Bulking up is a myth. Weight Training for women works!

While it may seem like a bad idea from all the “bulk up hype” you hear these days, there are quite a few misconceptions about weight training for women. Though, weight-lifting and resistance training can be used to build muscle mass, it is the least of what it does, especially for those women in Franklin who want to tone up, get fit, slim down and reduce fat. In fact, it can boost their other fitness activities.

How can women avoid looking like a ripped dude?

There is a popular misconception that lifting weights is the sole activity that builds huge muscles. Body-building competitors, male or female, seem to have lifted their way to victory. There are many factors. Time spent lifting, for instance, and amount of weight lifted are key. Nutrition and diet are also key. Without them, all the reps in the world won’t build muscle mass.

Hormones, muscle and fat have weight training in common…

The good news for Franklin women is that lifting weights can markedly increase results from other fitness activities. From yoga to cardio, dieting to fat reduction, weight-lifting can accelerate and augment results by leaps and bounds. In fact, there are quite a few hormones that, when triggered, burn fat, most of them by lifting weights. While a professional, such as a personal trainer or Chiropractor should be consulted, adding a weight training routine can yield noticeably better results.

Biohacking your hormones, muscles and fat stores

Regardless of training with weights, the key factors for women are still diet, exercise and maintenance of the basic frame. These are all natural, biological factors which must be considered. Biohacking is the taking of measures to intervene in these processes. The best ones are monitoring dietary intake to manipulate metabolism and hormone function, weight lifting to build lean muscle and burn fat, and even things like chiropractic care, massage and the like to maintain the frame.

Ideal health and wellness can include weight training for women

Clearly, there are many factors to the ideal body and a professional must be consulted to get the right training, fat-reducing and muscle strengthening program. Each should be addressed individually.

At Ideal Health and Wellness Center, a wholistic approach is taken with a custom regimen assembled to hack into the body’s function both to repair and improve it. Lipolaser for rapid fat and inch loss, Chiropractic care to reduce pain, strengthen the frame and maintain proper nerve flow, all work together for the ultimate training routine, all without getting too buff.

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