Fitness is something of a mystery, with some being able to achieve it and others, not so much. But, what if you knew the exact barriers to achieving it?

There are numerous fitness, health and wellness campaigns claiming to get you physically fit. But why don’t they seem to work for you? Why is it that some people can have a achieve the body they want while others struggle and even fail to get any results at all? Well here are 4 hidden reason no one talks about.

1. Stress

While you may have heard that stress causes and worsens health problems, you may not have equated it to fitness. But, fitness is no exception. Let alone the health problems it can cause, stress can actually cause fat to be created and stored, and in all the wrong places. Your “stress glands” (adrenal glands) produce a hormone “cortisol” which everyone seems to have heard creates belly fat. In a manner of speaking this is true as the hormone does actually trigger fat production.

2. Lack of sleep

Sleep is the first thing to be sacrificed and the last to be suspected during times of stress, especially when it comes to fat burning, weight loss and overall fitness. Strangely enough, however, much fat burning takes place during sleep and when it is not sufficient in quantity or quality, it can have detrimental effects on any attempts to get fit.

3. Toxins

Toxins within the body are filtered by the liver. Excess toxins can overtax the liver making it sluggish or slow which affects digestion directly. Add a few more complications to this system breakdown and and you have a body that is not only processing food incorrectly, but it is not getting what it needs to burn fat. Toxins also linger and make fat loss all but impossible in some cases.

4. Internal communication breakdown

What is internal communication and what does this have to do with fitness? The nervous system is what the brain uses as a network to get body systems to function. Interfere with it and you have a breakdown between brain and body. One of the biggest offenders is the spine. Essentially a shock absorber for the entire body, it is ironic that it is also a protection for the spinal cord and its branch nerves. This means that even minor displacements can interfere with communication and cause systems to malfunction. From sleep cycles to the adrenal glands, from the liver to the digestive system, all functions rely on this communication .

How to achieve fitness starts with breaking down barriers

Obviously lowering stress, getting better sleep, detoxing and enhancing inner communication would be the formula here. And, while it may be easy to consider, sometimes is easier said than done. Lowering stress can be done by looking into your environment. The other three? They require a bit more attention, especially for those having trouble with fitness goals.

At Ideal Health & Wellness Center, the approach is to look at the entire body and see ALL the elements involved, not just focus on a singular symptom. Weight loss and fitness are prime examples. Obviously if just concentrating on fitness alone doesn’t work, there must be other elements stopping it. We use lipolaser technology to get the quick results, especially in these stubborn situations, but also screen for these other hidden elements and define an exact program to handle any and all barriers to having the health, wellness and body you want. Fitness is within reach if you know the mechanics. We do!

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