How Wellness Can Earn You Millions Real Estate Entrepreneur Monte Mohr

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How Wellness Can Earn You Millions Real Estate Entrepreneur Monte Mohr

[00:00:00] A tendency in our culture is to play defense rather than understand that the best defense is a better offense. And be intentional about your health. Be conscious about your health. I’ve been in real estate for 36 years. I’ve personally sold over a billion dollars worth of real estate during that time.

I’ve been through about every market that you can imagine, but I’ve never not made. Being healthy a priority. Since I’ve been in the business, I have no authority in the arena other than I listen to my body. I try to treat it right. It’s like our business in the real estate world. It will only reflect what you give it, how you serve it.

Our body is no different. You only do as good as we allow it to. Hey, fitness and health fans, it’s Game on with another episode of The Sporting Good Posture Podcast. Get coach Margie’s advice from the sidelines as he helps you crush your game no matter what health or fitness game you play. Hey, I’m coach.

Margiela, I’m sporting good posture. What are you sporting? Hey, coach Margiela, what’s your advice today? Welcome back to another episode of Sporting [00:01:00] Good Posture. This is Coach Margiela here and today I have a special guest, Monty Moore. I’ve known Monty now for about 10 years. He actually sold my. First condo that that I had here in Nashville when I first moved here and helped me buy my first house.

And he’s been a good friend and I’ve known him, like I said, for 10 years. He’s the owner of Realty One in Cool Springs and just recently opened up in new location in Nashville, and he also is the main person on the podcast. Called the Talk of Music City Real Estate, and he’s been doing that for a few years as well.

So, Monte, I wanna welcome you on the show today, and thank you for taking the time today. Uh, thank you for the privilege, Frank. Uh, you know, like you, health is a, has a special place in my heart. You know, it seems like the tendency in our, in our culture is to play defense rather than understand that the best defense is a better offense.

And be [00:02:00] intentional about your health. Be conscious about your health. And so that’s one of the things I think I love about you, that you are exactly, that is you’re very conscious about health and, and, and helping make a difference in other people’s lives, especially in the craziness that we live in. We really, really enjoyed your podcast that was, uh, aired earlier, uh, this week.

You, you can go, go again there to, uh, to talk of Music City real estate. And, uh, and it was just, it was a great time. Uh, and it’s so good. As a matter of fact, we’ve been doing this for almost two years, as you said. We’ve never had somebody do back to back interviews with us, just for the record. Okay. That’s how impressive your information was and how needed it is to hear.

I’m very grateful to, uh, to have you in my life, brother. Well, thank you and, and you as well. And I very much appreciate you having me on your podcast last week. And, I, I listened to the episode. I thought it was excellent. Um, I think you have a great show there and, and I really appreciate you having me on and I look forward to [00:03:00] hearing the, the, the other one as well.

And I had a good time doing those two episodes in a row. Well, a lot of people would, you know, asked us, well, why are you having a, a chiropractor, Dr. A chiropractic on, on a real estate show? And it’s because, you know, our audience is our other realtors and it’s so important. As a professional out there, whether it’s real estate or any other type of profession, is so important to bring your, a game every opportunity that you can.

And you can’t bring your A game if you’re not feeling well and, and, and you just haven’t made health a priority. You know, fortunately for me, my, my father was very unhealthy, you know, he’s alcoholic and died at a pretty early age of, of, uh, heart problems. And then my mother had. Uh, has had cancer bouts a few times.

My my point is it caused me to be mindful that, you know, I don’t wanna do that. I don’t wanna end up like that. I don’t wanna wait till I have an emergency before I start paying attention to my health. I wanna, I wanna do that ahead of time. And so I, for the last, you know, probably 40 [00:04:00] years I’ve been interested in health again, I think that’s why I, uh, appreciate, you know, sharing with you.

Because it’s not, I don’t have any degree in it, in the topic. I, I just know I pay attention to my body, but your body will speak to you. It’ll either yell at you or it’ll whisper it. You know, to you, you have a choice of its volume and if you’ll listen to the whispering, then you don’t have to wait for the yelling, if you know what I mean.

