If energy drinks work, why are you so exhausted?

The exhaustion epidemic defies the popularity of energy drinks. If they worked, wouldn’t there be far less fatigue and exhaustion? Factually, so-called energy “boosters” actually boost exhaustion too, in 4 ways.

1. Writing energy checks the body can’t cash

An immediate boost is the goal of all energy drinks. And, while it may be needed momentarily for any given deadline or situation, the prevalance of such situations in the lives of many make it a habit, not an emergency protocol. Energy boosters being mere boosters, they do not supply lasting energy. Energy checks cashed by the body today, leave an overdrawn account tomorrow.

2. Borrowing energy vs “earning” it

Why would you borrow energy when you can make it? The body creates its own energy. Metabolism converts food into ample energy to meet lifestyle demands. You “earn and burn” energy accordingly. Consuming energy drinks is a deficiency symptom.

3. Losing sleep over temporary energy

A sort of “energy conservation” function, lack of sleep can deplete energy reserves. Energy drinks are not only temporary solutions, they can interfere with sleep, adding the problem.

4. Short-lived boost addiction causes long-term exhaustion

The irony is that, stress on the body from dependency energy drinks can cause exhaustion. Sleep and nutrition deficiencies create a “need” for an energy boost. The the adrenal or “stress” glands get stressed out and a cycle of low energy, fatigue and exhaustion is begun.

Quit borrowing energy and earn it

The proper approach to energy is not short-lived but doesn’t take an eternity either. Getting a better diet, better sleep and reducing stress is not something that takes a lifetime.

At Ideal Health and Wellness Center, we approach energy problems from a whole-body view, with correct care of it a multi-faceted approach. Through knowledge of body function and examinations in its breakdown, we are able to isolate true causes. Changing lifestyle, nutrition and physical care of the body, real energy becomes possible.

Schedule a time with Dr Marghella today to discuss your energy, fatigue or exhaustion issues in private and free of charge. You just may earn some energy of your own for a change!