Body Builder Champ at 37, Secrets of Better Bodies

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Dr Frank: Hey, fitness and health fans, coach Frankie, I got a great guest on today. He’s big into bodybuilding, a champion now he’s won competitions, but more importantly, he’s here to help you get your body under control and get you to where you want to be and really give some good advice. He also gave me some great advice to learn how to do things that I was able to kind of overcome some of the things that were holding me back, getting my body in the right position to get where I want to be.

Dr Frank: So my guess and I are gonna show you how you. This to your journey towards better health and how you can overcome your cravings and your mindset to be able to get to the point where you want to be with your health. And I’m gonna bring all that to you and more right after this. Let’s do this game 

Judah: on sports, fitness and health fans with another episode of the Sporting Good Posture Digital Radio experience.

Judah: Gear up for Coach Frank’s advice from the sidelines as he helps you crush your game no matter what sports, health or fitness game you play. 

Dr Frank: Hey, this is Coach Frank. I’m sporting good posture. What are you sporting? 

Judah: Hey coach, what [00:01:00] do you got for us today? 

Dr Frank: Welcome back to another episode of Sporting Good Posture.

Dr Frank: Coach Frank here, and man, this guest that I have on today, we’ve had him on a few years ago, and since then he’s really done so many new things. I’ve been able to work with him. I’ve been able to watch him go through his journey towards better health, and we’re gonna talk today about. Different training techniques, better ways to get sleep, posture, exercise, diet.

Dr Frank: We’re gonna talk about a lot of different things. So I hope you’re ready for a really killer episode because this is gonna apply to you whether you’re a bodybuilder or whether you’re just trying to walk up and down the street with your kids. This is for you, and we’re gonna get to that. Right after this message, where 

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Dr Frank: Now my guest today is a 37 year old holistic wellness and lifestyle coach. He’s originally from Birmingham, Alabama, but has been a resident of Nashville since 2003. He’s the youngest of nine kids and loves anything dealing with the human body and its performance.

Dr Frank: As a personal trainer for 17 years, he has worked with hundreds of clients ranging in age from. Five years old to 86. His career focus took a turn towards the holistic lifestyle in 2018 due to multiple injuries and medical conditions. Now, his mission is to bring awareness to alternative treatments to help the body reach its full potential.

Dr Frank: His hobbies include every sport or style of fitness. With his main passion being natural body building, he has competed in nine shows since 2011, 4 of which were all natural competition. And his motto for life is When your body can trust you, you can trust your body, also known as Juda, please. While welcome to Sporting Good Posture, ju.

Dr Frank: Welcome to the show, Judah. 

Judah: What’s going on? And you gotta address me by my new alter ego, Judah Lion.

Dr Frank: That’s awesome, 

Judah: man. Thank you so much for bringing me back on . I mean this, I love your podcast and I mean, I actually got it downloaded in my, uh, Spotify account, so thank you. I’m one of your monthly listeners, so, so I’m a you’ve got 

Dr Frank: some good guests lately, man, like I know you to get more athletes on. I love.

Dr Frank: You know, we’ve been friends a while and, and you’ve been friends with my wife and my sister-in-law with, when you train them over down the road here, and you’ve been involved just with, with sports and body building for so many years, but really the last three or four years, you’ve gotten more into the holistic side of it.

Dr Frank: So for the, for the listeners out there, we had interviewed Judah a couple years ago and since then he is even expanded more about what he’s doing with his training and how he’s training people, but also training his own body. I wanted you to talk a little bit more how you got into that holistic side and some of the things you’ve been doing in the last few years.

Dr Frank: Now, 

Judah: I call it my spiritual journey, and so that took the, the focus off of. The weight loss part of it. This was more for me to kind of just shake things up in my own life because, you know, the first time I was on here when Covid hit personal training, took a nose dive. And I know there’s a lot of trainers out there who, you know, really hit that wall because when you close gyms and you can’t see people face to face, I mean, it takes a toll on you.