That’s so true. I love that. You’re 67 now, and you talked about some of the health habits that you have, and you run a company that does. I think it’s 300 million in sales a year with 145 agents at your office, correct? Correct. Wow. And you’re still the top agent as crazy. Part of that qua equation is I’m still the top, uh, salesperson on top of being in charge of everything from, uh, changing out the toilet paper to, uh, to, uh, to go showing up at a closing to help somebody get to, uh, you know, the [00:05:00] finish line that’s struggling with a client or whatever.

So it’s a lot of stress. So yeah, I’ve, uh, I’m, I’ll be 68 in a couple months and, uh, my goal is to, not to check out before I’m a hundred, but I don’t wanna be in a corner somewhere drooling on myself. Uh, to that point, you know, I wanna be proactive. I mean, I’ve told my agents I’m not planning on retiring any soon, time soon.

I don’t wanna be in anybody’s way out there, you know? Yeah. But, um, and I’m, and I’m cheering my agents on, you know, my goal is not to be the number one sales, uh, person in my company. I’m cheering, uh, those other top producers on and, and actually I’ve ever made some challenges that if, uh, if somebody will beat me this year, I will pay, I’ll, I’ll write a thousand dollars check and to, to their favorite charity.

That’s how much I want to be beat. Okay. But I’m not gonna roll over it. My competitive, my competitive nature doesn’t let me, like your competitive nature, you’re not gonna just roll over and let somebody have first place. They’re gonna fight for it, you know, they’re gonna earn that. Right. Okay. [00:06:00] So, yeah, I, I, uh, I have a, a, a great reason to, uh, wanna remain healthy cause I have a lot of responsibility, but it’s been one of the highlights of my life.

I’ve never had more fun in business, and I’ve been in real estate for 36 years. I’ve personally sold over a billion dollars worth of real estate during that time, but I’ve never had more fun than I have now because I’m helping. Other real estate professionals take it to the next level. I’m there for them seven days a week.

I’m, I’m helping be, be a lifeline to them because you can imagine, Frank, you know, back when we met, you know, the market was pretty tough. And yeah, I’ve been through about every market that you can imagine and, uh, but I’ve never not made being healthy a priority since I’ve e actually been in the business.

I, I’m, and I’m not saying I, I walk everything out perfectly. I still have my cocktail. In the evening to help de-stress or whatever, you know, sometimes. But one thing I have learned, the word breakfast, for instance, as simple as the word breakfast, is, it’s, it’s, it’s [00:07:00] break a fast. You know, what are you doing to your body when you break, when you have breakfast?

Are you slamming some coffee in, in a, a McDonald’s, uh, big Mac or whatever, you know? Or are you treating your body as well as you would? A race horse or a, you know, your, your, your, your vehicle Even. I mean, sometimes in our, in our, in our country, in our culture, we grab what’s quick and we don’t think about it until, and again, until that voice gets louder and louder where we start, you know, realizing there’s something going on that’s not right.

So for, for as an example, for the last 20 years, every single day I start my day with, This, uh, super food called Pure synergy. It’s about everything that you can imagine in, uh, in one container, and it tastes like Pawn Scum. If anybody’s ever had pawn Scum. This has gotta be real similar to pond. Then I put some, uh, uh, then I put some of that, uh, apple cider vinegar on top of it just to really make it taste good, you know?

Um, well, what you have to [00:08:00] do. See, we’re, we’re, we’re such a spoiled society. I mean, I, yeah, I’m not, I’m not speaking for everybody, but we’re such a spoiled society that. Um, not everybody can taste, drink or eat, uh, or push past the flavor of something. Okay. So, but, but if health is important enough to you, and it is with me, I saw my parents make the mistakes that they did, and so it’s always been important enough to me to not, not care about what that, what, what did that taste like?

