We thought about planning for it all winter and Spring but it’s here: Summer Swimsuit Season! How do you look hot in a swimsuit with little time?

You have waited more than six months for it and its finally here, but are you ready for it? It seems like just yesterday you made that New Year’s resolution that you would fit into that swimsuit and look hot this year. This was gonna be the year, remember? Now that time has run out, however, here are 3 tips to look hot in a swimsuit despite lack of planning!

Adjust the pH of your pool, AND your body!

There is a reason that your pool needs to be adjusted to a certain pH. It is because of the 7.4 pH your body has. It is the number where your body operates in the ideal. A body which is too acid will not operate effectively and can break down. This includes the ability to lose weight and inches. Testing your body pH and adjusting it to 7.4, just as you would your pool, is a way to “open the flood gates” so to speak with weight loss. If it takes a long time to lose pounds, this could be the make-break factor.

Change your eating, NOW!

It is never too late to start eating healthier and give up anything processed. Sugars, carbs, alcohol, all of these cause weight gain and abstaining, at least while jumpstarting a fast weight loss effort, will pay dividends in getting slim and trim as fast as possible. Weight yourself, and then weigh your priorities as to what you would rather have: the hot swimsuit bod or fast food and alcohol? This is not forever and certainly does not mean you can’t indulge this summer. Initially, however, a couple of weeks eating healthy and abstaining from weight-increasing food and drink can cause a rapid result.

Lose inches fast, but safely…

While liposuction may be as rapid as it gets, the safety factor is key. This is major surgery and can be fatal. Looking hot in a swimsuit is hardly worth the risk. Safer, more natural methods are key. LipoLaser, LED light technology may be a great solution. By penetrating into the fat cells and getting them to release fat into the body where it is eliminated through normal body processes, near-immediate results can be gotten, measurable in inches lost (and confidence gained!)

Looking hot in a swimsuit is as easy as 1-2-3

Adjusting body pH, changing eating and drinking habits (at least temporarily) and using a solution such as LipoLaser technology can be the 1-2-3 needed to make a quick change to fit into a swimsuit which may have not otherwise been possible on such a short term.

At Ideal Health and Wellness and Nashville-Franklin LipoLaser, while we can’t change your eating and drinking habits for you, we can offer you the support while providing the other two means discussed here. Providing our patients with Defiance Fuel, 7.4 pH water and utilizing state-of-the-art Vevazz LipoLaser technology, we are seeing more inches lost in shorter periods than ever. And, that is something needed when you’ve run out of time on your swimsuit plans for summer. Call today for a free consultation to see how you can look the degree of hot you want to in that swimsuit. It might just make your summer!