Back Pain from Your Backpack or Bag?

Back pain has many culprits but is your backpack or bag one of them?

Ask anyone in physical medicine what the best position is for your backpack and they will tell you, “on the floor” as a response. Factually, even though backpacks and bags were designed with the human body in mind does not mean the human body was designed to carry one. In fact, it, simply, wasn’t. In fact, adding weight not natural to the body, which interferes with its natural balance, is annoying to say the least; painful often times. The pain, however, is the least of your worries. It’s what the pain signifies that is key.

Back pain is not a problem. It is an alert to a problem.

There is a popular misconception about back pain. An extremely popular condition in this modern society, it is so commonplace as to be considered a health condition. But, pain is not a condition. It is a sign there is a condition to be looked at. So your back pain does not beg to be silenced. It clamors to be heard! And it can yell quite loudly!

What is the problem back pain is signaling?

This is a loaded question. It could be many things. Pain is a reaction to a near infinite amount of conditions in the human body. When it comes to carrying a backpack or bag, however, there are very specific areas of the spine which could be affected by the weight, weight shift and balance. While there is no way to tell without examining the spine closely, and while there are no two cases which are exactly alike, you can count on the fact that any addition of external pressure or weight will inevitably cause some sort of shift in the spine. This affects posture and the positioning of the spinal column.

What’s the big deal about the spine going out of position?

The problems are two-fold. First, any improper positioning of vertebrae can cause irritation to nearby nerves which, incidentally, is a leading trigger of pain. Secondly, and more important in the long run, a spine out of position will tend to go further out of position causing further and more severe issues. All for the carrying of a few personal items or books.

Can we build a back pain free backpack?

This is, unfortunately, not possible. So are we to ward off backpacks, handbags and the like for the rest of life? This is equally unworkable. There has to be a happy medium. This is where your chiropractor comes in. Chiropractors have two jobs. Many think it is to “crack your back” and help you with back pain and issues. This is but a fraction of what they do. Chiropractors are pain tracers of sorts and they use the pain signals to trace down and eliminate physical problems causing it. So, you don’t have to “live with” the pain – you can potentially eliminate it at its source. This is not magic. It is simply a 2-step, “hunt down the cause” and treat it situation. It is very precise and can help a great deal.

Chiropractic, backpacks and back pain…

Chiropractic can help with back pain issues by isolating a cause. It can also guide you into some better habits and the best possible ways to carry a backpack or bag to produce minimal damage. It can even counter the damage when done depending on severity and a few other factors.

At Ideal Health and Wellness Center, Dr Frank Marghella, a veteran chiropractor, insists on this standard of care. He considers all angles and uses every diagnostic tool available and in which he is expert to trace down a proper physical cause with the result of the most effective treatment possible. Backpacks and back pain are no match for this one-two punch of a procedure. Come in today for a consultation and an evaluation. Bring your bag or backpack too. Load it up to capacity and find out if it’s doing you any harm. Perhaps you will leave with a fixed back pack and a fixed back too. Now there is a way to “straighten out” the situation.!