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Hey, their it is Sporting Good Posture. Can women find a real way to be nutritionally and physically healthy? Are men able to learn anything from women who can and can help them succeed in their fitness goals? Is it possible to achieve ideal weight, fitness, and wellness without having to spend seven days in the gym? And the biggest question is what can you personally learn from a woman?

Once was a patient of, and worked for doctors of chiropractic as a nutritional coach, beat cervical cancer, beat the odds against having children, and got pregnant. Anyway, came a competitive bodybuilder and now competes, but also finds the time to help people reach their potential and goals. That’s whom I have in the studio with me today. And she’s going to break down the answers to these questions in great detail.

You’re about to learn more about your potential than you ever imagined possible. So sit back, turn up the volume and pay attention because you’re not going to want to miss a second of what she has to say. And no matter what sports, fitness, wellness, or everyday life game you play, we’re going to bring you all the answers you could ever want.

Right after this stick around. Same on sports, fitness, and health fans. With another episode of the sporting, good posture, digital radio experience gear up for coach Frank’s advice from the sidelines as he helps you crush your game, no matter what sports, health, or fitness game you play. This is coach Frank sporting. Good foster. What do you use for it?

Hey coach, what do you got for us today? Welcome back to another episode of sporting good posture. This is coach Frank and today’s guest is very special to me. I’ve been impressed with her journey over the last number of years that I’ve been in contact with her. I’m impressed with what she’s done with her life and how she helps people in helping them get healthy as well.

It reminds me of what I try to do in my practice. She’s come a long way in her health and learned through experience how to heal her body. And also now helping other people to heal theirs, to help people get pregnant for the first time, get over depression, get over eating disorders, really just get their body back in the right place so that they’re able to live the healthy lifestyle that they want to live.

I know that you’ll be getting a lot of good information out of her. It’ll hit home on what she’s done and what you’re trying to do with your life to help you get healthier. And we’re going to get to all that and more right after this short message. Hey Jeremy. Wow. Pumping that iron getting bought for summer. Hey Hayley. Wow.

You look amazing. I guess the gym’s working out pretty well for you wish it was for me trying to lose some weight, but no matter what I do, I can’t seem to take it off. Oh, I’ve been there. I’ve tried tons of diets and routines and just couldn’t take the weight off. No matter what I did, it was depressing.

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And that means the ideal you, Hey, Jeremy, you’re looking pretty buff. Did you check out the ChiroThin program? Bad Hayley. Thanks for turning me onto it for my girlfriend and mom too. We all had a breakthrough. Can’t believe we finally lost the weight. Well, it looks like my loss was your gain. If losing weight is a challenge,

get evaluated today for free to see if you are fit for the ChiroThin program at an ideal health and wellness center, don’t just get then get ChiroThin call 6 1 5 5 6 7 6 6 8. My guest today is Aaron Crawford. Aaron is an integrative and functional nutrition and fitness coat with a focus on hormones and gut health for overall wellbeing. When she isn’t with clients. She’s an avid question,

bodybuilder dog, mom, and aspiring interior designer. Aaron intimately understands the struggles of chronic and invisible illness and overcoming self-limiting beliefs. Aaron is passionate about helping others learn to properly nourish their bodies and lives and build strength and confidence through everyday decisions. She’s overcome recurrent cervical cancer through holistic therapies and lifestyle changes and has currently helped almost 50 couples become families despite the diagnosis of not being able to have kids.

She’s helped countless women over the years, get their bodies back in shape. And also she’s had several certifications from the Institute of integrative nutrition. She has a primal health coach certification. She’s certified as a medical assistant and prenatal and pediatric chiropractic assistant and is also certified as birth doula. She’s recently gotten involved in bodybuilding and placed second place in the figure battle at the river in 2019 and second place in the figure Tennessee state championships.

I wanted to have her on as a guest today because I know that you’re going to get a lot out of this episode. So please welcome to the sporting. Good posture. Aaron Crawford. Welcome to the show, Aaron. Thanks for being glad to be here. Yeah, it was good catching up with you a little bit there. We haven’t talked in a while.

