Season 3, No Mercy, There Is NO Disease In This Dojo!

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Season 3 No Mercy, Disease Does Not Exist In this Dojo!

[00:00:00] I just want to let you know there is no mercy on this. Pandemic disease does not exist in this clinic. It’s important to look at the good things that have happened this year and realize that there’s more important things in life than sports and concerts. I’ve been able to spend a lot of time with my family for the last six months, and I hope you have too.

I’m gonna try to remember the good things, you know, really look back on this time as more of a positive than a negative. I want to help you get through this and really come out of 2020 the best version of yourself. Game on sports, fitness and health fans for another episode of The Sporting Good Posture Podcast.

Gear up for Coach Margie’s advice from the sidelines as he helps you crush your game no matter what health or fitness game you play. Hey, I’m Coach Margiela. I’m sporting good posture. What are you sporting? The coach’s door is always open. Let’s join him now. Hey coach, what do you got for us today?

Welcome back to season three. Of sporting good posture. This is Coach Margiela here, and this is a special season. We’ve done a [00:01:00] lot of episodes the last couple years. We’ve had a lot of guests on and I really appreciate the following that we’ve had for the show, and I really look forward to doing some great things this year.

Going back through last year, we talked about the posture of. Exercise, sleep, and the proper foot support. We’ve talked about a lot of things, and this past year with the pandemic, I wanted to focus more on things now that really help you improve your health. Going back to March and April this year, we talked a lot about immunity and those were some things that really were important at that time and still are important now.

And I wanna focus on talking more about that because I. Underlying health conditions really dictate how well your body reacts to disease, as well as other things in life. And you really do have control of immunity. You could see at times, sometimes you have less immunity, sometimes you can have more immunity.

So [00:02:00] we need to look at the things that you’re doing that can cause your immunity to decrease this year. Everything that we’ve seen that’s going on has to do with your body not being able to be in the best position it can be to to fight off basically any kind of disease, any kind of problems that you come across.

So, What I wanna focus on today is the structure of your body and building that foundation again. So what happens when the foundation breaks down? Well, we’ve seen people over the years, you’ve seen it yourself, whether it’s you or family members that get sick. You have pain, you have poor sleep, you have poor digestion, you have less energy, headaches.

Neck pain, back pain, whatever is going on, and it’s a way that your body shows you that there’s something wrong. It’s kinda like when the check engine light goes on in the car, you know that something’s wrong with the car. It’s important to go get checked out, building the proper foundation from the [00:03:00] ground up.

We talked about. Watching how the feet are watching, how the knees and the hips in the back are. And ultimately, if everything is in alignment, then your nervous system will work more properly. It’ll be able to do the things that it’s supposed to do. And if you go back to the episodes from earlier this year, when we talked about immunity, it had a lot to do with the underlying conditions of your body.

So if the nervous system has. Things that are wrong with it, then it’s not gonna work at its optimal level. And it may only work at 50%, maybe 20%, maybe 70%, but it’s definitely not gonna be a hundred percent. And what that means is your body’s not gonna be doing what it’s supposed to do. People that have problems sleeping are the ones that have usually some neck problems in the, in the upper neck, specifically somebody that has digestion problems, somebody that has asthma, allergies, things like that.

Are usually having those problems right between the shoulder blades. You’ll be carrying your stress there. And somebody that has low back [00:04:00] problems typically has problems with digestion, possible hormone imbalances, uh, weight gain. Each part of the body has a definite blueprint, a pathway of where you’re gonna have dysfunction.

And it’s important to recognize that. And again, if you are dealing with things like. High blood pressure, diabetes, obesity, poor sleep, heart disease, poor digestion. These are a lot of the things that are fueling this pandemic, and ultimately, it comes down to some basic things to keep your body healthy, to help remove the interference and your nervous system, so your immune system functions better so you’re sleeping better, digesting better, but also so your heart is pumping better so that your blood pressure is normal.

Diabetes is I, I think, a bigger pandemic than some of the things that are going on right now with disease. The obesity rate has gone up so much that over half the population now, at least in the United States, is obese as well. [00:05:00] Almost a million people die each year in in the United States of heart disease.

These are definitely. What we call those comorbidities that make disease more prevalent in the body where it causes more destruction. So again, if your immune system isn’t where it should be, then your body’s not gonna be able to fight these things off. You gotta remember, it’s like you have to go into battle.

But if you go into one battle, it’s easier to win that battle as opposed to multiple battles. So if your body’s dealing with 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 things, as opposed to just, okay, I gotta deal with this sickness right now, your armies are not gonna be able to fight off everything because you’re spreading them too thin.

