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How do you achieve ideal health and wellness? Do the opposite of these ways not to.

Google search results for “health tips” yields 790 million possibilities. Yet even a million would be impossible to scout, let alone evaluate. So, here are 5 ways to worsen your health, the opposite of which could be of some value in creating ideal health and wellness.

1. Dismiss pain

Pain is undesirable by a majority notwithstanding its benefit. Pain itself is actually a warning system. It cautions that some adverse effect is about to happen. A sure-fire way to worsen health and wellness would be to dismiss pain. How is it dismissed? Most commonly it is done in two steps: deadening it and not getting it traced to a cause. This has become acceptable and is a leading reason of decay in the body.

2. Dehydrate

While water is reported to have health benefits, this is an understatement. For the human body, down to a cellular level, is made up of water. Depriving it of adequate water supply is to worsen its function in the worst way. It may seem on the surface that this is simply “not drinking enough water” however, even when adequate amounts are consumed, depletion of minerals makes water retention and use all but impossible. A full supply of all minerals, as in Himalayan Sea Salt for example, is required by the body along with ample water supply to effect hydration. Losing minerals occurs through sweating, but even from ingesting toxic substances, including many medications. Wellness suffers from dehydration.

3. Gain weight

Here is a tricky one. Much like dismissal of pain, ignoring or excess weight gain is the equivalent of ignoring a fire alarm. Excess weight or even difficulties losing weight are, similar to pain, symptoms of health problems in the body. There are many reasons for weight gain, with a majority of them being medical. So, losing weight is not always an end-all solution to health and, conversely, difficulty with weight loss may indicate an unhandled underlying health issue.

4. Consume toxins

A seemingly obvious one, many toxins are in disguise. So-called “foods” that have been artificially -processed are the worst kind of insidious culprit. By definition, food is something which nourishes and promotes growth and repair of tissue. In fact, by this definition alone, anything ingested not fitting this definition (as listed in the ingredients processed foods) could be considered a toxin and not food at all.

5. Devalue prevention

One could easily call this “sick care” which is the watchword of modern medicine. Preventive care is the ideal health and wellness model. It includes for being educated on how the body works as well as indoctrination as to its base needs nutritionally and otherwise. Sufficient sleep, nutrition, exercise and protection are but a few aspects of this category. This is the foundation of ideal care of the body and encompasses all other categories mentioned here.

These simple 5 wellness-worsening methods could easily be reversed for an obvious solution. The solution starts with prevention but when malfunction has set in, proper diagnosis of cause is required. Together, these comprise an ideal health and wellness approach.

At Ideal Health and Wellness in Franklin, a variety of approaches are used to start with prevention and wellness care as well as proper assignment of cause to any adverse body reactions such as stubborn weight, pain or malnutrition. This includes a variety of treatments such as chiropractic, LipoLaser weight loss and proper nutritional programs for healthy weight.

Find out how you can achieve your ideal weight health and wellness by calling our office. The solution is in our very name! We’re here to help.