Undoing Pain, Meds, Opioids with Laser, Decompression (feat. Dr Emanuel Vito)

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Hey, health and sports fans, coach Frank again, and I’m here to diffuse a ticking weight gain time bomb you may have going on without even knowing it. One that’s been ticking for way longer than you ever thought possible. How long? Well, let’s just say you probably can’t remember back that far. So they had to start a three-part series on weight loss,

perhaps the most important episodes I have ever done on the subject. And it all starts here with something hidden that has possibly been with you, your whole life, working against your best efforts at weight loss and setting you up for the past present, and future failures. Don’t worry that cycle comes to an end today because I’m going to tell you exactly what you need to know to get around this barrier and breakthrough to real fitness,

wellness, and ideal weight too. So get ready to take notes because only the first of three, this is an episode not only to remember but to use for years to come and I’m going to drop all the time. Bomb diffusing info on you right here, right after this stick around. Same on sports, fitness, and health fans. With another episode of the Sporting Good Posture digital radio experience gear up for coach Frank’s advice from the sidelines as he helps you crush your game, no matter what sports, health, or fitness game you play. This is coach Frank pump’s Sporting Good Posture. What do you use for it? Hey coach, what do you got for us today? Welcome back to another episode of Sporting Good Posture, coach Frank here. And this is a special episode because it’s the first of a series. It’s perhaps the most important series I’ve ever done on weight loss and something you absolutely can’t do without. If you ever want lasting or permanent results. Now I’ve done weight loss episodes before and their content still applies. Now, I’ve tagged all those episodes on the website.

So if you go to sporting good posture.com and click on weight loss, it will sort out every episode I’ve ever done on the subject, including this one. What’s the three-part series about, well, there are many aspects to weight loss, too many to count and enough to make you feel overwhelmed, but I’ve boiled it down to just three. And these have to do with the timeline of your weight issues,

the varied types of weight gain that exist as well as how most people cheat themselves out of results without realizing it sounds exciting. Well, it is. And I’m going to give you part one and help you diffuse that ticking time bomb right after this message. Hey Jeremy. Wow. Pumping that iron getting bought for summer. Hey Hayley. Wow. You look amazing.

I guess the gym’s working out pretty well for you wish it was for me trying to lose some weight, but no matter what I do, I can’t seem to take it off. Oh, I’ve been there. I’ve tried tons of diets and my teens and just couldn’t take the weight off. No matter what I did, it was depressing. We did something,

right? What’s your secret, my chiropractor, Your chiropractor? I was so surprised, but it worked. He was doing something called the ChiroThin program. The ChiroThin program, The ChiroThin program is designed like no other supervised by licensed doctors of chiropractic ChiroThin is based on your body’s natural structure. Following mother nature’s blueprint, ChiroThin gets to the bottom of all the reasons people have difficulty losing weight and puts you on the road to your ideal body.

And that means the ideal you, Hey, Jeremy, you’re looking pretty buff. Did you check out the ChiroThin program? That Hayley, thanks for turning me on to it for my girlfriend and mom too. We all had a breakthrough. Can’t believe we finally lost the weight. Well, it looks like my loss was your gain. If losing weight is a challenge,

get evaluated today for free to see if you are fit for the ChiroThin program at an ideal health and wellness center, don’t just get then get ChiroThin call 6 1 5 5 6 7 6 6 8 3. Okay. So let’s get into what this ticking weight game time bomb is all about. Now, if you go back through some of the episodes I’ve done about chiropractic, this is similar. As far as your body goes,

when you’re born, the timeline starts at that point. A lot of people think that you know, the current situation they’re in sitting at a desk is typically the reason why they’re having these health problems, but there’s a whole timeline evolving of small events happening over a long period that accumulate in your body birth learning to walk, get older and play sports.

Might have some car accidents in there, some slips and falls, and go get a job. Now you’re sitting at a desk all the time and all of a sudden, now you’re having this back problem. And you’re not doing much as far as injuring it, but it’s that accumulation over the years that is causing this. So just like the timeline that it takes for your body to have structural damage,

there’s a timeline also for weight gain your body over the years, basically accumulates toxins. Your body is stressed out, whether it’s physically or mentally, maybe through sports or through jobs or school, you eat different kinds of foods over the years. And unfortunately, a lot of the foods now that we have are very much laced with chemicals or they’re exposed to some kind of chemicals.

