If you think weight loss is just a New Year’s resolution, think again. Three steps can effect weight loss even during holiday indulgence!

Gaining weight over the holidays is something “everyone knows” is inevitable. With the holiday parties and festivities, all the sweets and treats, it would be impossible not to put on a few pounds or inches, much less lose weight. But what if you could control and lose weight even while indulging a little? Here are three things that may help.

1. Indulge in healthy foods before partying!

Apples and avocados are just two of 12 foods that make you feel full. Notwithstanding the great nutritional value of these is the fact that fiber and fat also directly fill you up. Having excellent nutritious foods prior to indulging in holiday yummies can be the ticket to less indulgence and regret about what you may be missing out on. Weight loss is easier when you are not craving and super-indulging.

2. Control blood sugar levels both when low or high.

The worst part of indulgence, particularly in carbs or sweets is elevated blood sugar, a bigtime bar to weight loss. According to one expert on Diabetes, the hormone “insulin” is triggered when sugar is ingested and this is the biggest source of fat, insulin being a fat-making hormone. So it’s the amounts of sugar that make the fat.

Reversely, low blood sugar is often accompanied by extreme hunger, which, of course, leads to overindulgence out of desperation. So eating frequent nutritious meals and snacks throughout the season, not letting yourself become hungry is key as well. Maintaining blood sugar helps weight loss.

3. Melt fat.

There are lots of ways to do this. LipoLaser is one of the faster solutions. It is LED light technology that non-invasively and painlessly penetrates cells and helps them release the fat they contain. While eating habits and diet still need change, it can help get those visible results faster. This can come in handy during those holidays, helping jumpstart the results while the diet gradually changes toward New Year’s.

LipoLaser is a fast solution.

While diets can take a long time to show results, LipoLaser is a technology that helps show them faster. It is not an end-all weight loss solution. Diet failure occurs for many reasons. One of the most prominent is that a person doesn’t see results immediately and it becomes frustrating to drastically modify lifestyle and resist cravings while waiting endlessly to see visible results. LipoLaser, used in conjunction with dietary and exercise changes helps provide results quickly while diet modifications take effect. The result is a more motivated person.

Even if you made resolutions to diet or join the gym…

It would not be redundant to keep those New Year’s resolutions for diet, exercise and weight loss goals while simultaneously pursuing a fast result with LipoLaser. Seeing a more immediate result can make for greater “sticktoitiveness” in any diet or exercise regimen, particularly when the stakes are high with the amount of pounds or inches to lose.

At Ideal Health and Wellness, we approach the issue from the standpoint of fast results all while giving you the help you need to make the results permanent. The result is a happier you, faster.

So son’t worry about the indulgence this holiday if you follow these three steps, and contact us for help achieving your health, fitness and weight loss goals BEFORE the new year starts! Happy holidays!


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