Hormones are notorious for stressing you out, but what other troubles do they cause you?

While everyone seems to talk about getting “hormonal”, what is really happening? Here are 3 things that can explain their real effects.

Fight or flight when there are no reasons to

Whereas you may not be aware that you have adrenal glands, you may know of one key hormone they produce: adrenaline. This is the fight-or-flight hormone required to give you energy in emergencies. Poor diet and other factors can cause this gland to overproduce adrenaline, causing you to be fighting and flying from danger not even there. Effecting your sleep as well as nerves and muscles, this can put you into a fat production zone and also deteriorate health.

Belly fat and other unsightly stress on the body

If you watch any TV, you have learned from various commercials that “cortisol” causes belly fat. Here is a second hormone produced by the adrenal gland. The common denominator of stress caused by this gland is clearly a factor in overall health and, in this case, fitness.

Can your nerves make you fat and unhealthy?

Absurd, right? Factually, nerves carry vital communication between brain and body. This includes the glandular system and how it uses hormones to promote function. Nerve interference, especially in the are of the spine, interrupts this process and can even cause hormone malfunction resulting in weight gain and retention.

Hormones are key players in your health

As is obvious, hormones play a major role in health and weight gain. The best way to achieve the body you want, in both health and fitness, is to control the hormones so that they are firing properly and doing their jobs. Then, real health and fitness can be achieved.

At Ideal Health and Wellness, we approach this issue head-on using rapid weight-loss technology to help get rid of unwanted fat cells, while addressing dietary, nerve and other health-related issues to get the body in the best shape possible to stay healthy and “weight-free” for a better life overall and on the longer term. In other words, permanently!

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