I know you’ve been doing some amazing things and I’ve seen what you’ve been posting online. And I just was like, man, this would be a perfect opportunity to have you on as a guest. Yeah. Anytime that I can reach more people and help in any way I want to, You were basically a miracle yourself and just talking about it, how you just overcome a lot of things with your health and everything,

and recently just had gotten pregnant. And I just wanted to ask you about that kind of, that experience of what you’ve been through to kind of come to this point. Oh, there’s a lot in there because this has been truly we’re at about a 14-year journey. Now I had given up a long time ago just to be honest on the thought or the hope of getting pregnant,

but I had cervical cancer that returned several times and I never did go through chemo or radiation, but I’d had several surgeries and essentially had my cervix removed. Cervix is important for getting pregnant and staying pregnant most importantly because that’s essentially what holds a baby in. Luckily there are medical advances to help with that kind of thing right now. But with all of that said,

I was told for a long time that, you know, having a family was not something that was going to happen for me. From there, I ended up going a more holistic route with my treatment. Essentially, I went with alternative therapies of all sorts. If it was something that I could do, I did it. I was in college and got a good $90,000 in debt with all these alternative therapies and whatnot,

and worked my butt off to pay off all of that. But it was that that led me to work as a chiropractic assistant specifically in offices that specialized in prenatal and pediatric chiropractic. And so from there, I was also getting a lot of different nutrition certifications in various schools and certification programs when it comes to holistic nutrition. And I started working with a lot of the parents that were coming in or hopeful parents that were coming into the chiropractic offices I worked at on nutrition.

And before I knew it, you know, I had a little base really of my clients that I was helping nutritionally in alternative methods of essentially just kind of cleaning up their diets and whatnot, and a year and a half into all the alternative treatments with that last diagnosis of cervical cancer with me, I got a cancer-free diagnosis and I have remained cancer-free since then.

So over 12 years, but it was during this time, of course, cervical cancer, that’s very dependent, authored hormones and whatnot. So I was learning a lot personally. And then also more of on a professional manner about that realm of holistic health and nutrition, hormone optimization, all of that. So I started having great success with my health in that process.

I lost 110 pounds. Wow. Cause I was always very heavy and then, and that had contributed of course, and that, and my bad diet that contributed to being heavy had also contributed to cancer, of course. So it was just cleaning up my entire lifestyle that helped. And then all of this ended up helping me, helping other people to put it in a nutshell.

So over the years, I’ve worked in various holistic health fields, nutraceuticals, even in health food stores, helping just anything that needed with help in the, and that kind of setting, and all along, I’ve been accepting clients on the side. So it was more of like a side thing of coaching others for holistic health and all of that. And then in 2020,

because 2020 was crazy I up and decided that it was time to make my passion, you know, my main focus, and I stopped working for others and started working for only myself at the towns, also a personal trainer. I am on the side also I do physique sports bodybuilding. I’m a competitive figure competitor. And I have just been able to meet so many people through all of those different aspects that I have been able to start working.

I mean, one-on-one with so many people in the past two years and that’s now what I do mainly. And all of that to say, I have of course kept up that holistic lifestyle the entire time myself, as of two days before Christmas, this past Christmas, I found out that I am pregnant and I am now almost 22 weeks pregnant. And I’m very,

very, very excited. Yes. You know, I’ve followed you now on Instagram and everything. And I I’ve learned in the holistic part of it where a lot of it I’ve picked up from researching questioning things, learning more about those kinds of things. And just saying, why are so many people sick? Why are so many people fertile? Why are so many people depressed?

Why is it so much cancer and heart attacks and all these things? And it does, it goes back to the food, the water we drink, and the things we put in our bodies are so important. And it’s amazing how you’ve come all this way from where, you know, you weren’t even sure if you’d ever be able to get pregnant or have a family you’re pregnant now,

and then you’re helping people do these things as you’ve gone through your journey. And I just think it’s amazing that you’ve done that. And I just commend you because you’re always ahead of things. I always watch, you know, your Instagram stories and the things that you post. And I learn a lot from watching you and listening to you and people like you that are so ingrained in this that care so much about it and want to help people be healthy and live the life that they should have and live a long and healthy life.

Well, I want that for them because I’ve been there. I’ve been there. I’ve known truly like personally that it feels like there is no hope. It feels like, okay, maybe I should just do what my doctor says to do and take this medication or have this surgery and that kind of thing. And then that leads to another medication and another surgery.

And then it feels like, okay, am I ever going to get out of this misery? There are just not enough people saying, Hey, that’s not the only option. And you can, you can thrive. You can survive based on working with nature, how we were intended to It just impresses me because it’s working. So I’m glad that you’ve gotten the word out about that.