So your body will accumulate these things and it just makes it more difficult for your body to lose weight. The problem too, a lot of the parts that are the structure of the body are now playing a role in why your body is accumulating weight. Many of the times, the patients I see that come in for weight loss are typically the same ones that have back pain,

neck pain, headaches, joint pains, indigestion, and poor sleep. All these things are a problem. As far as the ability of their body to lose weight, they can’t because they’re inflamed and you might have that same issue because if your body’s inflamed, it’s going to naturally lower your metabolism. It’s going to make it more difficult just in general to lose weight.

Then as time goes on, you start to age, and your metabolism will slow down as well. But now you’re also dealing with structural misalignments of the body, which is putting pressure on nerves. So now maybe the digestive tract is a little bit sluggish or your sleep is a little bit off or your hormones aren’t imbalanced anymore. Or you have joint pains that are causing more inflammation.

These are the things that your body is dealing with, and that makes it more difficult to lose weight at that point because your body just isn’t able to do that. So what is a healthy weight? What would be considered good weight and good health? Well, it’s an accumulation of positive things. It’s good to sleep, good digestion, good energy flow,

and good nerve flow in the body. Good absorption of vitamins and minerals, decrease inflammation, fewer joint problems, and better flexibility. It’s just the body being more adept at being healthy and maintaining a healthy weight. A lot of people always do a crash course and just try to do a dieting program and dieting. Isn’t the solution at all. It’s not even a permanent one because your body typically fluctuates up and down throughout the year,

leaving fluctuate throughout the day. So if you’re not addressing these underlying issues, you’re not getting to the cause of the problem. So when I meet a lot of these patients, that’s what I’m trying to do get to the cause of the problem and the underlying conditions. So if you’re doing a diet, you’re just working against the things that are working against you that are causing the weight gain to begin with.

But there are more issues in your body than just what a diet can handle. So thinking about your own body and what you’re dealing with, are you getting good enough sleep? Do you feel like your digestion is on point? Do you have any problems with acid reflux or the elimination of your food? Are you dealing with inflammation as far as joint pain, back pain,

knee pain, shoulder pain, whatever it might be? How is your energy in general? Do you feel energetic? Do you feel like you can get through the day or do you need a bunch of cups of coffee and picked me up in the afternoon, think about your sleep at night. Are you getting enough sleep so that you’re able to function during the day and your body does feel recovered in the morning?

You know, when you wake up, do you feel stiff? Do you feel like you didn’t get a good night’s sleep? These are the kinds of things that are standing in the way of your body losing weight and keeping it off for the long run. As far as structure, to look in the mirror, see if your structure’s off, if that’s part of the problem,

then that needs to be addressed as well. So think about your own body. What’s your timeline? How is your timeline been as far as structure-function, weight loss, or weight gain? Where are you standing right now? As far as your body’s ability to do those things, issues, losing weight, losing inches, being healthy, that whole timeline is not just recently.

It’s more what you did in college, what you did in high school, what you did as a kid, you know, what kind of milk you drank when you were younger? What of fast food, where you’re eating all these things accumulate over time, and the more that accumulates in your body, the more difficult it is to get back to that ideal weight that you want is your timeline skewed,

you know, kind of like in back to the future, when there was an alternate timeline, are you on that alternate timeline right now? Do you want to be back, on the main timeline where you can get back to that ideal weight and that ideal health? That’s what I want to do for you. I want to help you get back to your ideal weight and get your ideal health.

So this is just part one of our three-part series that we’ll cover the fact that there are different types of weight, people gain, and different necessary strategies for each one. And there’s something everyone seems to do that TSheets them out of that result that they could be getting. These are the kinds of things that you need to highlight. And remember, because you’ll get good advice and set off on your journey to start losing the weight and inches that you wanted to lose and keep it off more permanently.

In the meantime, your first step is to look over your timeline and realize if there are things there to be looked at and specifically look for troubles that you’ve had in losing weight, keeping it off sleep issues, and joint pain. The first step is to just get screened and get it checked out so that we can figure out what to do to help you.

So unless you’re following a doctor’s orders, it’s really important to get to the underlying issues of what’s causing that weight. So I don’t recommend starting a diet plan without first finding out the true causes of your problem. Follow me on social media on Facebook and Instagram at the ideal health and wellness center. Tell me what’s going on and I’ll tell you what I think. Remember the coach’s door is always open.

This is coach Frank I’m Sporting Good Posture and resetting my flux. Capacitor. How about you? The Sporting Good Posture podcast is a broadcast wellness production powered by an ideal health wellness center, all content copyright 2021, and all rights reserved by executive producer, Frank Sardella, and coach Frank Pierce, courtesy of the ideal health wellness center in Franklin. For more information, visit SportingGoodPosture.com and follow the coach on Instagram at Sporting Good Posture.

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