Weight issues are running rampant but are they all physical?

Why is weight loss one of the foremost priorities of Americans when it comes to healthcare and wellness? After all, it ranks above access to healthcare and even substance abuse. Clearly it is a priority because being overweight is more than a bothersome condition. It is an inner concern for outer appearance. Perhaps its foremost difficulty is its near-infinite abundance of causes. But is it all in your head? While there are many physical aspects, a mindset can be at play in prolonging or even exacerbating the condition. Changing your mindset, weight loss can yet be accomplished. Mind over matter does come into play.

Seeing is believing but believing is “seeing” too…

Whether it is weight gain or loss, a life decision or even a crucial situation requiring a solid, logical decision, mindset can yet influence the outcome. And, while many people think “seeing is believing”, they seldom realize that believing something may actually make it come to be, for better or for worse. The premise that there is a “power” of positive thinking has almost become cliche, but there is much evidence to support the fact that, even when it comes to issues losing weight or wellness itself, mindset is a key factor, again, for better or worse. This means that, conversely, there is a definite power of negative thinking too.

Taking action can change attitude, but what if you’re not motivated?

Perhaps the best way to tackle weight or health issues is to take action. Springing into action and getting moving in any positive direction can be all that’s needed. Some theorize that just getting started on something, rather than wallowing in indecision over it, is all that is needed. Sometimes an oversimplification, this premise can yet have value. For starting on a project and taking definite, planned steps can often be just the trick, whether you want to lose weight, get healthy or, simply, change your life. There are many results ahead for those who simply try this one on for size.

Ask what actors ask when acting out a scene: What’s my motivation?

Taking action is not always as easy as it seems. Perhaps the most neglected factor in making any life change is why the change is being made in the first place. Perhaps weight issues aren’t issues at all, but the manifestation of indecision, not caused by lack of willpower, but an absence of purpose. Why, after all, do you want to lose weight, be fit, look good or achieve stellar health and wellness? What is the reason, after all to do it? One of the best weight loss programs going can be to simply sit down and envision what ideal health, weight and fitness really are and what they will be used for. Is it to be more attractive and find a life partner? Rock out a business suit and close big deals? Be more attractive to your spouse and spice things up? There are an infinity of reasons for doing so. Herein lay the keys to a majority of weight issues and many other health problems too.

Healthcare, weight loss and mindset go hand-in-hand

Perhaps weight issues are the result of a physical epidemic. There are certainly enough evidential factors around. Poor diet, nutritionally-dead “food” consumption, toxins in the environment, all of them sufficient arguments in favor. If this is such an epidemic, however, why are many able to achieve wellness and fitness the likes of which you envy? Wouldn’t everyone have weight issues if this were entirely true? Clearly, there are motivations and mindsets, both positive and negative, that influence the outcome. Changing your viewpoint alone on the situation can work wonders. Decide on why you really want the change, make a brief plan and take action. Simple.

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