Yeah. Um, what is the value of that? I can actually, my system actually goes, oh, thank you. I can feel it saying thank you every morning. I’ll take a, a shaker, a plastic shaker, pour some water in it, pour some, a little bit of a glob of local honey in it. So I’ve got the benefits of the local B work, you know, out there.

I put a couple teaspoons of this, uh, pure synergy and then, and then drop some apple cider vinegar in there, shake that up. And then take, take a handful of other, uh, supplements that I take every day. That’s my breakfast, at least for the first hour or so. And then I’ll, and then many times [00:09:00] I’ll, um, have a, you know, a couple pieces of, uh, whole wheat toast with some avocado.

Or I’ll make myself a, uh, a banana, spinach, blueberry, protein, uh, shake. Uh, one or, or one or the other, uh, every morning. That’s, that’s all I have. I don’t have a heavy breakfast. I don’t have a, a big breakfast. Uh, in my world it seems like it, my body doesn’t like that. My body wants to, it still in the digestive mode from the night before and you don’t want it doing, trying to do two things at one time.

Eat, eat, you know, digest a big, uh, breakfast. While you’re still in the d digestive mode from the day before. So you started getting up earlier now, and can you explain a little bit about that and kind of what are, what are some of the things that you’re doing when it’s so early in the morning like that?

First of all, I’ve never been a a early morning person. Okay. Ever. But about two years ago, somebody introduced me to a book. Called Miracle Mourning. Okay. It’s written by Hal Elrod. Hal has a heck of a story. He, he was, uh, in a head-on car accident, [00:10:00] uh, died at the scene, came back to life, uh, and, and he just, uh, he’s made a huge difference in a lot of people’s lives.

Again, his name is Hal Elrod, and the book is called Miracle Mourning. Well, he’s written a Miracle Morning for several different occupations. One of them is called Miracle Morning for Real Estate Agents. And, uh, another broker gave me that book a couple of years ago, and, and I, as soon as I started reading it, I couldn’t put it down.

And I’m not a big voracious reader. I’m more of a listener. I’ll, I’ll have on audible, I’ll have maybe 10 books going on at any one time. But I read it, I underlined it, I highlighted it. I mean, I can show you that book. Now. It looks like it’s, it’s a, a best friend, you know, it’s a, it’s worn out. But, but in that, in that book, he talks about, This, uh, acronym called savers Okay.

Savers, S A V E R S. Savers. Okay. The S stands for silence. It stands for, you know, being quiet in the morning. Okay. So when I get [00:11:00] up, well, first of all, I may say, you know, part of the, um, concept or part of the encouragement that Al Hal shares in this book. Is about getting up a little earlier than what you’re used to.

Okay. I mean, it can be 15 minutes earlier, it can be 30 minutes earlier. Depends on what you wanna do at that time. But, you know, I’m a little compulsive sometimes, I guess when I, when I, you know, approach something. So I was getting up at, at 6 30, 7 o’clock every morning when I’m found this book, I, I looked at what I wanted to do after I was so inspired by reading the book that now I, my alarm goes off about four 15 in the morning.

Wow. Now I haven’t, I I didn’t, you know, as a hu, as a, as a, an adult, I never got up that early and, and since I was, you know, I used to run every morning and I, and a guy would be, I could hear a guy clip loping up the street, uh, and, and he’d be there at four 30 in the morning. And that’s when I, and that’s when I’d hit the road with him at four 30 in the morning.

I did that for a while, um, until I started having knee [00:12:00] problems and ankle problems. Cause my, my six foot, six frame just wasn’t designed for, uh, the long distance. I found out, you know, but, But, and again, prior to that, I was never a early morning person. I, I like sleeping. I didn’t wanna go to bed before, you know, 10, 11 o’clock at night or at the earliest.

And then, and then stay, you know, not get up before 6 30, 7 o’clock. Well, when this book made such an impression, the idea of building a house your life, With a, a solid foundation that, that concept, you know, I mean, I’m in real estate, so it’s easy for me to tr to relate. I would never build a house without a solid foundation.

