Foot pain or “Plantar Fasciitis” is often a sign of no arch support

Shoes may be getting more fashionable, but they are certainly not getting much more supportive. Arch support these days seems to be non-existent. And, it’s not just affecting the feet. While, yes, it can cause heel pain, Plantar Fasciitis and discomfort, it can also make for poor support for the rest of the body including the spine. Therefore, flat feet, as they are called colloquially, can cause a host of health problems indirectly throughout the body. Getting more support is, therefore, paramount.

So, what is Plantar Fasciitis and why should I care?

An inflammation of the thick band of tissue connecting the heel to the toes, this condition can be quite painful and aggravating to say the least. But simply, it is stabbing heel pain. Very common these days, this condition is not normal though it has been accepted to be so.

Stress on the body is the biggest culprit but pressure throughout the foot caused by lack of arch support is most often to blame. Easily prevented, it can be averted before it begins using the proper support for the arches.

Plantar Fasciitis warning signs

Stabbing heel pain is the most common description but also characteristic of this condition is a painful first step of the day. Often just putting that foot down off the bed can be excruciating.

Persistent limp, stiff muscles, tenderness, swelling, etc. are common complaints associated with it. The key, however, is what lies beneath.

Can other parts of the body malfunctioning result in foot pain?

One of the most unsuspected areas is the spine. The sciatic nerves, which are localized to the hips and run the length of the legs, carry electrical energy to the legs and feet from the spine. Often times, issues in the low back can cause interference with this process and pain can be localized to the feet. Looking solely at the feet in this case would not provide a solution. The feet, however, can influence the spine. Flat feet can throw the spine out of balance and a vicious cycle is born.

The feet and spine working hand in hand

Misalignment of the spine, coupled with flattening of the foot arches can be a recipe for pain and discomfort as well as a gateway to many other health problems, not just Plantar Fasciitis. Nutritional breakdown and stress can compound the problem. These issues tend to snowball creating a much greater problem. But, just as the feet and spine can work together to cause issues, so can they to prevent them. Yes, they can work together to prevent pain and discomfort and even promote overall health.

Getting custom orthotic inserts is a great start

The first step is always to look to the arch for support solutions. One of them is to get shoes with great arch support. Fashion does not always permit this and, let’s face it, is an important thing in this day and age. So one of the options is to have a custom-molded insert tailored to go in those fashionable shoes and support that arch. Yes, even arch support is now fashionable. Getting that support can also relieve tension in the lower back too.

Have your spine and arches checked

Bottom line? Getting your spine and arches checked and supported properly is the key to prevention. And, a little intervention on both may be in order if conditions have already crept in to get everything supported properly. You don’t have to live with Plantar Fasciitis foot pain anymore.

At Ideal Health and Wellness center, there is close attention paid to both areas with a special computerized scan of the feet and laser-precise analysis of the arches along with custom molding for orthotic inserts which can make all the difference in the world. And, with a special check of the lower spine and gentle treatments, even to include intervention with high-intensity LED light therapy in some cases, the proper support of your frame can be attained and a better, more comfortable fashion statement can be made. Being on your feet doesn’t have to be a nightmare. It can be an amazing experience.

Call Ideal Health and Wellness Center today at (615) 567-6683 to get a no-charge computerized scan to evaluate your arch and step and see how much better it can be to live with no pain or discomfort.