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Good posture is truly the foundation of optimal health as somebody that comes in for a weight loss problem or a weight gain problem. When you find out what those underlying issues are that are causing the weight gain, causing you not to have long-term weight loss, understanding and eliminating these underlying issues is what will finally end the vicious cycle of losing weight and gaining it back.

That’s how you can find the solution to the problem. This is the most important thing you’ll hear in this episode today. Game on Sports Fitness and Health fans for another episode. Of the Sporting Good Posture Podcast, you’re up for Coach Margie’s advice from the sidelines as he helps you crush your game no matter what health or fitness game you play.

Hey, I’m Coach Marella. I’m sporting good posture. What are you sporting? The coach’s door is always open. Let’s join him now. Hey coach, what do you got for us today? Welcome back to another episode of Sporting Good Posture. This is Coach Marella, and today’s episode is How Posture is the key to long-Term Weight Loss.[00:01:00] 

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And that means everything to getting the results you deserve. Call today for a free screening to see if you are a candidate for Lipo Laser and find out just how fast you can. See the results you want. Call 6 1 5 5 6 7 6 6 8 3. Now, so going back to how posture affects weight loss, let me explain a little bit further about what I mean.

The answer is structure equals function. If you think about life, there has to be a certain structure and a certain function that they play in order to work. So for instance, your car. Now, if your car is driving, but something’s misaligned. Then you’ll notice it pulls to the side. You get problems with your tires.

Worse gas mileage, something goes wrong with the transmission, God forbid you got in a car accident. These are things that would throw off the alignment of the car, in turn, affecting the function of driving that car where it wouldn’t do exactly what it was supposed to do because there was interference and obstacles affecting the ability for that car to [00:03:00] drive.

Look at computer for instance. If a computer has everything in position, there’s no viruses, everything is in working order. The battery’s charged. Your computer’s gonna function like it should, but if you took all the pieces out and just laid them on the ground there, you don’t really have a computer anymore.

You just have a mess of all the parts and the wiring that goes into the computer that makes it work. But it wouldn’t work if it wasn’t actually put together and functioning in alignment and in sync like it needs to be so that it works properly. Another good example is your house. Think about a house which is very important to have a good foundation.

And as you build your house, you build the walls, you, you put studs in the walls first, and then you run the wiring through. You run the piping for the sinks and the toilets and the showers close off the walls and make sure the wiring is all connected like it should put the roof on, put the windows and the doors and the floors in the house, and then you have a house.

Now if the foundation is [00:04:00] off in that house, You’re gonna have a problem with the house. It’s gonna sink. It may have issues with the wiring them because there may be settling of the house, you may have cracks in the ceiling. Things like that can affect the function of the house, the structural integrity, and also the electricity that runs through that house is important so that all the things work like they’re supposed to, like your tv, your appliances, washer and dryer, all those kind of things need that electricity to function like it’s supposed to.

Everything in that house needs to work in sync for all the functions of the house to properly work. So the idea is there’s no interference, there’s no obstacles. Everything’s in a certain position, and everything’s working in sync. And that takes us into the importance of maintenance on all those things.

Maintenance on your car where you get oil changes, maybe put gas treatments in the car, things that’ll keep the car running well so that it lasts a long time. Computers, you want to have antivirus software on there. You do the updates throughout all the apps that you have on the computer so that everything [00:05:00] works like it’s supposed to.

And then as far as your house, you also have the heating and air. You wanna make sure that you get that clean twice a year and make sure that you do the things on your house that are necessary for the maintenance that’ll make that house have less problems as far as function and durability. So all these things are important to understand.

What that relates to is your body. When I talk about posture, we always think of, okay, am I sitting up straight in my chair? Really posture goes way further than that, and it really has a large effect on why people can’t lose weight or can’t keep it off after they’ve lost the weight. As far as posture, especially with this past year, a lot of people now are working from home.

You might be working from home. You may have had a desk at work. You may have had a, a nice chair and a nice setup at your office, but you may be at home now working, and you may not have that same setup. You may have to work on the couch, on the bed or dining room table. It may not be as [00:06:00] functional as you had at work, so it’s gonna affect your posture.

Many of us have done that this past year where we’re sitting on the couch, we have the computer in a lap and we’re kind of slumped over, and it may be in that position for hours and hours. Think about what that’s doing to your neck, your back, your muscles, your posture. That will in turn cause issues internally that you may or may not see happening.

And then symptoms that appear because your posture is now out of whack. Let me go through a few examples. First, you have the neck. One of the main things that you’ll see with poor posture is you’ll have neck problems. Kind of your neck will go forward, your head will go forward. You may start noticing that you’re having insomnia or interrupted sleep where you, you can’t go to sleep or can’t stay asleep at night.

You’ll have pain in the neck. You’ll have muscle aches, headaches. All these things actually do affect posture indirectly. There’s actually a nerve in the neck called the vagus nerve. And it comes [00:07:00] from the back of the brainstem, runs down your neck into your lower half of your body, and it affects many organs that that nerve will run through.

For instance, it’ll go through your lungs, your heart, your stomach, and your digestive tract. So if there’s a problem with your posture now, it’s also affecting that vagus nerve, which in turn will affect your breathing, your heart rate, and also your digestion. Or in turn, your metabolism. So now it’s not gonna do the functions that you need necessary, especially for digestion and metabolism, which will then cause you to gain weight.

So no matter what you do, if you’ve lost that weight and you find it again, it’s because you haven’t addressed those underlying issues of the poor posture in your neck. Now going to your midback, most people that I see come in my office complain about stress in between their shoulder blades. That’s one of the main things that they tell me about.