Absolutely. And so, so often we build, as you know, we, we’d try to build a life with, without a solid foundation health being a solid, solid foundation. You know, like, like your, like your grandmother said, if you don’t mind me quoting her. Absolutely. If you have your health, if you have your health, You’re a wealthy person.

Yeah. You know, [00:13:00] you’re rich if you have your, if you don’t, you know, I mean, if anybody’s been sick that’s listening to this, you know, if you’re not feeling good, man, you don’t have a whole lot going for you at that moment. You know, it doesn’t matter what you got in the bank, doesn’t matter what your business might be doing, if you don’t feel good, that sucks.

So anyway, I started, I started really under really internalizing the idea of, of really building a. Solid foundation in my life. And I, you know, I, I got this when I was 65 years old. I, you know, by then, you don’t think it’s gonna be a little bit challenging to change any habits unless your why is big enough.

Okay? Yep. My, my why was big enough, because my goal is to become a billion dollar broker. I, my goal is to have my company producing a billion dollars in real estate. Not because that means something to us, my wife and I financially, but it be, but because. It means that, that, that the agents who know what they’re doing have collected or, or there’s a strong in that one hour, that’s [00:14:00] five extra hours a week.

Multiply that by, let’s even take 48 weeks times five hours. That’s 240 hours extra. Divide that by 40, that’s six extra weeks. Yep. We can add six weeks to our life, our livelihood. Uh, you know, the re the results of that livelihood by just getting up one hour earlier. Okay? So, so that’s what he starts the book with is, hey, you know, get up an extra 15 minutes early, get up an extra 20 minutes early, 30 minutes, whatever.

I got compulsive and I got up an extra two hours early, okay? I, my, my alarm goes off every morning so that the savers, S A V E R s s stands for silence. So when I get up in the morning, it’s, it’s a time just to be quiet. It’s a time to pray. It’s a time to meditate. It’s the time just to, because that’s one of the safest times that you can, that your whole day will be.

Cuz there’s no, nobody else, [00:15:00] nobody, no, no. Phones are ringing, emails coming in, none of this kind of stuff. You can get quiet, you get, you can get intentional. So that’s how I start my day. So then the next part is the A stands for affirmations. So affirmations are, and I think everybody understands what affirmations are.

Let me just share what I wrote this morning. Those are so important. By the way, I, I highly agree with this. This is the day the Lord has made. I’ll rejoice and be glad in it. This is the day to be my best, and I will and I will no matter what. Today, I will embrace every opportunity to use wisdom and divine understanding, self-control, and good judgment.

Today I will be an outstanding leader of excellent real estate professionals. Success follows me all the days of my life. I, I have a millionaire mind as I use it exceedingly well today. Motivated, qualified, coachable, and appreciative buyer sellers and realtors are coming to me. Today is my day. I will use it wisely that that’s a half of the page that I wrote.

So [00:16:00] I think affirmations are really, are really, really important. You know, because I believe that we live in such a, can be such a negative world at times. In such a crazy time. We are right now that we’ve got to guard this, this thing right here. This, this is where the battle rages between our ears. Yeah, we’ve gotta make sure that’s strengthened.

You know, we’ve gotta make sure that, that, that we’re on top of it here, cuz we can’t, you can’t give to your customers if you’re not on top of it here. I can’t give to mind if I’m not on top of it here. So I think one way we can assure that is to write down our affirmations and, and as, as if they are present in our lives today, V stands for.

Visualize the V in, in, uh, SABER stands for visualize. So I wanna be quiet and visualize what I wanna see in my life, the business I want to have, the relationships that I want to enjoy. I want to visualize that. E stands for exercise. Connie and I for the last three years, we, every morning, uh, we have about a 20 [00:17:00] to 30 minute, um, yoga, uh, we, it’s basic yoga.

It’s more stretching than anything else, but it helps at least keep the joints. Uh, lubricated, you know, and, and stretching and so forth. Then I typically either go for a walk for a mile or two or then, or go down to my basement and, uh, I’ve got a small gym down there where I might jump on the trampoline or I might, you know, do the ab machine or the v flex or, or whatever, you know, but I’ll spend another 20 minutes there.

