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How did they ever folks, the holidays are upon us once again, and this is not coach Frank here. This is not your favorite chipmunk and not one of the three favorite shit MAs, but one of the two mothers who got overlooked, but you’re going to be thankful in this special holiday episode of Sporting Good Posture that I’m talking to you today, because I’m going to tell you it was way before years and,

and not even have to make that resolution. And I’m going to tell you how you’re going to get it done, because if the coach could help it shit, look like me during the holidays and, you know, reach it. Lungs tend to put on a little weight over the winter as well. If he could have the likes of me, well, he sure a second held the likes of you in his special holiday episode of Sporting Good Posture.

And I’m bringing it all right to right after this, stay around Game on sports, fitness, and health fans. With another episode of the Sporting Good Posture digital radio experience gear up for coach Frank’s advice from the sidelines as he helps you crush your game, no matter what sports, health, or fitness game you play. This is coach Frank I’m Sporting Good Posture. What do you use for, Hey coach? What do you get for us today? Welcome back to another episode of Sporting Good Posture. This is not coach Frank with you, but this is chubby to chip mug. Yeah, I know the name. It bears resemblance to an old horror movie down there. They have a TV show about now,

and I’m here to present his episode two units a day, kind of, because I sort of a little bit, I hijack or steal, but I borrowed coach Frank studio for this special edition because I just had to do this. And I just felt it in my heart, you know? Yes. I’m not one of the chipmunks that, you know,

around this time of year, I did an audition for them, and although they liked my voice. And although I did a song well, I mean, you should hear me jam on a thing, right?<inaudible> Down the lane. You see how good I am. But when I heard my name was Chuckie, they were like, no, that doesn’t exactly work.

So anyway, I had to make my claim to fame, other things, and pretty much I hired my entourage who follows me around right guys, is that right? But anyway, I wanted to talk to you today specifically because it’s so close to Christmas and the end of the holiday season, when people start to make those new year’s resolutions after all of these indulgences starting way back in October,

around October 31st, if you know what I’m talking about and you know, we ain’t shit mocks, know what we’re talking about because we’re filling our cheeks with nods until the end of the year and putting it up for winter. And we had a use for it. But to be honest with you, I didn’t have too much of a use for it.

I eat three squares a day and I’m, you know, I like to keep in good shape. I go to the gym and things like that. So coach Frank helped me out and I was able to lose weight throughout the holidays. But I can tell you, there were at least a dozen people that I know of personally, that had this specific holiday season indulged in counterintelligence,

which is the ChiroThin program and the Libre laser rapid fat loss program and ideal health and wellness. And with coach Frank’s help and the help of understanding the body and what posture has to do with it, what structure and function have to do with it, and isolating your specific. Because there are so many things that can be found out. I can barely contain myself and I’m going to bring all of that to you.

And so much more right after this short message. Hey Jeremy. Wow. Pumping that iron getting bought for summer. Hey Hayley. Wow. You look amazing. I guess the gym’s working out pretty well for you wish it was for me trying to lose some weight, but no matter what I do, I can’t seem to take it off. Oh,

I’ve been there. I’ve tried tons of diets and routines and just couldn’t take the weight off no matter what I did, it was depressing. Well, you did something, right? What’s your secret, my chiropractor, Your chiropractor? I was so surprised, but it worked. He was doing something called the ChiroThin program. The ChiroThin program,

The ChiroThin program is designed like no other supervised by licensed doctors of chiropractic ChiroThin is based on your body’s natural structure. Following mother nature’s blueprint, ChiroThin gets to the bottom of all the reasons people have difficulty losing weight and puts you on the road to your ideal body. And that means the ideal you, Hey, Jeremy, you’re looking pretty buff. Did you check out the ChiroThin program?

The bed Hayley. Thanks for turning me on to it for my girlfriend and mom too. We all had a breakthrough. Can’t believe we finally lost the weight. Well, looks like my loss was your gain, but if losing weight is a challenge, get evaluated today for free to see if you are fit for the ChiroThin program and ideal health and wellness center.

Don’t just get then get ChiroThin call 6 1 5 5 6 7 6 6 8 3. Okay. Let’s get down to business folks, holiday business. You know, I had my success and it got me thinking on willing to bet other people who have done this successfully probably would want to reach out and tell their story. And so doc has been collecting quite a few stories that he’s going to be playing after the first year simply to inspire people.

But the point is you don’t have to wait for Christmas to lose the weight and you don’t have to wait for the new year to make a resolution that you’re going to go and fail on in a few weeks. All you have to do is find your specific reason why. And that’s what I wanted to talk to you about. I’m not here because I’m a Woody superstar and have an entourage who follows me around everywhere.<inaudible> But I’m here because I’m a symbol of the holidays and you need a reminder.

And what I hope for you is that you can focus and get a job done without having to make it into this promise that you make and break with yourself after the holidays, because it’s just not necessary to do and time. And again, coach Frank has been getting it done. So even though black Friday has come and gone many weeks ago. And even if you’re listening to this episode,

mid-year months after the fact, and it’s the summer wait, or there’s always going to be that occasion coming up, there will be always something coach Frank is doing for you to reach out and try to help you. He’s always pitching in his time and working extra and staying late hours and going home late when he has to, just to help people out.

