HEALTH CHALLENGE: Make This the Summer of You!



Health Challenge: Make This The Summer Of You 

[00:00:00] Hey, fitness and health fans, coach Frank here today. I’m gonna talk to you about the best summer ever or for those Seinfeld fans out there. The summer of George. This past year has been a rollercoaster ride for everyone, but are you going to spend the rest of the summer doing what you’ve done the past 18 months, or are you going to go out this summer and make up for lost time?

[00:00:18] The choice is yours. I challenge you to have your best summer ever. So get in the game because I’m gonna tell you how you can do that and. Right after this, let’s do this game on sports, fitness and health fans with another episode of The Sporting Good Posture Digital Radio Experience. Gear up for Coach Frank’s advice from the sidelines as he helps you crush your game no matter what sports, health or fitness game you play.

[00:00:43] Hey, this is Coach Frank. I’m sporting good posture. What are you sporting? Hey coach, what do you got for us today? Welcome back to another episode of Sporting Good Posture. This is Coach Frank. Today I want to challenge you to have the best summer ever. [00:01:00] So I want to ask you something. What is the biggest factor in you having the best summer ever?

[00:01:06] What is the number one thing that would hold you back? Ponder that thought. And I’m going to get into that here in a moment, right after this short message. Where do you carry your stress? Whether you carry it in your shoulders, hold it in your neck, or feel it in your back. It’s usually not chronic, but it’s always annoying.

[00:01:23] Caring, stress isn’t normal at all, but how can you know for sure how the stress you carry can be hindering you? The answer is the advanced postural impact screening at Ideal Health and Wellness Center. Chiropractic studies have revealed that posture is more than just how straight you stand it. Final and skeletal support of every body function.

[00:01:41] Poor posture reveals trouble areas in your basic structure interfering with body function, leading to pain, discomfort, tension, sleep, trouble, and even digestive issues and allergies. There isn’t a body function that isn’t potentially at risk. Dr. Marella conducts the advanced postural impact screening to trace back postural issues to their origins, which [00:02:00] often have been accumulating over your entire life.

[00:02:02] To find the real reasons things haven’t been working their best. And that means everything when you’re trying to reach your ideal performance. See where the sources of the stress you carry, lie and find out what you yourself can do about them. Call Ideal Health and Wellness Center at 6 1 5 5 6 7 6 6 8 3.

[00:02:17] Now the number one factor in you having your best summer. Is your health. Without your health, you can’t enjoy the summer. You can’t enjoy the winter. You can’t enjoy anything. So if you don’t have your health, life just isn’t as enjoyable. And think about when you probably had your best summer ever. It was probably when you were a kid.

[00:02:39] I know that. That’s when I had my best summer Ever think about why that would be? Why would your best summer ever be when you were. Think about your health at that point. Think about your mental health and your physical health. When you’re a kid, you’re in your best health. You have no responsibilities and everything’s new to you.

[00:02:59] I took [00:03:00] my youngest daughter out to the school the other day. We lived right across the street from a school. I wanted to take her out there and just play on the playground and have some fun, and I just started watching what she was doing. She went off on her. She went and picked flowers without a care in the world.

[00:03:17] She was chasing butterflies, climbing on the swings, pretended she was the captain of a pirate ship when she was on the jungle gym. She was having the best time and it was really cool to watch as her dad. Summer unofficially starts on Memorial Day and ends at labor. And this is the time of year where you need to have fun, where you need to really do things outdoors.

[00:03:42] Enjoy your time in the sun, enjoy your time with your family. Enjoy your time where you may have some time off of work and your kids have off of school. I know for me and my family, we’ve spent the summer doing many things. For my kids. They’ve already been in sports camps, like softball camp, soccer camp.

[00:03:59] They’ve [00:04:00] taken swimming lessons. They’ve even gone to a baking camp, and when they haven’t been doing that, we’ve been going out on my father-in-law’s boat. We go to my mother-in-law’s house and go to her pool for me. Any chance I get, I go outside and play with the kids. I’ve still been working out a lot and I’ve been swimming whenever I can.

