Low fat or high, Fat from diet does not “go straight to your thighs”

Many people switch to a low fat diet when they want to lose weight, mistakenly believing that the fat becomes body fat. This is not the case. Therefore, cutting fat, while may assist weight loss, is not a weight loss solution in itself. Body fat is not created by fat. Fat comes from another source as part of a chain reaction. So if you don’t cut fat what should you cut to lose weight? The answer is in understanding the body.

Fat doesn’t beget fat

Fat, plain and simple, comes from sugar. Sugar can be pure or be derived from carbohydrates which become sugar. This is why “cutting carbs” is a common weight loss trick. It works because it is handling the source of the fat itself. As the end of a chain reaction when you eat sugar, fat is manufactured by your body and stored. Regardless of why this happens, fat is made by carbohydrate intake. Fat cells are constructed from basic elements. Fat is not one of them. Low fat diets become meaningless in this regard, though they may be required for other health complications. With fat loss, not so much.

Cutting the sugar

One of the best kept secrets of all is that, cutting sugar and its sources (carbohydrates in general) can help achieve weight loss where one has not been achieved before. If this is unclear, consider the amount of diabetics who seem to be overweight or even obese. Sugar and weight tend to go hand-in-hand. Again, low fat seems to have little impact on the overall weight.

From low fat to no sugar for fastest results

Weight loss is determined by most to be effective usually by one factor: speed. Anything “taking too long” to work, whether it would have eventually been effective or not, is considered ineffective and commonly abandoned. One of the foremost blockers to speed of weight loss and noticeable results is the sugar factor. Cutting down on sugar can help but abstinence is faster. Even then, results may be slow. Out of all dietary changes, this often times is the fastest dietary method to start dropping those pounds.

Fast results are important – how you look and feel are key

Let’s face it, not seeing results when working diligently to lose weight can be frustrating. When you start to lose weight, after all, noticing the changes and seeing results make you work all the harder. It feels good to look better. While dietary habits are required to be changed to have any lasting weight loss result, there is something to help provide motivation and a better self-outlook: LipoLaser LED fat loss technology. This technology gets directly into fat cells and empties them, creating that faster result to accompany your weight loss efforts. So you can get achieve a quality diet, just with accelerated results. And with the shift in motivation, you can compound those results with your own desire to see more!

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