They have that pain between their shoulder blades, tightness in their muscles. They’re also the same people that are dealing with acid reflux gas and [00:08:00] bloating and indigestion. You gotta remember that the nerves in the mid back control all the organs in your torso. So that means your lungs, your heart, your stomach, kidneys, liver, your gallbladder, and your pancreas.

All these organs are involved in some way detoxing your body or digesting your food. And if there’s interference in that middle of your back, all those nerves can get affected to those organs. So if you’re having pain there, interference on those nerves, there’s gonna be less function of those organs in turn, making you lose weight, and then usually gaining it back after you’ve lost that weight.

So it becomes that vicious cycle going to your low back. Now if you have pain, sciatica, dis bulges, also flat feet or collapsed arches, you’re gonna see some problems in your low back. That create issues with your digestive tract and your metabolism. So for instance, constipation, diarrhea, ibs, irritable bowel syndrome are some of the things that I see [00:09:00] when people have problems losing weight.

Also, you’ll affect the hormones because again, those nerves in the lower body are controlling the intestines, bladder, all the hormones in the endocrine system. And if there’s a problem with those organs and functions and those tissues, you’re gonna have problems losing weight because you can’t maintain weight loss if you’re not eliminating the new food that’s coming into your body.

And if you’re not digesting that food, it’s now backing up. It’s gonna cause weight, gain toxicity in your body. It’s gonna make it very difficult to lose weight long term. These are a lot of the issues that I see and why good posture is truly the foundation of optimal health. So a way to really know if your posture’s off, go into a mirror in your house and look at your body.

Look at your head. Look at your shoulders, look at your hips, and see if they’re in alignment. If you notice one shoulder higher than the other, then there’s something going on with your posture. If you notice your head tilts to the right or left, or maybe it’s rotated right or [00:10:00] left, and it doesn’t quite go perfectly down the middle, then you know that there’s something misaligned in there.

If you look and you have one hip higher than the other, if you see them, one is back and one is forward, if you look at your knees and maybe they’re turning in, if your feet are turning in, these are easy ways to notice if there’s a posture problem in your body. As a chiropractor that also does weight loss in his office.

I see these issues all the time with many of the patients that come in. Typically, the problem that most people have is that they’ve been able to lose some weight in the past, but they haven’t been able to keep it off. Sometimes I have people come in where they’re doing everything possible to lose weight.

They’re working out, they’re eating better, and they don’t seem to be getting any results. They’re frustrated and they don’t know why. As a chiropractor, I look at the structural integrity of your spine and your skeletal system because that will directly show me what is interfering internally in your body.

Like the example I mentioned before about there’s an electrical system [00:11:00] in the walls of your house. All the wires run through the walls. There’s a main box where you can go to flip the switches if, if a switch blows. So if you think of your body as like the structure of the house, your brain is like the fuse box, and the wires are now coming out of that fuse box and going to the rest of your body.

So it goes down through your spine, goes to your arms, your hands goes down to your lower body, goes through your legs, into your feet, and everything needs to be in sync, unobstructed, and no interference to allow your body to work properly. As a chiropractor, the majority of what I do is diagnostic in the way that we figure out how the poor posture is infecting your organs and your nerves that run through your body.

As somebody that comes in for a weight loss problem or a weight gain problem, when you find out what those underlying issues are that are causing the weight gain, causing you not to have long-term weight loss. Understanding and eliminating these underlying [00:12:00] issues is what will finally end the vicious cycle of losing weight and gaining it back.

That’s how you can find the solution to the problem. Let me say that again cuz this is the most important thing you’ll hear in this episode today. Understanding and eliminating these underlying issues for your health is what will finally end the vicious cycle of the weight loss, weight gain, constant battle that you’re dealing with.

So when someone comes in my office for a consultation about weight loss, we have our lipo laser program, that’s l e d light, that helps open up fat cells, chiro thin. It’s a specific weight loss program that helps people lose 20 to 30 pounds in four to six weeks. And on top of that, if there’s underlying health issues, it’s very important to get those checked out.

So if you’ve noticed in the mirror that you have some posture imbalances, if you notice some pain, or even just some symptoms like horse sleep, indigestion, constipation, tiredness, toxicity, these are things that can actually [00:13:00] be corrected through better posture. So what do you do from here? If you’re struggling with weight loss and you’ve tried everything you can and you’re kind of stuck at this point, spring break is just around the corner, summer’s coming up.

This is the time that you can really figure out what’s going on, lose the weight and inches you wanna lose, and then have a more permanent result that you’re looking for again, instead of that vicious cycle that we talked about earlier. So your next step is contact me. Call my office at (615) 567-6683, and set up a consultation with me.

Mention this episode and I’ll comp my time to help you figure out a more long-term weight loss solution. I will identify the actual cause of your health problems and give you a detailed plan of what you can do to fix ’em. We’ll come up with a game plan that suits your needs and allows you to be successful in those areas of weight loss.

I look forward to [00:14:00] helping you this year accomplish your goals and truly get to ideal health. Remember, the coach’s door is always open. This is Coach Marella. I’m sporting good posture and long-term weight loss. How about you? The Sporting Good Posture Podcast is a broadcast wellness production powered by Ideal Health Wellness Center, all content copyright 2020, all rights reserved.

Executive producer Frank Ardella. Dr. Marella appears courtesy of Ideal Health Wellness Center in Franklin. For more information, visit sporty good and follow coach on Instagram at Sporting Good Posture now. Now Biff. Now I never noticed that uh, the car had any. Blind spot before when I would drive it.

Hi son. But what are you blind with flying? It’s there. How else do you explain that wreck out there?