And you have people that you’re helping with that. And you’re just at the forefront of the research. And I see the books, you’re reading your posts all the time. And I admire that because, you know, I don’t always have the time to, to read and those things, I’m glad that you post that because now I’m learning too. And I’m able to help my patients learn about these holistic treatments and other options and better ways to eat better supplements and things like that.

And during that journey, I also was amazed how you got into, you know, physique competitions and everything. So tell me kind of how that happened. Cause that was a few years ago, right? When you started getting, by the way, I followed, you know, what you’ve done and you posted pictures and everything. And I mean, that is amazing.

And I know how hard that is, and I know how dedicated you have to be to do that. So talk about a little bit of how you got into that and kind of where it went to. Well, it was really funny at that time with the place I was working, we had this delivery day of like all this stuff coming in. And so it was just like a few hours of like picking up all these heavy boxes and moving stuff around all day.

And at that time I would, I would’ve told you, oh yeah, unhealthy, but I was nutritionally healthy. I wasn’t physically healthy. And at that time I hadn’t quite realized the difference yet until this day at the end of all of that going on that day, my boss jokingly was like, all right, now let’s all drop and do 20.

And all the guys drop and start doing pushups. And I’m like, I’ve got this. And I dropped out and I did one, I did one pushup and I was done. And then I literally couldn’t like lift my arms to do my hair or blow dry my hair or like a shower for the next two days, because I was just like, that killed me.

And I was like, oh my gosh, I thought I was healthy. And at that time I was 112 pounds. Like I was a little bitty thing. And in my head like so many women do I equated my lack of body fat to be healthy. And it hit, I got smacked in the face really with the reality that, oh, a lack of body fat doesn’t mean I am physically healthy.

I’m not fit. I couldn’t, I did one push-up and now I can’t move for two days. So I hired a coach and I joined a gym I was 30 years old at that time. And I had never stepped foot in a gym and truly like whatever my coach said to do, you know, workout-wise, he wrote me workouts. And now he also wrote me a diet,

but me being me and knowing what I know about nutrition, I like confronted him on a lot of things on that. Like, I’m not going to do this, but I am going to do this. And in the process of that in six months, I put on like 10 pounds of muscle, and all of a sudden I’m like, I’ve got like shoulders and definition and I’m getting some little biceps and man,

look, I even have like a little vain, you know, like I just started to love it. I have all the confidence issues I’ve ever had not feeling confident in myself or self-esteem issues or am I good enough? And all of that went out the door. They were gone. I was just like, yeah, I’m buffing. I can do this.

And, not every woman as I now know, as a personal trainer, myself, not every woman wants to get to that point. They just want to be able to, you know, work out and be a little bit more capable and run around with the kids. And that kind of thing. I thought I couldn’t have kids was like, you know what?

I see these busy, I was in the gym, you know, about five days a week. I’m surrounded by all these people who do like these physique competitions or bikini competitions and all that. And I was like, I bet I can do that. So I went to a competition and sat in the audience for the whole thing. And I,

by the end of it, I was like, I can’t do this. And so I and my coach came up with a plan for me to compete. And I competed the first time and I was just hooked. It is not easy. Like it is a dedication from 4:00 AM to 9:00 PM. When you pass out seven days a week for the entire thing, it is getting uncomfortable,

physically, mentally, and emotionally. There were so many times that I’m like, I don’t know why I am on the StairMaster at 4:00 AM before I have to go to work all day. And then I have to go back and lift tonight and I need to meal prep for five meals per day for the next seven days and be ready to go. Like I have a meal prep day where I make 35 meals and I am ready for the rest of the week.

And yeah, that’s a lot of grilled chicken and rice and broccoli and asparagus and nothing really exciting, but I was able to combine what I knew nutritionally with what I was now doing physically with my body. I’m, not in any way trying to brag here, but I did advance quicker than most people do in the sport because of my nutritional background.

Now, unfortunately in the sport, it has been done unhealthily a lot. Like people will use exogenous, hormones, steroids, and what not to achieve certain looks. And I wasn’t going to go down that route after 10 years of trying to get my hormones healthy from cervical cancer. And I know for a fact that exoticness hormones often do cause things like cancer. So I was not willing to go down that route.

