Weight Loss New Years Resolutions That Actually Stick – Chirothin



Weight Loss New Years Resolutions That Actually Stick – Chirothin

[00:00:00] Every pound of fat you gain adds a mile of blood vessels. So by losing fat, you decrease the amount of blood vessels in your body and keeping you at a healthier blood pressure by maintaining that healthier weight throughout 2020. This has become more of a prevalent problem. There’s been restrictions to gyms, physical exercise, just being able to do your normal routines.

[00:00:20] It’s been more difficult to lose weight, viruses, flus, colds, anything else that’s floating around out there. It makes it more difficult for your body to fight things, things off. And. Stay healthy for the long term. Now, I’ve found an awesome alternative for weight loss. It’ll help you lose weight in a healthy way without drugs and surgeries and any side effects, and without that rebound effect of every new year that comes along, you feel like you’re not successful with your New Year’s resolutions.

[00:00:43] Let me be your coach. Game on sports, fitness and health fans for another episode of the Sporting Good Posture podcast. You’re up for Coach Margie’s advice from the sidelines as he helps you crush your game no matter what health or fitness game you play. Hey, I’m Coach Marella. I’m [00:01:00] sporting good posture.

[00:01:01] What are you sporting? The coach’s door is always open. Let’s join him now. Hey coach, what do you got for us today? Welcome back to another episode of Sporting Good Posture. This is Coach Marella and today’s episode. Is the posture of New Year’s resolutions. 2020 has been a difficult year, and I want to help you succeed in 2021 with all the goals that you have for your health in today’s environment.

[00:01:27] There’s new challenges that are gonna make it more difficult for you to stay healthy. However, I’ve helped navigate that path for you throughout 2020 and into 2021, and I’m excited to announce the addition of a brand new. Doctor Supervised weight loss program. I’m going to add for the new year. Now, before I get into that, let me tell you a little bit about how I found out about this program and why I’m gonna implement it to the office.

[00:01:54] Throughout 2020, we’ve learned a lot about why underlying health conditions are [00:02:00] so critical to fixing in order to maintain your health. Unfortunately, most New Year’s goals this year, Were derailed by the lockdowns and the restrictions that were imposed back in March. So even if you were successful with your New Year’s goals in your health, wellness, and weight loss, most likely you’ve moved backwards towards the point where you were back in 2019.

[00:02:27] Throughout the year, I’ve seen people struggle with their health as well as their weight and their overall wellbeing, and I’m sure you’re no different. I’m sure you’ve experienced problems this year with your mental health, your physical health, your spiritual wellbeing. I’m sure there’s been times where you’ve had a lot of problems with sleep, digestion, and overall stress throughout 2020 has been one of the highest I’ve ever seen in my whole lifetime.

[00:02:58] Six years ago I [00:03:00] added the Lipo Laser program to my office, and it’s been very successful since then. We’ve helped over 2000 people lose weight in inches in a healthy and non-invasive way with the use of our L E D lasers in order to get inch loss and fat loss and spot treat those trouble areas. As many have gone through the Lipo Laser program, including myself over the last six years, the one thing I’ve noticed is people wanna lose more weight.

[00:03:29] Typically, with the Lipo laser, you’ll lose about five to 10 pounds and five to 10 inches. In just a few weeks, but many people are looking for that long-term weight loss that they’ve always had trouble losing the weight and then maintaining it once they’ve lost it throughout 2020. This has become more of a prevalent problem as there’s been restrictions to gyms, physical exercise, and just being able to do your normal routines.

[00:03:57] It’s been more difficult to lose weight. [00:04:00] And on top of that, keep it off. Throughout 2020, I’ve been researching more and more about what keeps somebody healthy and what the underlying reasons are why someone may get sick or have high blood pressure or diabetes or whatever health conditions they might have, and find out why that’s happening, what I can do to help fix it, and I’ve been able to figure out what I want to do going forward for you for the new year.

[00:04:27] I’ve had my own personal health journey this past year where I was able to lose 10 pounds, six inches and gain seven pounds of muscle this past year doing a combination of diet, exercise, and the Lipo Laser program. However, like you and many others, I’ve also noticed. That some of the numbers I’ve gotten with my blood work and some of my overall health statistics aren’t as good as I want them to be and aren’t where I think they should be.

[00:04:56] After doing things like that this year, my cholesterol has gone down, [00:05:00] but it’s still running a little bit high. My triglycerides have gone down, but it’s still running a little bit high, and even things like blood pressure and sleep I noticed throughout this year weren’t as good for me as they normally are.

[00:05:13] The research I’ve come across is showing that being overweight or even in some cases, people being obese, is why these problems seem to persist. And even though I lost weight, and I’m not fat by any means, I’m still overweight and I wanna make sure that I get my body back in a better ideal weight for my body type.

[00:05:36] And this is the case I’ve found for many patients in my office as well as many people I’ve talked to throughout 2020. Being overweight or even obese significantly increases your chances of having diabetes, heart disease, cancers, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and any other health condition that you can think of.

