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Four Steps to a Healthier You

Health and wellness come at any age, so our chiropractic treatment appeals to everyone. Our chiropractic treatment includes several instruments that assist us in tapping your bones and gently moving them. So whether you have lower back pain, neck pain, or need spinal manipulation, our team can help. We also utilize manual adjusting techniques by hand that are slightly more aggressive yet very gentle.

From an infant to senior citizens, we offer chiropractic care. So your entire family can experience relief and have their chronic pain treated. Even if you have intense back pain or have a condition such as osteoporosis, we can offer the chiropractic care in the Nashville, Cool Springs, Brentwood, or Franklin, TN (37067) area.

To improve your overall health, our chiropractors follow three steps to provide adequate care for life. Chiropractic care is often misunderstood, and there’s more to chiropractic care than a simple spinal manipulation. Look at the three steps a chiropractor follows to ensure the best health.

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Initial Intensive Care

One philosophy of chiropractic treatment in Franklin, TN, is relieving pain as fast as possible. In our initial intensive care treatment, you will feel all back pain, neck pain, shoulder pain, and other sorenesses go away. However, our pain relief treatment is only the beginning. While it does not remove the cause, it improves your overall health by reducing pain. That’s something any person wants to have.

Remember, it does take months for a person to heal. Even if a chiropractor helps relieve your pain, you will still need to care for yourself during the healing process. For adults, Initial Intensive Care takes between 1 to 2 months. Adults’ bodies are complex, so don’t expect a week to treat an injury. For babies, a chiropractor can treat them in only one visit. A simple adjustment is all they need to reap the benefits.

It is recommended that you move to the next phase of care, but you may discontinue care whenever you desire. Stopping care too soon is like taking the cast off of a broken arm 5 days after it was put on because the patient “feels” better.

Everyone knows it takes 6 to 8 weeks for a broken bone to begin to heal, and it has not healed after 5 days just because the patient “feels” better. Initial Intensive Care can be 1 visit for babies and young children and is usually 1 to 2 months for adults.

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Corrective Care

Initial Intensive Care and symptom relief may very well be the easiest part of the care program. Correcting the underlying cause of the problem can be more difficult and time-consuming. This phase of care can range from 1 to 2 ½ years. It is just like wearing braces on your teeth.

When was the last time a patient told the Orthodontist that he or she was only going to wear the braces for 6 months even though the Doctor said the braces would need to be on for 2 to 3 years to correct the misaligned teeth? Never, right?

The same principle applies when trying to improve your spine health or relieve other bones in your body. Maintaining a proper posture can take time, especially if chiropractors tell you that you must do active rehab exercises daily.

However, many find this process worth it, with patients reporting fantastic results. For example, we’ve had patients go from having chronic pain and trying every doctor under the sun to having relief for life. Our knowledgeable chiropractors can help relieve your pain through natural remedies that take advantage of your body.

At the end of this phase, a new set of x-rays and scans will be taken to ensure maximum correction. When we provide you with your x-rays, you can see the difference. This process can take a long time and be stressful, but it’s worth it. In addition, we give first-time patients helpful advice on committing to chiropractic rehab and health care, so don’t be afraid to ask any questions. Our chiropractic care has had long results for anyone in the Cool Springs or Franklin, TN area.

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Maintenance Care

After the Orthodontist removes the braces because maximum correction has taken place, the patient is instructed to wear a retainer to “retain” the correction. The same thing goes for chiropractic care. The patient will be instructed on some home stretches and posture exercises to “retain” the correction in between checkups. This is a wonderful phase because it is much easier to maintain a healthy spine than to fix a broken down, banged up, damaged spine.

This is why parents are encouraged to bring their children in for regular checkups on their spines as they grow. We do this for their teeth yet kids lose baby teeth. You can never lose your spine! Take care of it while they are young so they will be in better shape as they age. Common sense!

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Wellness Care

This is by far the best phase of care and to be very direct and very honest, most people fall short of reaching wellness care. Why? Because we live in an “I want it now and I want it my way and I want it FREE” society. There is no free lunch. You really do get what you pay for.

You no longer feel pain. You feel as if you’ve reached total health and wellness. However, many in your phase still visit a chiropractor regularly. This phase is referred to as wellness care, and think of it as maintenance.

Say your car has an engine problem, and you take it to the mechanic, who patches up the engine. Even though your car works fine now, you’ll still take it to the mechanic every so often for a tune-up.

The same principle applies to wellness care and your overall health. A chiropractor continues offering the patient advice and checks for any issues. If the patient has an early-detected issue, the chiropractor can quickly fix it. From minor adjustments to general health advice, we recommend all patients continue their care.

For many, this phase can be the most difficult. As a result, many believe they don’t need anything else when their injury is fully healed. However, new problems in the neck, spine or low back area can still arise, and fixing them can cost more time. Therefore, it would serve you well to continue your treatment.

If you go through Initial Intensive Care, Corrective Care, and Wellness Care successfully, the patient will get the actual health benefits of a body that feels, functions well, and is at an optimum level. What would it be like to go through life aging and not slowly degenerating, getting arthritis, poor posture, shrinking in height, bladder issues, sleeping issues, fatigue, and memory loss? Put the work in now and see for yourself.

We’ve provided lifelong chiropractic care for many patients in Cool Springs, Nashville, and Franklin, TN (37067).

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When you join our community, you not only experience a story like mine but will be adding your story to a community of wonderful and exceptional individuals who have developed their own Ideal Wellness!

Dr. Frank Marghella
Dr. Frank Marghella

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By combining chiropractic, LED fat loss Lipo-Laser technology, Spinal Decompression, K-Laser for soft tissue injuires, and the Chirothin Weight Loss program, we have the elements necessary to help people with any and all health issues!







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