a physically painful experience. For this reason it cannot be ignored. Non-toxic pain solutions such as chiropractic care and other physical pain-relieving treatments can make a marked difference. In fact, with preventive measures you may be able to prevent such pain from ever occurring.

At Ideal Health and Wellness Center, we address patients’ needs to lose weight fast with LipoLaser, LED fast inch loss technology, to give a faster result, but then look at the entire body as to its potential detox effects as well as any structural and nutritional conditions that could be causing or exacerbating the problem. Through advanced diagnostics, nutritional regimens and supplementation, supervised light exercise as well as structural care to keep pain to a minimum, an ideal weight loss program is not only achieved, but ideal health as well.

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