Exercise. Uh, R stands for e uh, reading. I’m an edu, I’m a information junkie. I, I wanna read every morning. I wanna make sure that I’m, I’m feeding my, my, my Spirit that way. And Essence, saber stands for Scribe, and that is just writing. Writing. Uh, what’s on your heart? You know, writing. Maybe writing a book.

You know, I’ve, I’ve written a book, um, a while back. I used to write for the Tennesseean, uh, a real estate article for two years in a row. I did that 104 weeks in a row. But, but Right. It’s really, [00:18:00] there’s something about it. It helps your being. I think if you’ll write every, every day. Anyhow, that’s savers.

That’s Miracle Morning Hall, Elrod, I tell you, it, it’s made a huge difference in my life. I highly recommend everybody. I. Pick it up. It’s actually a, a book in our office that, that’s our number one book that we encourage our agents to read because it’s, it’s made such a difference in Connie NI’s wife.

Well, that is such good advice actually, while we’re on here. I just went on Amazon and bought it. No, that’ll be arriving at my house tomorrow. And on top of that, it said, think and Grow Rich was also recommended, so I bought that one too, which I’ve heard about and I never got a chance to read it. So I’m gonna read both those books this month.

Oh, brother, brother, you, you, you, um, thinking Grow Rich changed my life, you know, as well. I mean that there’s not, there’s not a more influential book ever written on the topic of success next to the Bible than thinking Grow Rich. I mean, it is, it is, it is. It is life changing. And when you get [00:19:00] to the faith chapter, be sure and spend some time with the self-confidence formula.

You know, as business, as business people, there’s few muscles that are more important. Than self-confidence. I’m not talking about writing checks that you can’t cash. I’m not talking about being cocky. I’m talking about being confident. That’s right. In who you are and what you bring. Cuz you, you bring the goods to your, to your, uh, folks that, that put their, their trust in you.

I mean, that’s one of the reasons Kanye, I love you so much is because you, you know, you, you know, you know, we just, sometimes we’ll just say, you know what? We need to go talk to Frank because we’re kind of out of just outta kilter. You know, you always, it’s like going in and getting a tuneup, you know?

That’s right. Well, I’ve, I’ve known you guys for a long time and, and I know you take your health very seriously and, you know, with what you’ve done with your company and, and where you’ve come all, all these years, um, I, it really helped me a lot too. So, Let me ask you something. If you want to tell our listeners about your [00:20:00] company and the difference between your real estate company compared to other ones as far as how you do the procedure of buying and selling.

Do you mind talking a little bit about that? Well, I mean, we’re, you know, we’re, um, our, our big, our big thing now is with the real estate community, and that is we, we pay our agents a hundred percent of their commission. Wow. Uh, but, but we, we also provide to them, Yeah, every cutting edge techno piece of technology and tool and, and world-class training.

I was on a, a podcast right before this, uh, with about 25 or 30 of our agents talking about, uh, keys to successfully selling a home. You know, I, I wanna make sure that our agents are tapping into the wisdom that we have in, in our organization. It’s not often that, that a, a broker who sold over a billion dollars worth of business makes himself available, and I’m not boasting about me at all.

I. I just, this is my passion and I, and I, I love now providing that, that wisdom, that insight to [00:21:00] our real estate family. But that’s our, our biggest thing is, is um, there’s other a hundred percent companies out there, but. Nobody provides what we do for our, our agent, uh, agents. And that is cutting edge technology, world class training, uh, full support, uh, same, same day, commission check, deposit.

I mean, everything that a, that a real estate professional wants and needs to succeed in today’s world. It’s, you know, just like everything else, the real estate world has changed dramatically by our agents getting a hundred percent of their commission. You know, if they need to help the client out and by, you know, doing something, maybe a little out of the box by reducing the commission or whatever, you know, they’re.

