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Lose 20-30 pounds in about a month without exercise, shakes, or pre-packaged food! The ChiroThin Weight Loss Centers Program is designed by doctors! As a patient, you will experience rapid, healthy weight loss without hunger or cravings. Our typical female client will lose between 20 and 30 pounds in 42 days and the typical male client will lose 25-35 pounds in 42 days. THESE RESULTS ARE TYPICAL! The Weight Loss System has been specially designed to aid in boosting your metabolism, suppressing cravings, and to help detoxify your body.
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How Does the ChiroThin System Work?

Our system works to boost your metabolism while preventing the body from going into starvation mode when consuming fewer calories than your need. This causes the body to burn fat for its energy instead of protein (muscle). Getting Started is Easy! If you would like to get started today, please call to schedule your no-charge, no-obligation consultation. Feel free to call us If you have questions regarding our Chiro Thin program.
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Meet the Team

When you join our community, you will be adding your story to a community of wonderful and exceptional individuals who have developed their Defined Body!

Dr. Frank Marghella
Dr. Frank Marghella

Doctor of Chiropractic

By combining chiropractic, LED fat loss Lipo-Laser technology, Spinal Decompression, K-Laser for soft tissue injuires, and the Chirothin Weight Loss program, we have the elements necessary to help people with any and all health issues! In his downtime, Dr. Frank Marchella runs a podcast called Sporting Good Posture.

FAQ About The ChiroThin Weight Loss Program

Struggling with weight loss programs? Maybe you’ve tried counting calories alone, and it hasn’t worked for you. Maybe you’ve tried cutting out fat or carbs or intermittent fasting, and it hasn’t worked. How could it? But you’re not ready to give up, and you shouldn’t be. You need a weight loss program that works, which is where the ChiroThin weight loss program comes in.


What is ChiroThin? How Does it work?

The ChiroThin weight loss program uses quality, nutritional ingredients to help with fatty acid transportation, blood sugar stabilization, and fatty acid metabolism. It can help increase your metabolism and detox your body so that it enters into a more optimized state for burning off stored fat.

The ChiroThin weight loss program is designed to help you efficiently metabolize fat in healthier ways for your body and the long term. And it does this by using a natural dietary supplement and a diet of anti-inflammatory foods that benefit your body in several ways. It’s not just about losing weight but also about being healthier than ever, which is possible with the healthy way you’ll be eating and taking care of yourself.

The ChiroThin weight loss program works by converting stored fat into energy, and then you use that energy to do everything your body needs throughout the day. Getting rid of that stored fat means weight loss, which also means lean muscle protection. And it’s all done with added natural appetite suppressants.


Where Is ChiroThin Manufactured?

ChiroThin supplements are made with ingredients that are 100% derived and combined in the United States. This allows for better product control and increased safety for all users. The manufacturing facility is FDA certified and approved, so you know the products made there are safer for you.


What Do ChiroThin Drops Do?

ChiroThin drops will work alongside healthy dietary and behavioral changes to target the stored fat in your body and turn it into energy. That energy helps you achieve everything you need throughout the day, but because it comes from stored fat, you’ll start to see the weight melting right off, or at least appearing to. It also helps improve your ability to metabolize fat, so your body doesn’t store more fat as you eat.


What is the difference between ChiroThin and Prescription HCG?

Prescription HCG is a prescription-strength HCG product. On the other hand, ChiroThin includes a blend of different ingredients that include amino acids, vitamins and cell salts that can enhance your body’s ability to shed fat.

Rather than spending a lot for a pure HCG product that only has a minimal benefit to your actual health, ChiroThin provides you with health benefits and nutrients that your body needs to be healthy.


Is ChiroThin safe for men?

ChiroThin has been proven safe for men, and because of their body composition, it is likely that men will achieve more pronounced results and faster results.


Will my metabolism slow down if I am on a very low-calorie diet?

This will depend on just how low calorie your diet is. A very low-calorie diet can put your body into ‘starvation mode.’ When this happens, your body retains the nutrients and stores them as fat, slowing your metabolism to make sure that you have enough ‘stores’ for the future when there may not be enough food.

On the other hand, the Chirothin weight loss program is designed to keep your body from entering starvation mode while still helping you to follow a healthy and productive diet.


How Is ChiroThin Better Than A Low-Calorie Diet?

A low-calorie diet will put your body into starvation mode if you are not getting the nutrients required by your body to function. In starvation mode, your body will store fat because it’s looking for calorie-dense material to keep it functioning when the food ‘runs out.’

ChiroThin ensures your body does not enter starvation mode while still helping you lose weight.


How Much Weight Can I Expect To Lose On ChiroThin?

By carefully following the Chirothin weight loss program with the support of a doctor, many people have lost 20-35 pounds over the entirety of the program. However, many factors can play into this, such as the amount of weight the individual has to lose and how strictly they follow the program.


Can I take ChiroThin While Pregnant?

ChiroThin is not advised for pregnant women and should be stopped immediately if you become pregnant.


Will ChiroThin Let Me Exercise?

You should not engage in strenuous exercise while on ChiroThin. Instead, you should only do light walking at the most, as your body will be burning stored fat and will not be able to provide you with the energy you need for additional exercise.


Should I Take Vitamins While On This Program?

CN-B12 or ChiroNutraceutical’s proprietary Ultra-Vite are recommended while on the Christian weight loss program. This will assist with absorbing the nutrients that your body needs while on this program.


Are Headaches Normal?

Light headaches can be normal while starting this program as toxins may be stored in the fat cells that your body is breaking down during the program. Increasing your water intake will help flush out these toxins more quickly.


Can I Drink Alcohol While On This Diet?

It is not advised to drink alcohol while following the Chirothin weight loss program. Those who were drinkers previously have seen excellent results with ChiroThin as it relates to reducing and stopping alcohol use.


Can I Wear Makeup?

Many types of makeup are allowed while following this weight loss program. Users should avoid products with oils, such as certain lotions, moisturizers, and liquid makeups, as well as lip gloss and chapstick. Other forms of makeup, including powdered products, are fine.


Does Weight Loss Slow After 2 Weeks?

It is normal to lose a larger amount of weight at the beginning of the weight loss program and then slow slightly further into the program. This is because the weight loss happens quickly upfront and then may plateau for a short period before starting again. You are not done losing weight when you hit that first plateau.


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