Can Losing Weight Be Painful?

“Lose weight, feel great.” We all know this phrase; many have experienced increased energy when they lose excess weight. However, your weight loss can be too fast, leading to painful results. You may lose muscle instead of fat, feel dehydrated, or experience kidney stones. So let’s look at some disadvantages to weight loss and tell you how to reduce those side effects.

Are There Negative Side Effects Of Losing Weight?

With weight loss, it is possible to experience several side effects. These side effects can affect you physically and mentally and discourage losing weight. The most significant of them are:

Loose Skin 

Loose skin is when you have sagging excess skin folds, and this usually happens when you lose excess body weight quickly, not giving your skin enough time to snap back to its original shape. Loose skin depends on age, amount of weight lost, and other factors. You can build muscle to return your loose skin to normal with mild cases, but extreme cases may require surgery.

Stomach Pains

Yes, it’s possible to feel stomach pain when you burn fat. This pain comes from gallstones, resulting in your gallbladder producing too much bile. The best way to avoid this is to eat healthy foods rich in fat, which should reduce abdominal pain. Your goal should be to eat fewer calories, not no fat.

Muscle Loss

The most prominent weight loss challenge is burning fat yet maintaining muscle. However, you will lose some muscle during your weight loss journey. Performing muscle-building exercises can help with this.


With weight loss, you may feel irritable. One reason is that your diet cuts out carbs altogether, causing your energy levels to change. However, only cut out carbs partially; eat complex whole grains while maintaining your diet.


Your body loses water weight first, meaning that you may feel thirsty. Not to mention, the increase in physical activity can lead to you feeling dehydrated. The best way to solve this is to increase your water intake.


If you reduce the number of calories, you may need to eat more foods with nutrients. Vitamins and minerals such as B12, D, and iron are vital to feeling good. Consider using a supplement if your new eating habits need to get you more nutrition.

Hormonal Changes

If you reduce the amount of food you eat too quickly, you may experience hormonal changes. Ironically, this can decrease your metabolism, meaning you may still gain extra weight despite your diet. Hormonal changes can affect your sleep, too.

Trouble Sleeping

Due to hormonal changes and because you may feel hunger pangs, you may have trouble falling asleep. Sleep deprivation is an enemy when trying to lose weight, so how do you get past that? Once again, cut out food slowly. And, as long as it’s within your calorie limit, there is nothing wrong with having a snack before bed.

Does Weight Loss Affect My Emotional Health?

Losing weight can affect your emotional health in many ways. You may feel more confident, happier, and energetic as you lose weight. With that said, it is possible for you to feel depressed, irritable, or not satisfied with the results.

How Does Your Body Weight Affect Your Health?

Excessive body weight, particularly when you’re morbidly obese, can affect your body in many ways. For example, you may have less energy, feel depressed, and have lower libido. It also puts you at a higher risk of heart disease, diabetes, and respiratory issues.

How Can I Lose Weight Painlessly?

Slow and steady wins the race. Gradually reduce your calories instead of going from overeating to eating very little. In addition, exercise gradually as well. Doing too much at the gym at once can lead to delayed-onset muscle soreness (DOMS.)

You can also try to seek medical attention from a professional. One way is through Lipo-Laser. An FDA-approved technology, this technique uses waves of electromagnetic light to destroy fat cells and turn them into natural metabolism.

Lipo-Laser is painless and has no other adverse side effects. In addition, you can shed targeted areas. For more information, contact our doctors to learn more.


Losing weight indeed makes you feel great, but timing is everything. If you’re losing weight too fast, it can lead to painful gallstones, make you feel depressed, and give you loose skin. Always take your time, and consider revolutionary tech like Lipo-Laser if you want to lose weight without pain