So for me to get up on stage and compete against the other five women on that stage, knowing that they’re on stuff, it was like even more motivation for me to just absolutely kill it. And essentially it became like my, essentially just my motivation to say, no, I want to show that I’ve already shown that you can get healthy, like,

and beat cancer. Now I want to show that you can be at peak fitness level and do it naturally because the human body is incredible. One thing I haven’t mentioned in all of this is also during that time that I was going through all that with cancer, my dad was involved in a horrible accident and ended up with traumatic brain injury and quadriplegic, and I help take care of him.

So all of my time that I spent in the spinal cord rehab units and all of that, I got to see the ugly, ugly limits of what the human body can endure, you know, and I wanted to now explore the possibilities of the human body at the, at the opposite end of the spectrum. And I knew that it could be done.

And so, yeah, that’s kinda how I got into all of that. It’s very difficult to do that. You truly give up your social life, you know, your job is to, eat, train and sleep and that’s it. And yeah, and you got to funk. That’s not the fitness level that the average Joe and average Jane one right now that I’m,

I work with what I call lifestyle clients in the gym, which are people coming to me and, you know, as someone might be, might be 50 or 150 pounds overweight. And they just want to be able to run around with their kid and not get hurt, climbing the bleachers to watch their kid play football, you know, because that’s difficult,

honestly, at the end of the day, those are the more admirable goals because those are like sustainable goals to keep reaching for daily. Whereas these competitions and all, they might be fun during also miserable, but they also might be fun, but then you compete and you win or you don’t and you get off the stage and now what kind of thing,

whereas a lot of these people just want to live better. You know, I think one thing that holds a lot of people back, and I know this was true for me, one of the many reasons I had never stepped foot in the gym up until that moment was, I thought if I step into the gym, that’s going to require me to be there seven days a week and 14 hours a week and all of this.

And that’s not true. Then, to go from a fairly sedentary job to just, it says 4 45-minute workouts a week can be life-changing, and can utterly change your body. And you’ve just spent what a total of two, three hours in the gym for the whole week spread out over, you know, so it’s not nearly as intimidating as so many people think it is a lot of people think if you go in the gym,

you’re going to be stared at everybody is in there with the same goal of getting better and everybody is focused on themselves, nobody’s watching you. So that’s another thing. And then also there is the thought process, I think for a lot of women that if they start exercising, they are going to become these big bulky bodybuilders. And that is also not true.

Like to achieve that, I was eating almost 3000 calories a day that I was meal prepping seven days in advance. I have a timer set on my phone for every two hours, stop, whatever I’m doing, and eat my meal. And then I have to have this specific amount of cardio at this specific time of day and this specific lifting regimen at this specific time of the day.

And maybe even go back for more cardio, like it’s way more to become that peak level is way more involved than just, you know, 3, 4 45 minute workouts a week, but you can still change your body and what your body is capable of. In that short amount of time, A lot of my patients are women and you know, we do a lot of things to help them get back into the gym.

A lot of it just chiropractically helping them heal some of their injuries. So they’re able to do these workouts because a lot of people like the new year will come along and they’ll have these new year’s goals and they haven’t addressed the underlying issues that they have that knee problem or that back problem or that shoulder problem. They try to go work out now and then they injure themselves.

And now they’re back to square one. So I know you’ve worked in the chiropractic office. What, kinda got you into that originally, like working in a chiropractic office, where you went to the chiropractor and then started working there? I started going to the chiropractor when I was two. Oh yeah. I started going to the core. I have,

really, really bad allergies as a kid, which now as the integrative nutrition coach that I am, I know that allergies are a hundred percent associated with gut health. And I also had a horrible diet my entire life, but I had horrible allergies and chiropractic was one of the only things that ended up getting me off three times a week, allergy shots as a kid.

And so I have been going to the chiropractor my whole life. That was the one healthy thing that I ever did. And then when I was 17 and a senior in high school, I was in a horseback riding accident and broke three thoracic vertebrae. Oh wow. So of course all the doctors are like, oh, you’re going to have to have surgery.

And you’re never going to be able to ride again. You can, can never lift anything heavier than a gallon of milk. And like all of these things, even me at 17 years old, I’m like, I’m just going to go to my chiropractor. And my chiropractor saved me and I never had surgery. I never did the pain pills. I,

none of that. Oh. And I was immediately back to horseback riding, by the way, I never gave that up. I was like, that’s my thing. I’m not giving that up. But when the cancer stuff came around, chiropractic played a big role in that for me as well, because I mean, it keeps your body primed for immune health,

for your immune system to be able to work optimally. And then also just kept me moving through a lot of the alternative therapies I did. I went through a lot of what they call detox, poisoning, and sickness and illness to go along with how much my body was detoxing from the literal 20 years of the bad stuff I’ve been putting in it. And now here I was completely changing my entire lifestyle and chiropractic just got me through it.

