According to official report, the most effective flu medicine isn’t medicine…

The flu seems to run rampant, especially in winter, at least according to skyrocketing flu medicine and vaccine sales. Only a short time ago however, though 146 million flu vaccines were shipped and sold, even CDC reports indicated significantly less than 50% effectiveness. Even cold and flu remedies have underperformed, only purported to provide “temporary relief” from cold and influenza symptoms. And, while prevention is obviously the best of all remedies, injecting vaccines into the body is hardly a preventative. The real secret to “out-fluing” the flu is to tap the body’s natural ability to function, thrive and heal that makes the difference.

What is the flu, really?

Influenza is a virus, plain and simple. It is contagious and follows the properties of just about any viral infection, specifically affecting the respiratory passages. As with any viral attack on the body, the weaker the host, the better the chances of it unleashing its effects. Key to preventing it, then, would be to keep the immune system strong.

How to strengthen the immune system

It doesn’t really take any strange diets or potions to achieve a healthy immune system. It does, however, take detailed attention to make sure certain nutrients are being ingested. Most of these are available from food and better-quality, food-based nutritional supplements. From vitamin C to zinc, while eating those vegetables with appropriate amounts of protein, these simple actions can keep the body in top shape, with lesser likelihood of viral or bacterial infection. Coupled with proper and sufficient sleep, another vitally-important factor, viruses have a much steeper hill to climb.

Why does your nervous system influence your health (or lack of it)?

Perhaps the foremost factor of health and wellness is your nervous system. The command center of the body residing in the brain, and the nerve channels carrying its orders to the rest of the body, function of this network is of paramount importance. For, without its communication signals slowing, there is no function. Chiropractors are specialists in keeping the nervous system in working order by seeking, correcting and preventing interferences and blockages of these channels from continuing to occur. Even your immune system is not immune to reduced nerve communication due to physical interferences.

How to ‘proof up’ against the flu this season

While abstaining from ingesting junk foods, beefing up nutrition and getting lots of sleep can work wonders to keep the body healthy, well and free from disease, having a healthy, flowing nervous system is a requirement. Blocked, this communication network of the body does not allow for full function, in absence of which, breakdowns occur.

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