5 Weight Loss Myths Debunked

weight loss scaleWeight loss may be in-demand, but it doesn’t come without it’s misconceptions, mysteries and all-out untruths

It’s not even just a buzz anymore. Weight loss has become a confused subject, riddled with opinions, fad diets and crazy theories. For many, even when trying nearly all of them, none seem to work to their dismay. Failed weight loss is all but guaranteed. How do we muddle through this confusion to reduce weight, cut fat or lose inches? Debunking 5 popular myths can help.

MYTH 1: Cutting fat makes you thin

It goes straight to your hips, right? It is amazing how many people take this literally. Fat cells derive from a source other than fat, to wit, sugar, an energy source or fuel. Fat production is simple to understand within this context. For instance, unused fuel in your car stays in the tank for future use. Similarly the body stores unused sugar, converting it to fat. Cutting fat has nothing to do with this process.

MYTH 2: Drinking water will curb your appetite

Here is not a dispute as to whether or not water helps you lose weight. Understanding hunger, however, is key. Hunger has nothing to do with water. That is the job of thirst. Therefore, any “satisfaction” obtained from water is short-lived.

MYTH 3: Suppressing appetite will make you lose weight

Hunger is the body’s need to satisfy a nutritional requirement. On this premise alone, trying to “satisfy” it with water or “snacks” seems foolish. Whatever the body’s need, it is expressed through hunger and a natural intuition should take over to get the nutrient needed. Proper nutrition is the only answer to the body’s hunger requests.

MYTH 4: Cutting back on portions is a good diet

Here again, the body, requiring specific nutrition, needs nutrients in sufficient quantity. Always needing to eat large portions of food signifies proper nutrition is lacking and the body continues to “crave” more. Nutritionally-deficient meals are insufficient no matter the portion. Foods that create fat are only required in minimal quantities. Cutting back, fat is yet produced.

MYTH 5: Counting or limiting calories is a weight loss plan

Eating 5 candy bars may give you energy and satisfy calorie limits however, fat still results. Conversely, eating three times the daily desired calories in vegetables will not trigger fat production and can have weight loss effects.

Perhaps the myths are making you fat and blocking weight loss

The complexities of weight loss become simple when you look at the raw data. Misconceptions simplify when you understand how the body works. You can think for yourself and make better decisions. Clearing up these 5 myths, real attempts to lose weight can succeed.

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