So when I went through just a big lifestyle change, I went to school for criminal justice. I have never used that. No, like, but chiropractic was something that I knew was familiar with and I knew it worked, you know, and that was just kind of my first foray into the body can heal. The body can take care of itself if you allow it to.

And that’s just where I turned now. I will say also at 20 years old, I went and you know, this was years ago. I know that pay is better now, but I went from like this high-paying job at 22 where I felt like I was stealing health from people. That’s a whole other story too. Then I was like,

I can’t be a part of this anymore. And I got hot. I went to an interview at a chiropractic office and got hired on and it was like $10 an hour. And I didn’t even care that at that time I was making less because here I was suddenly being able to work with all these people who were improving their lives and improving their health by the day

. After all, they were enabling their bodies to do the natural, you know, natural healing. And it was just eye-opening to me of like, oh my gosh, this is what I want. This is how I want to help people. I love hearing things like that. I love that you went as a kid and a lot of people don’t realize that kids can go to the chiropractor and that kids need to go to the chiropractor.

I was such a klutz. I can’t imagine my childhood without it like I was always getting hurt and that kind of thing. And it was my chiropractor hill who helped every time, you know? Yeah. And a lot of people don’t think of that, but kids, you know, they’re always, when there’s learning to walk, they fall at a time,

you know, they’re climbing on, things are falling out of trees are falling downstairs, you know, they’re sledding, they’re, you know, they’re getting in accidents and stuff like, and then they’re sitting, then they’re at school and there’s just, you know, and they’re playing sports. There’s just a lifetime of these small little misalignments that happen. And then,

you know, they may not feel it then, but when they get older, a lot of people say, oh, I remember, you know, when I was in middle school or high school when I was playing this sport and I got hurt and it still hurts years later. Well, that’s the thing is like, those things can be addressed early on and it’s easier to fix it as a kid than as an adult and,

And chiropractic has continued, has continued to be a big part of my story. I still go weekly. I mean, especially with the kind of heavy lifting that I do. Like I’ve had a couple of injuries in the past couple of years, shoulder and knee, that kind of thing from bad form, you know, and that’s where I preach foreign foreign foreign formed my clients because you will progress fast if you are focusing on the correct form first and foremost.

But even with what I now do, chiropractic still plays a weekly role in my physical health and success. Yeah. But I figured that during your training and everything that you’ve probably had still gone because you’re putting so much stress on at that point, you know, you’re becoming at that point an elite athlete and you need to be in top shape and have good alignment so that you don’t hurt yourself,

working out All things with physique sports because you get on stage and you pose, and that’s essentially like flexing every single muscle in your body for anywhere from one to 15 minutes without stopping it. Like the posing part of the physique, sports is one of the hardest parts of it. So I do like the daily posing practice of about 30 minutes. Now, when I’m getting closer to a show,

the closing practice goes to about an hour a day, but posing alone can cause so many issues. And my posing will suffer. I have before and afters of posing taking a picture, then seeing my chiropractor, and then posing. And my posing is like a night and day difference from before and African adjustment. And considering that something that you’re heavily judged on it can make or break your score in a show like it’s important.

Yeah. I didn’t realize how much goes into the posing part. Like it’s, it’s so much time and effort to do that. And it is difficult. It’s an art to do that posing. Yes. And then with women, unfortunately, you also have to be in Hills while doing it. So, so that throws a whole other like, okay, I’m in six-inch heels and I have to do what In our office.

There’s a girl that works for us now. And she’s training to be in a physique competition as well. And she’s been kind of showing some of her pictures to me. And that’s what she was showing me is in heels doing these posing and trying to just keep her balanced, but also keep her posture. We’ve been working with her for that, you know,

as far as chiropractic goes, and then she’s been training and everything. So it is amazing how people do that. And I admire that you did that and stuck with it and show people how there’s a difference pre and post-adjustment, the changes that it makes. It’s crazy. And then also, especially during competition prep. So like, as I’m getting ready for a show,

other bodywork comes in really important massage and whatnot too, just because of that. Posing can literally cause I mean, extreme cramping of the muscles, it all makes a difference. Well, we’ve covered a lot of things today and I appreciate you taking the time to do it. I wanted to see if you could give us, you know, how we can get in touch with you.