Ultimately, that’s a battle you’re gonna lose because your body isn’t able to handle. All those battles at once. So you really have to focus on how to improve your immune system, how to improve your nervous system so that your body will be where it’s supposed to be to fight off this disease since March.

There’s a lot that’s gone on in the practice, [00:06:00] but the great thing is that we’ve been open the entire time. We haven’t closed our doors. We’ve been able to stay open, see patients, help people out. The pandemic really has shown us what is important about our practice because we really have helped a lot of people in the community.

A lot of our patients, they saw the difference as soon as they came back in. I want you to know that we’ve taken every precaution possible. It’s been six months now since the pandemic hit. We really have taken every precaution as far as cleaning the office y. You know, we’re constantly washing our hands.

We’re constantly cleaning the chiropractic tables and the, and the therapy tables and everything throughout the office. So it’s really made a big difference for us to be able to stay open and really keep our patients at ease so that you know that we’re doing everything possible to keep you safe. And we’re gonna make sure that we’re doing the things possible to help you keep your health.

Because heading into the fall here, now is the time to really work on your health so that you’re prepared for it in the future. [00:07:00] So, Ultimately, it’s about giving you the greatest chance to stay healthy. It’s about finding the interference, finding the deficiencies that your body has so that you can stay healthy during the cold Seasons, during the pandemic and, and just overall in general, as far as some of the cases.

That I’ve seen over the last six months. There’s been a lot of good things that we’ve been able to do in the office by helping people. You know, we have a rapid weight loss program that we’ve used on on many people, and it’s helped because it’s really caused a lot of people with the quarantine to gain that quote unquote quarantine.

15. And we had a patient just a couple months ago that unfortunately, Had gained 15 pounds through the pandemic and was able to lose 10 of them rapidly within just a, a few weeks of our program. And that’s really gonna help her as far as keeping her immune system strong and keeping her body strong throughout the fall season here.

Uh, [00:08:00] I’ve had other patients that have come in where they had some nerve interference, they had some structural deficiencies and some blockages, and we were able to find those things through the assessments that we do. This is also the time of year where you’re gonna have less sunlight, you’re not gonna be outside as much.

It’s getting colder. This is the time of year where unfortunately we we’re just gonna be indoors more. And it’s important to know if your body is deficient in in certain nutrients, and those are things that we can assess in the office. And with proper supplementation, we’ll be able to help you get those levels back up where they should be and keep you healthy throughout the, throughout the fall and the winter here.

It’s important right now to do something that’s preventative. It’s better to be proactive than reactive. It’s always easier to stay healthy than to get healthy. Once you’ve gotten sick, it’s easier to maintain it than you think. So what’s season three going to be all about? Well, Obviously the [00:09:00] last six months have changed the world completely.

Most people now are working at home. A lot of our students are at home as well. Some are at school, but many are at home. And your work and school now have merged and you’re also working at home, maybe sitting on the couch, sitting on your bed, sitting in different positions than you normally would’ve where you had a desk at work and a nice setup and everything.

And many people’s needs have changed. So as your needs change, we’ve had to change at the office to help address new issues that that are coming up. The biggest thing that that’s happening is just the stress factor, and it’s more prevalent than it’s ever been with stress because of the way that everything’s happening right now and things are just up in the air.

And I want you to know that I’m here to help you, whether it’s stress, sleep, Anything that’s going on, it’s important to figure out why it’s happening and how to better handle it. These are [00:10:00] things that you’re gonna have to work through this year, but I want to help you be able to, to handle that and do the best you can through this season to to stay healthy.

So some of the things I want to address here in season three is especially the stress that’s going on, it’s just been a taxing year on everybody and. Whether you’re, you’re working at home or you, you are back at work now, it’s important that you are in the proper position at work, that you have the right setup and, and these are things that can cause stress on your body.

And going back, if you remember from previous episodes we’ve talked about, when you have these stresses on your body that. Sitting at a desk ultimately is not the cause of these health problems. There’s really a lifetime of small incidences that have happened that caused imbalances over the years. I.

From sports injuries to car accidents, to even just the birthing process in general. It brings me on [00:11:00] to your child’s health. Some of you out there probably have have kids and they’re either at home doing their schoolwork or they may be in school. It’s important that not only your health, but your child’s health is at its optimum.