[00:04:20] I’ve always tried to stay a kid at. And I do things like I was a little kid, and I really try to enjoy the little things that we take for granted. Now. One thing that’s really cool growing up is I never saw any new construction because all the neighborhoods in New York were already built. There was really no new houses.

[00:04:38] There was no new buildings. Everything was already in place, and people just kind of moved in and outta houses and buildings. Whereas down here in Tennessee, everybody’s moving here, so they’re buying up farmland and building many new neighborhood. Including in our own neighborhood. We’ve seen a lot of these houses go up and I’ve been able to take my kids inside of houses and [00:05:00] just walk around and areas where they’re still doing construction, exploring these houses, exploring new neighborhoods, and it’s just something fun that I didn’t do as a kid that now I get to do because it’s available to me and I figured why not take advantage and learn something new?

[00:05:16] Something else that’s cool is in Nolansville where I. They set up three firework stands within a mile of my house a couple weeks before the 4th of July. Now, growing up in New York, Fireworks were illegal and you had to know somebody or have some special connections to get some fireworks. In Tennessee, they just sell ’em right down the street, which is really cool to me.

[00:05:37] So I like to go down there and buy fireworks and shoot ’em off like we’ve already set off some fireworks this week because I just thought it was something fun to do and the kids loved it. And it was something as a kid that I didn’t really get. And speaking of fireworks, fireflies remind me of fireworks as well, and we’ve been chasing fireflies and catching them and just having fun at night, seeing all the fireflies light up, [00:06:00] seeing the stars at night, and just enjoying being outdoors.

[00:06:05] It really is a great time that you can have with your kids. And also you can be a kid yourself, but again, all this isn’t possible if you don’t have your health. I’ve talked about my grandmother before who lived to be a hundred and. And the best thing she told me was everything in moderation and always keep your legs moving was the key to good health.

[00:06:26] And she always said, if you have your health, you’re rich. When I was younger, I didn’t really understand this that much, but now as I’ve gotten older, I do believe in that. And as a chiropractor and a health practitioner and a weight loss consultant, I know how important it is to keep your. And with Independence Day approaching as we celebrate our country’s freedom, I want you to focus on gaining your independence from your health issues.

[00:06:51] Good health gives you the freedom to live your life and do the things that you want to do. It frees you from taking medications, from missing [00:07:00] work, from missing parties, from having to skip that workout or that golf outing, or a walk around the block with your kids because your knees are hurting or your back hurts.

[00:07:10] With 4th of July, just around the corner. This is the one time a year where I see more people looking up than down. And what I mean by that is that most people when they walk around or they’re sitting around, they’re staring down at their phones. I see it everywhere I go, whether it’s a restaurant, whether it’s the mall, I even see it in my own clinic.

[00:07:29] But on the 4th of July, that’s when I see people actually looking. I see them looking at the fireworks in delight, and you can see in their eyes they feel like a kid again. So this 4th of July, I want you to really take that moment in. Be in the moment, no distractions, no phones. Be a kid again, and enjoy the simple things in life with no distractions.

[00:07:52] And if you’re needing any help gaining independence from some of your health issues, or if you have any questions for me, I’m always happy to get them [00:08:00] answered and help you sport good posture. Any way I can follow Ndm me on Instagram at Sporting Good Posture or PM me on Facebook at Ideal Health and Wellness Center.

[00:08:11] Tell me what’s going on and I’ll tell you what I think. Remember, the coach’s door is always open. This is coach. I’m sporting good posture and having the best summer. How about you? The Sporting Good Posture Podcast is a broadcast wellness production powered by Ideal Health Wellness Center, all content copyright 2021, all rights reserved.

[00:08:34] Executive producer Frank Sardella, coach Frank appears courtesy of Ideal Health Wellness Center in Franklin. For more information, visit sporting good and follow Coach on Instagram at Sporting Good Posture. I’m really gonna do something with these three months. This is gonna be my time. Taste the fruits and let the juices drip down my chin.

[00:08:54] I proclaimed this the summer of George.[00:09:00]