3 Tips to Start the New Year Healthy and Fit

starting-lineHow do you turn New Year’s health resolutions into reality?

New Year’s resolutions sound great and are nice to envision, but how many have actually accomplished them? Actually it’s only an 8% success rate. So if you’re really to get healthy and fit, here are 3 tips to making your resolutions a reality.

1. You have to eat, sleep and breathe your resolution

To keep that resolution intact, you need to eat, sleep and breathe it, both figuratively and literally. Figuratively speaking, this would be to have your resolutions written exactly and reviewing them daily. Literally, this means concentrating daily on getting proper nutrition, rest and oxygen too. Breathing helps both oxygenate the body as well as keep it in as relaxed a state as possible.

2. Collaborate with a wellness professional

Top professionals in every field, particularly those where technique and performance are key, require expert coaching and assistance, sometimes from an entire team of professionals as in professional sports – and those are just games! When your body is playing the game of life, losing is not an option. Therefore, it is best to get with a wellness professional to do 3 things: check over your situation and goals, fix anything on-optimum and maintain wellness.

3. Treat common health issues as symptoms traceable to a cause

It is remarkable how many common health concerns, diseases and disorders are actually symptoms of something else. For instance, excess weight or fat tends to be labelled a disease, as in obesity, when in actuality, excess weight is a symptom of body malfunctions ranging from diabetes to overstress. Such “diseases” are better used as a roadmap to find one’s way back to a cause.

Chiropractic can get you back to health and keep you there

Chiropractors are not back doctors, they are wellness doctors who use diagnosis of “symptoms” to trace to actual problems and thereby create and maintain wellness. This is done through keen observance of the nervous system and its relationship to the systems it supplies with “messages” from the brain.

The key thing about chiropractic is not in the treatment, but in the diagnostic. Using the spinal column as a roadmap to the nervous system, chiropractors can trace symptoms to physical causes which are treatable. So it is more important to find out than it is to treat. Hence visiting a chiropractor without treatment in mind is an excellent first step in keeping that resolution.

How do you keep your resolution? Lose the health issues!

Eat, sleep, breathe, collaborate, treat – then repeat. That is the formula for any wellness-related resolution. Getting nutrition, rest and oxygen lay the groundwork. Collaboration with a chiropractor shows up the roadblocks and treatment gets you to the goal.

It’s clear that choosing a wellness-oriented doctor is key. Otherwise you may end up with a label, a pill and a “life sentence” to the issue.

At Ideal Health and Wellness, we specialize in the things preventing you from keeping those resolutions and our diagnostic and treatment techniques help you to keep them, not just until next year, but for life!

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