Can Your Workspace Give You a Headache?

When work seems like a source of your headache…

While it may seem like staring at your computer all day is to blame, your headaches and migraines may pack a little more punch behind them. Even semi-related conditions such as neck and shoulder pain, an area where you may carry your stress, is not a prime culprit. In fact, these are more likely stimuli than actual sources of pain, and the reason may not surprise you at all, which may help in handling them. Here are the three H’s to consider when investigating their true source.

What are your daily habits?

Undoubtedly you have already found that there are some habits in your life, such as sitting in front of a computer all day behind your desk, which account for valid reasons you suffer those headaches or migraines. Other habits such as “sleeping wrong”, carrying a heavy bag or lifting more than you should at the gym, even carrying your stress in your shoulders can seem like culprits. Finding the true source would mean accounting for all these habits and all other symptoms. Considering them collectively paints a different picture, one that should pose more questions and not suffice as end-all answers.

Do you have a history of stress, injury or any physical activity?

The prime factor most overlooked when relegating your headaches or migraines to “sitting in front of a computer all day” is your track record with physical taxations on the body, not just at present (as in the habits above) but in the past as well. And, it doesn’t necessarily have to be a chronic or traumatic source. Having played sports in high school or college, running in races, car accidents, high stress, moderate fitness and even just being born are quite stressful to the body. These can cause imbalances in the body’s basic structure and, laying dormant sometimes for years without a single pain, can yet be aggravated by something as innocuous as sitting in a chair or looking at a computer screen. 

Are there hurdles your nervous system cannot overcome?

The most vital system in our bodies can be argued to be the nervous system. Flowing electricity throughout the body, connecting and coordinating brain and body activity, the nervous system is responsible for function, for better or worse. The variance in its efficiency comes down to structural balance (or imbalance). This is what sets the stage on which such conditions make an appearance. Your spine is a prime target for stress and imbalances and it is its proximity to the nerves that can start all the trouble. This is why some are prone to headaches and some are not and why one person can get headaches from sitting at a desk in front of a computer and another not at all.

Headaches or migraines first require investigation, not treatment!

Start with self-awareness of the 3 H’s and do a thorough recall of all 3 types of factors. You will be surprised what you find. Then, contact Ideal Health and Wellness Center and ask to speak with Dr Marghella about tracing your symptoms down to any physical imbalance which can open the door to biohacking more relief than you thought possible. Wouldn’t it at least be worth finding out?