And the most important thing is the structure and function of your body. Maybe based on a blueprint that everyone has, but the things that go wrong with it and your experiences that led you to where you are in the condition it’s in now are very neat and unique things about coach Frank is he addresses that way. So here is the holiday gift I am going to offer to you without his permission I might add.

And that gift is I’m volunteering. Some of the doc’s time. That’s right. I am going to make sure because he is just mortified at losing my friendship. And I am such a great patient of his and I brought him so many patients over the years. I even brought Santa Claus in one day and he treated him. He didn’t help him with those extra holiday nouns he put on,

but that’s a different story for a different hijacking. I mean it borrowed three left. So, but what I can promise you is if I can get you to call him personally and let him know Chucky, the chip told you to cash in a holiday gift from him out of his time behind closed doors, to evaluate you and find you why, your reason,

your triggers and exactly things that are specifically keeping you over your ideal weight and preventing you from living the health and wellness, lifestyle and fitness and posture lifestyle. As you want you to find all that out, I’m going to get him to volunteer his time to do that. He’s going to comp you, whatever it takes for him to be able to get down to that.

He can give you something else for free. I can barely contain myself guys. Isn’t this wonderful so far and there was more can you get, I mean, can you believe it? It’s awesome. Yeah. Yeah. I agree with you. But I wanted to say that in addition to that, what I can guarantee you that he’s going to do for you is give you,

in addition to his time, a full report of everything he found in all your triggers and all your causes and all the physical mechanics that are broken down to bring you into that condition, full report to that, as well as recommendations of what you can do about it. What more can you ask from a coach? Not only without having to give back for it

but to have a shot at success customized to you. This is not something bulk that he can do on a webinar. He’s going to spend time behind closed doors with you and that’s his holiday gift for you. And what do you celebrate these holidays or not? That does not exempt you from this offer. So I highly encourage you to take advantage because all of us find ourselves in this situation.

At the beginning of the winter, in January, we’ve all been there. We know exactly where it is. And just because I’m going to Vietnam doesn’t mean I haven’t been there and I can guarantee you that those famous chipmunks over there Fisher listening to this time of year. I know I had weight problems between you and me. If you don’t mind my saying and listen,

I’d been with a big man. And Santa has been a big man for a long time and it may be cool and everything the same in that red suit, jolly jiggling belly, but between you and Mason got guarded a few cigarettes on me over the years and told me quite confidentially, he’s not comfortable. He’s got a little sleep apnea these days over it.

And as a matter of fact, I think he did Dr. Frank’s program a couple of years back and succeeded with it. And that I think he’s been stuffing his Santa suit with a pillow just to keep up appearances. So that’s between you and me. Don’t let a big man know, told you to let’s not be upset and we don’t want to see any lack of gifts under the tree,

but let coach Frank in all seriousness gave me this gift. I want it to reach out and help you because he’s helped me so many times before from being able to not shake that winter weight and trust me when you’re my size, you have to outrun predators constantly. I have to bolt out here. I saw an Eagle hovering around the parking lot outside.

So I’m going to have to plan my escape well out of here, but here’s what you do to take advantage of coach Frank’s offer. And that offer is for you to have a comp visit with him, for him to fully evaluate your structure, your function, your timeline, and find your exact cause or exact why for why you gain and retain weight.

And perhaps can’t take it off and a full report of everything he found it and his recommendations to all as a special holiday gift for you. All you have to do to qualify for that is contact his office. Let them know you’re hurting. Chuck you to tip right here on Sporting Good Posture. When you dial 615 567 6683, speak to whoever answers the phone and you tell them I sent you and I promised coach Frank would comp you his time to give you that evaluation.

And trust me, they will know exactly what they’re talking about because I slipped down a few extra nuts on the side of, you know what I’m saying? And you know, can I have bailed me a few favors in return is all I’m saying. So I wish you all the best for this holiday season. Happy holidays from the staff and ideal health and wellness.

Dr. Frank has been working ceaselessly all year in his beginning, with astounding results. So please take advantage of this gift and made the spirit of the holidays live with you and made a spirit of health and wellness take you well into the new year and into your golden years. And remember you heard it right here first from Chuckie, that shit mounted on his high jacket up borrowing this pastor studio here for the Sporting Good Posture podcast.

And we will see you next time for another dramatic episode. And I hope to one day become close to as 49 last year. Remember the coach’s door is always open. I’m checking to chip monk. I’m Sporting Good Posture and great fitness and wellness too. How about you? That’s all for me, everybody. Bye-bye, now bye-bye The Sporting Good Posture podcast is a broadcast wellness production powered by ideal health wellness center,

all content copyright 2021, all rights reserved executive producer, bring Sardella coach Frank Pierce courtesy of ideal health wellness center in Franklin. For more information, visit and follow the coach on Instagram at Sporting Good Posture.