This is the time where, Things happen. A, you know, when you’re younger that turn into problems later in life, that can be addressed sooner rather than later. So figuring out how your child’s health is through school, through sports and things that they’re doing so that they’re staying healthy through through this pandemic is very important.

It’s keeping everybody healthy, that’s gonna get everybody through this, keeping the underlying conditions to a minimum to help you stay healthy. It’s really something that I’ve dealt with as well. My kids have been home and back at school and home again. Uh, throughout the last six months, my wife’s a teacher, so in the spring when school was, was shut down and they had to do online learning, she was doing online learning [00:12:00] for her students at school on top of helping our own kids at home.

With online learning and really helping them get through their school year, and then now going back to school. This year, she’s actually in school teaching. She has to be at school, both for the online and in person. I’m usually home a couple days a week helping my kids. I know what it’s like to be doing both jobs.

I know what it’s like to have to go to work. Go, you know, come home and help the kids if they’re online or just help ’em with their homework. Um, my daughter just started kindergarten last month and it’s definitely been a big transition to help her. At the same time, it, it’s been pretty cool because I’ve been able to experience some things that I never would’ve experienced with my kids had they been at school.

This is one of the few times that my kids will be home together actually doing, doing schoolwork. And there’s been times, you know, I’ll have ’em sit at the table together and it’s just cool to see them interact. Um, I got to see my daughter say the Pledge of Allegiance for the first time the other day. I got to help [00:13:00] teach her how to do that and stand with her and.

You know, put her hand over our heart and, and say the pledge of Allegiance. So that’s something I would’ve never seen. And I, I could say I was there for the first time to see her do that and to really start learning her letters and her numbers and, and do all the things that we don’t really normally see kids do in kindergarten.

So, as much as it’s been a crazy year, It’s really gonna be something I’m gonna remember because this is the only time that’s probably ever gonna happen in our lifetime. And I’ve been able to be home with them more often than normal to help them go through these things. And I really, I’m gonna have some good memories outta this year.

And that’s ultimately what I want you to take away from this, is that there’s always darkness before the light. And it’s important to look at the good things that have happened this year and realize that there’s more important things in life really than sports and concerts and all these things going on.

It’s really been, I’ve been able to spend a lot of time with my family for the last six months, and I hope you have too. And that’s [00:14:00] really something I’m gonna remember this year for, I’m gonna try to remember the good things of this year, and that’s one of the best things that I can remember and really.

Doing a lot of things at home with the kids and spending a lot of time with ’em has really meant a lot to me because as your kids get older, you only have a handful of years before they become teenagers and they go kind of go out on their own. So, But I feel like I’ve been able to spend a lot of time with ’em.

I think we’re gonna have a really close relationship with both my daughters because of this pandemic. So I hope you’ve been able to do that with your kids if you have kids. And I hope that if you haven’t spent as much time, that maybe over the next few months this year that you can, that you can do that with them and, you know, really look back on this time as more of a positive than a negative.

So ultimately for season three here, I wanna really have you recognize what’s going on with your body and why there’s dysfunction. I wanna offer you my time. I want to comp you my time. If you have some underlying conditions, some health [00:15:00] problems, whether it’s structurally, functionally, nutritionally, stress-wise, whatever’s going on where you can’t figure out why your body’s dysfunctioning.

I want to comp you some time to come in my office. Figure out what’s going on and see what we can do to help you. There’s no reason that your health has to be failing you. Your body should be functioning at its optimal level throughout the whole year. And if it’s not, I wanna help you figure out why. You know, this year’s I’m a big fan of, of Cobra High.

The new series, the the Season three pick is me dressed up in my Cobra High outfit. I just want to let you know that there is no mercy on this. Pandemic disease does not exist in this clinic, and I want you to know that I’m here to help you stay healthy and I want to help you get through this and really come out of 2020, the best version of yourself.

Let’s put all this stuff behind [00:16:00] us. Go through this year on the positive note, going to 2021, brand new and healthy, and I want to get you there. Two things I want you to do. Call my office, (615) 567-6683. DM me on Instagram at sporting good posture. Tell me what’s going on and I’ll tell you what I think.

Remember, the coach’s door is always open, especially in these uncertain times. I’m here for you. This is Coach Margiela. I’m sporting good posture. How about you? The Sporting Good Posture Podcast is a broadcast wellness production powered by Ideal Health Wellness Center. All content copyright 2020, all rights reserved.

Executive producer Frank Sardella. Dr. Marella appears courtesy of Ideal Health Wellness Center in Franklin. For more information, visit sporting good and follow Coach on Instagram at Sporting Good.[00:17:00]