Sports or fitness injuries shouldn’t keep you from sports and fitness!

Whether you do yoga, lift a weights, run marathons or play pro ball, injuries from such activities are the foremost thing keeping you out of them. Face it, we live for these activities and, what kind of quality of life is there when you are being kept from them? Better understanding these injuries and what makes them tick is really key to getting back on your game, whatever game of sports or life you play.

CrossFit, yoga, sports or simple workouts, the injuries are the same

While some pro athletes bring it harder on the field, their injuries are no different than those keeping you from your spinning or yoga classes. Some think injuries only occur from doing CrossFit level workouts and flipping truck tires. Talk to a Chiropractor or sports medicine specialist and you’ll likely hear that injuries keeping people off their game are not from the game at all nor did they result from the type of impact sustained. There were structural imbalances setting up the fall.

What amateurs, pros and “weekend warriors” have in common

Maybe you do Soul Cycle or run in 5K races twice per year, do yoga or just work out a few times a month. Perhaps you played semi-pro or played ball in college. There are structural features and experiences all have in common. In fact, life itself presents its impacts from birth to adulthood. Stresses on the body, bumps, falls, illnesses, all contribute to imbalances in basic structure that can precipitate injury. Activities that ordinarily do not cause injury, can get you hurt and lengthen recovery time. Structural imbalanced can affect nerve energy flow and hinder the body’s natural ability to heal.

The fastest way to get off the bench and back in your game…

Most people, when injured, seek treatment and desire to get back in the game as fast as possible. Approaching this by focusing on the area of impact, however, may not provide the desired recovery. And, while it is necessary to treat localized damage, it is vital to locate the structural imbalances that may have precipitated the injury, and which make the healing process a challenge. Chiropractors specialize in finding the spinal displacements and nerve interferences causing this.

Getting help getting back into full swing

Obviously, get the area of impact treated first. Then, see a licensed Chiropractor like Dr Frank Marghella in Franklin, to find isolate the imbalances between you and the fastest recovery possible, with greater effectiveness of therapeutic treatment.

For injuries, new or old, get them checked by Dr Marghella. Contact Ideal Health and Wellness Center to schedule a private consultation. You could be back in the game sooner than you think!

Be sure to, tune in to Dr Marghella’s Sporting Good Fitness podcast here here for lots of advice on staying in the game, healthy, well and injury-free, no matter what health or fitness game you play.

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