Achieving weight loss didn’t turn out to be as simple as you thought

New Year’s resolution? – check. Start diet? – check. Join the gym? – check. But then you found it wasn’t as easy as you envisioned. Truthfully, it was physically and mentally taxing. It was painful! You become exhausted at which time the inevitable thought “just quit” creeps up on you out of nowhere. Old habits return as you think to yourself that there is plenty of time until summer and you’ll do it next month. Now, where did I hide that box of Mallowmars?

This tells the tale of of nearly every weight loss effort ever attempted by wannabe “losers” who found it impossible to bear the “pain” involved in succeeding. Is it really impossible to lose weight and slim down?

Toxins dictate the amount of pain involved in weight loss

Gaining weight is a mere symptom of a health problem. It is not the problem itself. Processed “foods” deceive us into thinking we are eating when we are just ingesting toxins not recognized by our bodies. The body breaks down accordingly. In other words, we have an improper and inadequate nourishment situation which causes the body to become unwell and unfit. Weight gain is a symptom of this condition. Here is also the source of the pain when one switches to a nourishing and nutritionally-rich diet. The body begins a slow detox and it depletes vitamins and minerals and can cause a great deal of pain, discomfort, sleeplessness and other not-so-enjoyable symptoms.

Is what you are eating now an addiction?

Any toxin will have detox-withdrawal effects upon the human body when discontinued. Take caffeine for example. It is a drug that, when stopped, cold-turkey, causes all manner of headaches, pains and discomforts. Processed “food” products are no different. The chemicals and “dead” foods they contain create similar depletions of nutrients, vitamins and minerals from the body and cause it to suffer the consequences. And they are seldom comfortable! These are symptoms of bona fide withdrawal.

Can you avoid withdrawal pain and discomfort?

Withdrawal can be disastrous but, mostly because of how taxing it is on the body’s nutritional resources. It creates deficiencies and depletions which, in turn, cause symptoms. The detox process, therefore requires nutritional support as well as some physical intervention.

The difference between success and failure in detox would be in whether or not nutrition is supplemented and the nerves and muscles are treated so as to be at maximum function. Supplementation and chiropractic care are two of the foremost assists to such a condition and are effective at keeping those symptoms at bay. Suddenly weight loss becomes possible. Weight loss detox symptoms can be alleviated and success is a possibility!

How weight loss is possible without a desire to give up…

Knowing the detox process, it is simple to achieve relief enough to keep weight loss at effective levels. Getting chiropractic care to keep the nerves free and flowing, eating proper nutritionally-rich foods and supplementing the vitamin and mineral depletions are the ticket to making it all the way.

At Ideal Health and Wellness Center, we take this exact approach and even add in miracle LED light technology to create visual results in the process and continue on without quitting. By melting fat immediately, jumpstarting the system with special supplements and removing interferences from the muscles and nervous system, we are helping people achieve ideal health, especially for losing weight and getting fit. Finally get that body you want without quitting. Schedule a free consultation today and find out how you too can achieve your weight loss goals and make this the year it finally happens!