common cold sneeze

The common cold is so common that “common” is in its name. But there are so not-so-common facts about its remedy you may not know.

During the colder weather seasons, you see high instance of the common cold. It’s probably why they call it common. Perhaps more evident of its existence would be the abundance of “remedies” in the form of over-the-counter cold remedies which merely provide relief from symptoms. They do not address the problem itself and the cold persists until the body handles it on its own. But what if the body could get a head start? Here are 3 ways it can.

1. Boost the immune system

One of the things that is involved, which you may well have heard, is the immune system. This is the system of your body which fights against any ills, diseases and the like. Weakened, the body becomes susceptible to a host of ills, the common cold no exception. There are various ways to supercharge your immune system which include supplementation of vitamins and minerals.

2. Make sleep more important than you think it is

The body has more need for sleep than you probably suspected and the proverbial “burning the candle at both ends” staying up late and getting up early are activities which can lower your resistance to the common cold. Factually lack of sleep has been proven to make a cold more likely. Obviously getting more sleep would help.

3. The nervous system controls it all – or does it?

Perhaps the most important of all is the nervous system. All other body system, including the immune system are reliant upon it’s function. Malfunctioning, however, body systems break down and disease can move in undetected. Interference with the nerves caused by vertebrae displaced by stress or trauma, even minor, is enough to do the trick. Not getting proper or full instruction from the brain, the body is on its own. This is what chiropractic is all about – restoration of nerve flow so all body systems are able to properly function.

Common cold remedies should treat true causes,l not symptoms

Traditional cold remedies treat symptoms, providing temporary relief. To really prevent or lessen the length of the common cold, a trace back to cause is necessary. Then a 1-2-3 handling would be to sleep more, bolster your immune system and get chiropractic care to free up the nerve energy needed.

Get checked out today. Your cold season may just depend on it!