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We have a passion for our patients and the services we have to offer them.

Whether you’re looking for a wellness plan to treat a medical issue or you’re looking to shed inches from your hips or waist, our staff is ready and willing to help. Our wellness center in Franklin, TN, offers a wide range of services including Chiropractic, Brain Tap (stress management), Lipo Laser for weight loss, sports injury recovery, migraine treatments, orthotics, and more. No matter what your needs may be, our staff strives to provide the treatment you need in a safe and relaxing environment.

Wanting to fit into that little black dress better without invasive surgery, pain, and recovery time? Our fat reduction and inch loss service, known as Lipo-Laser, was designed to target our patient’s problem areas, reduce the amount of fat build-up, and smooth the skin in a short 45 minute session. Lipo-Laser is an FDA approved high powered LED light applied directly onto the surface of the skin. This technique causes the fat cells that have built up over time to open and release their contents similar to the way fat cells react to a workout.

Suffering from unmanageable back, neck, shoulder or knee pain? We have a solution for you. Many of our patients have come in with massive migraines due to tension in the neck or back, but with the help of Dr. Frank and his team of trained technicians, our patients have noticed a decrease in their daily pain and an increase in their energy levels.

Just read the number of reviews and happy patients who Dr. Frank has helped!

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Brain Tap

For stress reduction.

“Up to 90% of all illnesses can be attributed to stress.”

Here at Ideal Health and Wellness we are one of the exclusive clinics that offers Brain Tap.

This revolutionary Brain Tap device uses light patterns to train you to operate in the best mode for creativity, focus, and mindfulness.

Chiropractic Care

For acute and sports related injuries, elimination of headaches and migraines, or wellness and longevity.

We provide advanced Chiropractic care using utilizing safe, effective and proven techniques.

As a Doctor of Chiropractic, Dr. Frank A. Marghella, D.C. has years of training and experience in Chiropractic care.

Lipo Laser

For safe, effective reduction of body fat.

Lipo-Laser Treatments are fast, easy, and require no effort.

Approved FDA technology, Lipo-Laser™, can help both women & men shed those unwanted inches without pain, drugs, or surgery.

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Our safe, natural and proven techniques work with the body’s ability to heal itself so you do not have to endure unnecessary side effects from medications or surgeries. Chiropractic care is your first option when recovering from neck pain, back pain, headaches, auto accident injury, sports injury, slip and fall, work-related accident, poor posture concerns, chronic pain, migraines, and much more.

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