While Fibromyalgia meds deaden the pain, something more insidious may be happening to your health.

Doctors don’t know what causes Fibromyalgis, according to the Mayo Clinic, making it all the more ironic that commercials for the drug “Lyrica” send prospects for the drug to “ask your doctor” with merely a “thought to be caused” source. How can you any condition, however, without any degree of certainty in diagnosis? These 5 rules of thumb may help.

1. Examine proper body function, not illness.

With so many people wanting to deaden pain, especially fibromyalgia sufferers, it becomes obvious that there is no concept of how the human body works as well as a mis-definition of pain. Body function is carried out via the nervous system, which carries messages from brain to body to effect proper function. It should function properly. When it breaks down, pain is one of the ways it warns you. So, pain is more properly defined as a warning system.

Simply medicating pain is like shutting off feeling to your hand instead of removing it from a hot stove. You may feel better, but you will assuredly incur tons more damage in the process, without realizing it.

2. Change your view of what health is.

If someone asked you what health is, you may thing it’s the absence of illness. When considering body function however, more depth is revealed. For wellness or health is actually a body which functions in the optimum. This includes for a properly working nervous system, unimpeded by various traumas and interferences. It would also include proper fueling of these systems via nutrition, minerals, sleep, care, etc. – an expanded view of what most relegate to “feeling good”.

3. Don’t trade an illness for more illness.

How do you treat an illness and get more illness? Target pain only.

The vicious downward spiral of conditions like Fibromyalgia would be: severe pain – take pain killers – ignore causes back of the condition – actual condition gets worse – side effect conditions are inherited from the drugs. This isn’t even one step ahead – two steps back. All the steps are backward.

A proper handling would include investigation of the pain to physical causes – plural! For there are often multiple elements causing any given health condition.

4. Find ALL causes and use ALL possible treatments.

The American Chiropractic Association reports Fibromyalgia to require a multi-disciplinary approach, rightfully so. Understanding that there is not only a cause, but a number of them, it is clear that one point of address would be inadequate. Fibromyalgia has been found by many doctors and professionals to have multiple areas of address to its alleviation, but that is not the main point. This address is in the direction of creating real health – ideal operating conditions within the body.

5. Make illness an impossibility and ideal wellness a reality.

Here is where it all comes together. Understand correct body function and malfunctions become obvious. Find out that health would be “correct and ultimate function” and the body can be repaired when it breaks down. In not exchanging our one illness for more of them can move you in the direction of health – not toward more suffering. Lastly, approaching the issue from varied disciplines targeted at multiple conditions, symptoms may start to magically disappear. This is the start of a pain-free healthy life based on wellness.

Ask your doctor? If you ask this doctor about what Fibromyalgia is “thought to be caused” by, you will receive a question as an answer: “Thought by whom??”

If you heard Fibromyalgia is “though to be caused” by something, perhaps you had better start looking for someone who doesn’t think so much and can take a proactive approach.

At Ideal Health and Wellness, we approach all health concerns from a multi-faceted view and develop treatment plans around handling the true causes (plural) or these conditions. Start with a consultation and find out how we use every tool, from chiropractic to weight loss and other therapeutic techniques in between, to achieve the ideal state you not only should be in, but surely desire!