4 Ways Pain Makes Weight Gain

tape-measure-1365767356xWANo pain, no gain? Pain can actually lead to weight gain.

Think pain, weight gain and your health aren’t connected? Pain signifies at least 4 health conditions which can result in weight gain or trouble with weight loss. Here are those 4 in detail and what to do.

1. Inhibited motion opens the door to weight gain.

Plain and simple, pain provides a restriction to motion, if with good reason. Such inhibition prevents further damage. Unfortunately, exercise is needed to keep the body in optimum shape, a lack of motion can result in weight gain. Therefore, joints, muscles and structure need support not only to stay healthy and pain free, but to ensure a fit body through exercise.

2. Malfunction and poor health all but guarantee you gain weight.

Yet another function of pain is to signify malfunction in the body of some vital function, system or component. While pain is restrictive, it is also a sign of poor health, which is one of the core causes of weight gain. Even liver issues, for instance, can cause a chain reaction leading to excess fat storare and unwanted weight gain. Getting the body healthy is a necessity for any longer term weight loss.

3. No recovery from stress or exercise stops weight loss.

That “good” pain you feel after exercise is actually a signification that exercise recovery is needed. Without recovery, the body is overstressed and will not be able to effect proper weight loss, fat burning or anti- weight gain.

4. Reduce pain, promote function, sleep, weight loss with minerals.

Essential minerals by the body are many and underlie every vital function necessary for life to say nothing of exercise or weight loss. Blood sugar regulation, the make break of weight gain or loss, is dependent upon magnesium among other minerals. Proper supply is resultantly necessary.

How pain points the way to weight loss.

Knowing all these functions of pain you can find your way to health and, ultimately, weight loss. Pain obviously has a valid function which if not ignored or deadened by pain relievers, can be quite useful in finding the sources of poor health, especially those which are causing weight gain.

What to do to get healthy and lose weight.

Trace pain to its origin and find out the real cause of poor health. In handling those, get sufficient sleep, nutrition and exercise recovery. How this is done may require intervention. Chiropractic care, for instance, can help with pain and also to free up nerve energy to flow to all organs and body systems and get them to function properly. As for the fat production, in addition to exercise, vitamins, minerals and proper nutrition to stimulate fat burning and to not trigger fat storing, faster fat loss can occur through use of LaserLipo, LED light technology to help rapidly lose fat cells. The important thing is to find cause and develop a multi-faceted approach. Success is all but assured in the hands of a licensed practitioner who knows the body and how it is to function in its ideal.

At Ideal Health and Wellness, we use this approach for fast fat reduction, nutritional and lifestyle change as well as chiropractic and other natural therapies to achieve the ideal you.