People that are listening to the show or people are interested in training with you or learning more about, you know, the holistic things that you do. I know you said you’re a personal trainer and then also you do coaching. Can you tell everybody about that? Yeah. So I’m an integrative nutrition coach, meaning I work with a lot of different integrative practitioners in the area of people’s specific health concerns.

I specialize in fertility and anything that has to do with hormones, such as endometriosis, PCOS diagnoses, that kind of thing. Also, I specialize in auto-immune conditions unfortunately when it comes to fertility, hormone, and disruptive conditions. And then also auto-immunity a lot of that can come down to very similar root causes. And a lot of that is what we’re putting in our body via diet,

how we are fueling our bodies. And yeah, literally just changing our diet can take us from a diagnosis of autoimmune disease to that. As a thing of our past, I’ve now helped almost 50 families go from infertility diagnosis to having children. That is really where my passion lies because it’s the ultimate heartbreaking thing. And as I can say from personal experience to think that you can’t have the family that you have always dreamed of having.

So yeah, that’s kind of what I specialize in, but I do a lot of work with a lot of different other housework and a lot of special needs kids to a, again, very similar root causes to a lot of other things. I am an integrative coach with a coaching team called relentless forever. You can follow its relentless dot forever on Instagram.

And then I am on Instagram as innately underscore nourished. And from there, you can reach out to me on Instagram. I also have a link in my bio where if you’re interested in a free consultation, all you do is just click that link and schedule it. And then we are on zoom or a call whenever you schedule it for it’s just up to the person’s convenience.

So yeah, that’s kind of the best way you can also email I’m so glad that you were able to come on here today and talk about everything that you’ve been through and just talk about your experience with chiropractic and bodybuilding you truly have an amazing story. And I think that more people need to hear these kinds of things because especially women just to learn about how you can heal your body and it’s never too late.

And you went through that for years and years and probably times where you just didn’t think it was ever going to happen or just you weren’t sure if you could fully do it, but your body can heal itself. And I think people don’t realize that. And I think it’s important to hear stories like yours so that they realize that it can,

you know, it is worth the time and the effort to put into that. We are so much more capable than we think we are So true. Well, thank you again today for being on and we need to talk again and go into other subjects. So we’ll plan something else like later in the year, have you back on here, and For having me today,

Thank you for being on set. I thank you so much. So I hope you enjoyed listening to Aaron’s story today. I had her on the show just because I admire what she’s done with her life and how she’s dedicated herself to holistically healing her body and helping other people do it as well. I think it’s just amazing. She’s able to help patients of hers get pregnant and have families and overcome some of the health problems that they thought that they’d never have.

And her knowledge and her research over the years have enabled her to be able to help people with their health issues. I’ve admired listening to her and following her on social media because I’ve learned a lot from all the things that she speaks about and supplements that I didn’t even know about. You know, as, as a chiropractor, I want to be well versed in holistic and better nutrition and just the innovations in health.

And I admire people like her who have dedicated their lives to going into this holistic route and sticking with it, even when they thought it wasn’t working. I mean, her story is amazing how she battled through cervical cancer and now has come along where she’s able to get pregnant. She’s done bodybuilding, she’s worked at a chiropractic office. It’s really,

truly amazing. So definitely follow her on her social media. But as far as you, if you’re, if you’re out there and you think that your body is just not quite right if you think there’s something wrong, structurally, when you look in the mirror, if something doesn’t look quite right, if you feel like your allergies, your digestion, your sleep,

just certain things are off in your body. Even Erin talked about how she got into chiropractic as a kid, and it helped with her allergies. It helped her through her bodybuilding and it’s helped her with a lot of different things that she’s done. There are a lot of different things that chiropractic helps with more than just the pain that’s there. And if you find out what structurally blocking these nerves and impinging your body from being truly healthy,

you can overcome some of these diagnoses that you’ve had that you think are going to be there for the rest of your life. The body truly is amazing and you can heal. It’s never too late to get in there and work on things to get your body back to where it should be. So if you’re dealing with some of these health issues yourself,

and you just have some questions about what’s going on and are just kind of confused about what you might have to do, reach out to me, DME on Instagram, message me on Facebook at ideal health and wellness center. Tell me what’s going on and I’ll tell you what I think. Remember the coach’s door is always open. This is coach Frank I’m sporting.

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what do you get for us today?