[00:05:56] On top of that, it creates a great amount of inflammation in your body, [00:06:00] which is bad for your joints. But also that inflammation is very toxic for your intestines, your, your digestive tract, and it makes you more prone to disease viruses and infections. If your weight truly isn’t in the right range, it will be tough to stay healthy going forward.

[00:06:18] Dealing with viruses, flus, colds, anything else that’s floating around out there, it makes it more difficult for your body to fight these things off and stay healthy for the long term. As a chiropractor, I’m principled in natural health, wellness, and structural alignment of the body. This is based on the original philosophies of the polymer family who originated in Iowa that came up with chiropractic medicine, and they’re the ones that actually said that not only do you have to have the alignment, but you really have to have all your systems working in sync.

[00:06:58] To get true health, and that [00:07:00] included better nutrition, better sleep, exercise, and all the things that people talk about nowadays when it comes to natural health. With over half the population now obese or overweight, especially in the southern states, I’ve decided to look into a program called Chiro Thin.

[00:07:20] To add to my office to help with this weight loss issue that I find that people are dealing with, where they go up and down with their weight and never seem to get it off and never seem to be able to maintain it. ChiroThin is a chiropractor approved doctor, supervised weight loss program. That’s the number one weight loss program developed among chiropractors.

[00:07:43] It goes along with the chiropractic philosophy of keeping the overall body healthy, to maintain a healthy weight, to maintain a healthy lifestyle, and allow your body to reset itself back onto a new level so that your body can now maintain that weight loss that you always [00:08:00] wanted to do. This is a program that does not involve drugs, injections, exercise, pre-packaged foods or shakes.

[00:08:12] It involves a different way of eating regular food, as well as taking some nutrients based on keeping your body healthy, as well as maintaining your muscle so that weight loss doesn’t occur by just stripping your body of both muscle and fat. This program specifically attacks the fat on the outside and the visceral fat on the inside to allow your body to burn fat and lose weight, and then maintain it afterwards.

[00:08:42] By doing it in a healthy fashion and doing it the proper way with this Doctor supervised program. As always, any product or service I add to my office is always tested by me. So with the new year coming, I will be doing this program along with you [00:09:00] to make sure that we all get the best results. And I know the most about this program going through 2021.

[00:09:08] There will be options to do the program by itself and also programs that will involve doing the lipo laser along with it. I’ve talked to several chiropractors throughout 2020 and they’ve used this program for over five years now, and they have some miraculous results with their patients. Some amazing before and after pictures, and just some amazing health stories of people getting healthier and even getting off of certain medications they’ve taken for many years.

[00:09:37] An amazing statistic I learned recently was why people have so high blood pressure when they’re obese or overweight is because every pound of fat you gain adds a mile of blood vessels. Let me say that again. Every pound of fat you gain adds a mile of blood vessels. That is an enormous amount of unnecessary [00:10:00] blood vessels added to your body to supply an area that is not needed on your body at all.

[00:10:06] So by losing fat, by losing weight, you decrease the amount of blood vessels in your body, thus lowering your blood pressure and keeping you at a healthier blood pressure by maintaining that healthier weight. This is how those chiropractors mentioned that so many of their patients were able to get off blood pressure medications by losing weight.

[00:10:26] So just like when I implemented the Lipo Laser program six years ago because I was looking for a healthy alternative without side effects. For losing inches. Now I’ve found an awesome alternative for weight loss in a healthy way that’ll help you lose weight without drugs and surgeries and any side effects that you would’ve had by doing injections or other programs and without that rebound effect you have.

[00:10:51] What I want to do is send you a video. If you’re interested, DM me on Instagram at sporting good posture. Call my office [00:11:00] at (615) 567-6683. And let us know you’re interested and we can email you this introduction video. It explains a little bit more in detail about the program, and I’m looking to implement this as soon as the new year hits in 2021.

[00:11:16] And like I said, I’ll be doing it with you. I’m looking for 15 people to do this program to start out with. It’s Dr. Supervisor. I’ll be able to stay in contact with you and coach you through this so you’re successful. In fact, This is one of the few programs I’ve seen that has a promise of at least 20 pounds lost in six weeks on this program.

[00:11:42] I’ve already had a handful of people sign up and there’s nine spots left to go forward with the discounted program I’m looking to do, and I look forward to helping you get healthy, lose weight, and do it in a way where you maintain it once you’re finished. [00:12:00] If you’ve struggled this year with gaining weight, if you’ve struggled with maintaining your health, whether it’s this year or in previous years, or if every new year that comes along, you feel like you’re not successful with your New Year’s resolutions, let me be your coach.

[00:12:17] Let me help you finally succeed with your New Year’s resolutions for 2021. I have a new mantra for you. If you’re going to quit anything, quit being lazy. Quit making excuses and quit waiting for the right time. Like Apollo Creed said in Rocky three, there is no tomorrow. There is no tomorrow. Now is the time to get on this health journey and let’s take this journey together.

[00:12:52] If you have any questions or are interested in this program, reach out to me on Instagram at Sporting Good Posture, or [00:13:00] call my office at (615) 567-6683. Let’s make 2021 your best year yet. The coach’s door is always open. This is Coach Marella. I am sporting better health, weight loss, and posture. How about you?

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