Are muscle tension, pain, fatigue and exhaustion caused by on-the-job work stress?

It seems so logical. High levels of work stress seem to cause muscle tension, pain, fatigue and exhaustion. Doesn’t it add up, that work should leave workers fatigued, exhausted and tense? Further evidence sheds light on breakdown of body function: work stress shouldn’t cause these symptoms. Other causes turn out to be at work here and knowing them makes possible a recovery from them and even their prevention.

Is it common or is it normal?

The illusion takes place because when something becomes so widespread or common, it seems normal. On the long term it may even become the “new normal” and be accepted. This is like the “dimmer switch effect” where one sits in a room for hours with the lights gradually dimmed by infinitesimal increments without noticing. The room can become near dark without anyone ever noticing, only for them to be shocked when the lights suddenly come to full brightness.

The point is that gradual and rampant symptoms make them seem like a normal condition of life when, actually, they are as abnormal as a more major illness. So, symptoms attributed to work stress are actually not a normal condition of the human body or even life. Here is an explanation of how two coworkers can have the same job with comparable work stress levels and two separate experiences. The first one suffers with fatigue while the other is a model of healthy living.

The human body is built for high tolerance of stress, even at work…

Have you ever seen professional athletes such as major league football players throw their bodies around the field and remain in tip top shape? Here is stress in the extreme taking its toll on the body, perhaps hundreds of times more intense than the average work stress situation. And, although they use top fitness and physical medicine specialists to assist them, they concentrate on keeping their body in proper shape to be able to tolerate the stress it experiences in the game. They safeguard against physical stresses making sure their body is not in any way predisposed to it.

That moment when you invite work stress to affect you…

Are you sending out an open invitation for work stress to take its toll? Well, if the body is equipped to handle intense amounts of stress, it follows that stress would need an open door invitation to create physical effects. Here is the very meaning of “predisposal” to malfunction and breakdown. Deficiency in the body creates this predisposition and it is all downhill form there. Several components of this are key.

Predisposition to work stress starts with deficiency

Without your ever knowing, deficiencies in your body and environment can insidiously cause a defenselessness against environmental stress. But, deficiencies within the body are what cause this, not the stress itself.

Lacking sleep, nutrition, proper body communication via nerves and hormones, dehydration, insufficient exercise, all are leading culprits leaving one open to symptoms. Factor in even some minor work stress and you have the recipe for tension, pain, fatigue and the like.

Chiropractors are stress factor monitors, among other things…

One of the most major causes of predisposition to the effects of stress is lack of communication within the body, particularly with the muscles and nerves. The nervous system is responsible for communication between the brain and the rest of the body and it is a very sensitive network of “wires” which transmit electrical messages. Interferance with this process is not hard to achieve. Any physical effects in the area of the spine can influence nerves. One of the foremost warning signs of a condition such as this is reaction in the muscles. “Knots” and muscle tension, cramps, spasms and pain are all signals of such an underlying, hidden-from-view problem of this nature. Many think the job of the Chiropractor is to rehabilitate this condition, which ultimately it may be. However, the majority of his job is to seek them out and identify them. In fact, it could be said that as much as 75-80% of the job is just locating the hidden causes of this chain reaction. You always need to see a source of cause before you can predict a course of action. And it’s not always Chiropractic care.

If you think you are suffering from work stress and have tension, first get it checked out…

Your next step, if you suffer from work stress, is not necessarily to get it treated. Yes, treatments may help, but how can you treat something you haven’t yet located? This would be a dangerous alteration of proper sequence. First, recognize a predisposal to stress was present with a hidden cause, after which stress took its toll resulting in symptoms. The very next step is for the Chiropractor to investigate, trace and seek out physical causes. The rest is a matter of handling the deficiencies found. Whether it is freeing up nerve interference or supplementing some other lack, the protocol to handle it is simple compared to the complexities of finding the sum total of the causes.

If you suffer from the effects of work stress, don’t delay. Get it checked out and find out an answer first. After that, you will always know what you can do to fix it. Call Ideal Health and Wellness Center.