They’re more able to do that because they see the value of the relationship. And that’s what we teach is the, the value of the relationship. Like you do, Frank, you teach the value of the relationship, the money will take care of itself. The money will come if you put the value of the relationship first.

That’s right. Um, so that, that’s, that’s what ours is founded on is, is the value of reach relationship. And I think that’s so [00:22:00] impressive that you guys do that because I know, you know, I don’t know a ton about real estate, but I know that. Other companies don’t do a structure like that. So I, I really, I highly recommend you anytime that somebody needs a house sold or bought or whatever, or to look.

So I, I love what you do and I appreciate the passion that you have with it and how you teach others, and you take the time to do, you know, the teachings like you do each week and podcasts. So it’s really important and I, I just really appreciate you doing that. Well, like, like you brother, you know, the, uh, The market is looking for somebody who knows what they do.

You know, you, you stay on the cutting edge of your trade. That’s why I put my trust in you. I’ve learned more outta school than I did in school. I basically learned how to pass my test in school, and that’s, that was about, it helped me pass my test. I didn’t know how to run a business. I didn’t know how to, how to do marketing.

When I was in school, I remember that we would have. Clinic hours, [00:23:00] some people finished at different times. So I remember I finished my student clinic. I went to the main clinic and I go in the office and I see everybody sitting there, and I finally asked somebody after a couple minutes, you know, what’s everybody doing?

They said, oh, well, we’re waiting for one of the doctors or one of the other student clinics, advisors. If they’re done, then they’re gonna give us some patients. So I said, okay. So I sat there for a little while that day. Maybe another 30 minutes to an hour, and I, and I started saying to myself, why am I gonna sit here and wait and do this?

So, so I actually went out and got a job at Outback while I was at school, and I recruited my own patients. I went and asked the people that were eating in the restaurant. I had the staff coming in, and then I just started going around. I had business cards made. I started going around. Everywhere I went, I was just handing out business cards as a student because I didn’t wanna sit there and wait for somebody to hand me something.

I was like, I’m gonna go out and get it and do it on my time. That was all I knew at the time. I didn’t really know, but I knew I had to hustle to [00:24:00] do it and it worked and I was able to get my own patients, and I also took extra courses. So when somebody would come in that needed help with like their knee or their foot or their wrist or elbow or something, that wasn’t just the spine.

I had taken extra courses. So the people that were scared to work on those extremities, they would pass those patients to me because I knew how to do it. So I started getting patients handed to me then because I had more experience. And more knowledge than the other ones. Cause I put the time into it. So I completely agree with that.

You have to change what the times and you gotta be willing to put the time in, in order to learn those things to better yourself and better your business. We all had to pay a price to become the person we are. I had to pay a price to become the who I am. You’ve had to pay a price to become who, who you are, and thank you for becoming that pri that that person thank you for paying the price to becoming that person because.

Now we can go in there and totally trust you. You know, because you, you became that person. I was blown away when you were with us last week about the other services that you provide in your office. What was [00:25:00] even in more interesting, I thought was this lipo, uh, Laser thing that you’re doing where you actually did it yourself?

I wouldn’t have, I, I mean, I wouldn’t think a guy would even admit that, let alone do it, you know? But I thought that was really cool that you’re using the things that you’re, you know, you’re, you’re believing in, you know, yourself. Anytime I recommend any service and I’m never gonna do something on somebody that I haven’t done on myself, and I’m never gonna tell somebody to do something that I wouldn’t do on my end, because I feel like I’d, I’d be a hypocrite at that point.

Amen. Especially with the lipo laser, you know, it is, people don’t always believe in it. So I also did it myself seven years ago when I first got it, to make sure that it worked, to make sure that it was legit, to make sure there was no side effects with it. And I legitimately lost six inches when I first got the lipo laser machine.

And I kept it off for a long time and just this past year, I started, I, I cut outta some of my habits and that was one of the reasons why I really got back into it. And then I did another round of lipo laser, and this year I lost 12 [00:26:00] pounds and I lost six inches again, and I gained five pounds of muscle by working out along with it.

