5 Muscle Tension Relievers for a Better Workday

4 Ounces of Muscle Tension Prevention Are Worth Pounds of Relief at Work

Of course, “everyone knows” that if you sit at a desk all day at work that muscle tension, shoulder, neck and back pain are a given, right? After all, these are the foremost complaints among corporate employees. This is what keeps Chiropractors so busy these days. Relief and prevention strategies abound all over the internet. But what is the real issue? Has anyone asked why it occurs in the first place? Could it be something other than working conditions? Actually it can be a lack of 4 things, the handling of which can make all the difference.

Move it!

Limber, relaxed, loose muscles seem all but impossible when being sedentary for 8+ hours per day, Sitting still all day, in one position takes a hard enough toll on the neck, shoulders and lower back. When you consider an ergonomically deficient workstation, slouched posture and recurrent motions , however, muscle tension is almost an inevitable consequence. Getting up and moving, walking around the office at various periods of the day, can work wonders, even for those with a standing desk. Body motion can assist greatly in preventing muscle tension.

Reach for the sky!

While a primary goal may be to reach for the top of the corporate ladder, staying limber on the lower rungs is a good idea. Sitting still can cause muscles to tighten. Therefore, in addition to keeping in motion, various stretches throughout the day can help keep things from getting too terribly tense. And, stretching is not just for when muscles are tense. It can be the start to a workday upon rising or starting the shift. Here is one of the keys to a better day at work.

Be Strong!

Personal trainers usually target muscle groups for strengthening by working on muscles and their counterparts with strengthening exercises. A strong core is a well-known goal among fitness enthusiasts but, did you know that this affects posture? The abdominal muscles are opposite those of the back and, therefore, influence posture. A strong core can be the ticket to proper and strong posture. Here is a valuable investment in preventing muscle tension before it occurs!

If You Build It…

No need to be Mr Universe or the world’s heavyweight champ. The right build for your frame may be different. But, you need to build muscles to their ideal, which can assist in supporting better comfort and tension-free muscles. With proper nutrition, lifting and toning exercises, especially supervised by a professional, a fit body, free from stress and tension, can be created, fairly easily! Your Chiropractor is an excellent go-between even when working with a personal trainer to ensure full benefit is gotten from any regimen and to ensure the best posture. The results at work can be miraculous.

Muscle Tension Relief Through Prevention Is Best!

While many protocols for muscle tension exist, these four things seem to work best when they are used before the problem occurs, as a preventative. Keeping moving throughout the day, as well as stretching in the morning and before, during and after work, all can keep you limber and comfortable during those extended work periods. Improving posture using Chiropractic, muscle building and toning can keep things that way. A concerted effort is required. And remember, the one key factor governing all of this is that muscle tension is not normal. It is caused by lack of many of these basic rudiments. Changing them may just change your life and career too!