But I also tracked my results better. So in the process of me doing it again, I’ve been able to help my patients more and give them, you know, like a beeline on how to actually make this work and make it stay off of you after you’re done. I thought that was really insightful, what you shared with our team, you know, recently about the, you know, the ladies who are not adding, uh, weights, um, you know, to their regimen.

Um, And you know that they’ll lose, actually lose more weight if they do that. I thought that was really insightful. Yeah, it’s, it’s a common misperception, especially with women. They think, don’t lift weights. I’m gonna get bulky. And it’s the complete opposite. You have to lift some weights. You don’t have to be lifting monster weights, but if you lift weights, it makes your body grow some muscle, which in turn burns more fat.

And if you don’t build any muscle, you’re not gonna burn fat. And that’s why people get stuck on the treadmill. After they lose that first 10 pounds, they’re stuck. [00:27:00] And it takes some, changing the workouts around to actually get past that sticking point. And then adding something like the lipo laser to really boost your fat loss makes it even easier.

So if you do anything outside of that, you really see the fat loss fast. Amen, brother. So tell us again about your podcast, um, and give us a little bit of information about where you’re located and, uh, you know, how people can get in touch with you. The name of the podcast again is, uh, the Talk of Music City Real Estate.

I’ve got an office in, in Cool Springs, right next, right by, uh, Sperry’s Restaurant, one block off of uh, cool Springs Boulevard. We’re opening a second office. It’ll be open in a couple months in Berry Hill on Berry Hill Drive, right there on the corner of Thompson Lane and 5,400 square feet rooftop, uh, entertainment area, uh, big training room.

It’s just gonna be really, we’re really excited about that. We’ve grown from 17 agents to 145 agents in the last, uh, 18 months. Wow. Which is, which is pretty phenomenal. But, and we’ve said no to some because we’re [00:28:00] looking for the right people, you know, I mean, so our number is 6 1 5 9 2 5 0 2 0 4 if we can help you with your real estate needs.

Uh, but we are looking for, uh, real estate professionals who wanna take it to the next level. My job is what, uh, you know, Jim Rohn used to say, how tall does a tree grow as tall as it can? My job is to help everybody grow as tall as they can in the real estate industry. And one way they do that is, is to be excellent at what they do.

And, and, uh, so my, uh, my goal is to help each person not wait for 36 years before they can say, I’ve sold 3000 homes, but help, help them do that sooner. So, and not about the numbers. It’s about becoming an expert. Absolutely. And, and thank you again for having me on your podcast. And, and we definitely need to do this again with you in the future where we have you on, we can talk about, you know, we can talk about a lot of things and, and I think that you have a lot of good info for, for my listeners out there.

And, uh, I appreciate you taking the time today. So thank you again. Thank you for the privilege of being on [00:29:00] here today, Frank. Uh, thank you for, you know, health and wellbeing is a passion of mine and I I appreciate a platform to share what, what has worked for me. I, again, I have no authority in the arena other than I listen to my body and I, I try to treat it right because it’s like our business in the real estate world.

It will only reflect what you give it. It will only reflect how you serve it. Our body is no different. It’ll only, it’ll only do as good as we we allow it to and give it the proper ingredients, the proper environment to, to work, work well in. So thank you for being part of our life and for helping Connie and I run at the pace that we’re running in.

We look forward to having more guests on this year, season three for the sporting good posture. Podcast is gonna be coming up here very soon, and I look forward to having more guests this year and new health topics, and revisiting some old ones as well. Remember, the coach’s [00:30:00] door is always open. This is Coach Margiela.

I’m sporting good posture. How about you? The Sporting Good Posture Podcast is a broadcast wellness production powered by Ideal Health and Wellness Center, all content copyright 2019 all rights reserved. Executive producer Frank Sardella, Dr. Margiela Pierce, courtesy of Ideal Health and Wellness Center in Pool Springs.

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