Judah: So me being. The person that I am, I, I always find a way to just, you know, make, get myself back to a place where I can be successful. I had to come up with a way to understand how can we go through a time such as this. But also stay on top of our overall health and you know, just overall wellness and mental health being one of those at the top.

Judah: So three years ago I had a car rag, which kind of threw my body out of alignment and I started to feel effects of it. Yeah. As well as, you know, feeling like I have to work harder for personal training and no clients are coming, and all these things just kind of wrapped into this big stress ball for me and.

Judah: The company I used to work for, they own a ranch and they do all their, um, products up there. And we went up there for a week. And when I tell you man, it, it literally just took me away. Just being up in the fresh air, everything organic, and just focusing on everything holistic. Literally changed my mindset in one week and some of the things that, one of the, the chiropractor that was there on the, um, the site just told me, Hey, you got a lot of mucus, stop drinking cold water.

Judah: And I’m like, what? That’s interesting. He talked about the inflammation and all these things. Yeah. And so I stopped drinking cold water. And what do you know, we live in Tennessee and you know the allergies in Tennessee. 

Dr Frank: Yeah. They’re bad. 

Judah: I stopped drinking cold water and it went away. Wow. And I’m thinking to myself, okay, if I can just do something as simple like that, which is free of.

[Judah: Yeah, what other things can I develop to help me, you know, gain my competitive advantage as well as give me the confidence to kind of now step back into that, that realm of helping people. So that’s kind of where the holistic side came from as I found out, you know, what, multiple medical conditions I have, you know, family history of diabetes and heart.

Judah: Yeah, I start to see some of the effects because right now I’m sitting here at 175. At the time when you can’t work out, can’t go to the gym and you can’t do all these things, you will gain weight quickly. Yeah. So I’m only five, five and a half. I was up to 230. Oh wow. And when you start to, you know, tiptoe on that line of your body struggling to carry.

Judah: That’s when all the elements started to kind of surface a little bit. So I started to feel chronic fatigue. I started to feel just joint issues, you know, all that kind of stuff. And then, you know, just with that holistic, that that one holistic tip of just not drinking cold water. Changed everything and I saw my mind clear up.

Judah: So now I have dedicated myself over the last three years to finding every single little ice bath, vibration play, foam rolling cupping, dry needling, like you. I’ve done it, and I would love to share some of this stuff. All of my clients and anyone who is not even in the Nashville area, because that’s the cool thing about this style of training and business is it’s a mental thing.

Judah: It’s more than going into the gym. It’s more than a workout. It’s more of getting your mindset in a place where you’re confident to make the necessary changes in your life. Confident to actually go to the gym. You’re confident to say that I can go to this party and not eat this pizza . You know what I mean?

Judah: Yeah. And it’s, you know, it is been wonderful and you can, you can speak to this because you know a couple little things that we’ve done, you’ve seen. A result really, really quickly. So 

Dr Frank: yeah, when I had done some of the things, I lost about eight pounds. And, but in the process of that, I’ve also kept it off because not only did I lose some weight in inches by just doing that, my joints have felt better, my energy levels have been better.

Dr Frank: I’m not as bloated. I feel like my clothes are fitting better. I just haven’t felt the joint tight. Also, it’s kind of shrunk my stomach and it’s helped with a lot of my cravings. The cravings I, I was having cuz man, I grew up Italian. We grew up with pasta and pizza and bagels and Italian bread. I mean, it’s been my life for, you know, since I was like five or six years old.

Dr Frank: And to break that habit, it’s been hard and it, and it’s really helped me cut down on that because I’m not having those cravings as much. And then when I’m eating things now, If it was on my plate, I’d be like, all right, I gotta finish this. Well, now I’ve been like, all right, I’m full now. I’ll save this for later.

Dr Frank: Especially if you go out to eat right away, you should just pack up half that food. Yeah. Because they already give you too much. So anyway, I would, I would eat it most of the time, but now I’m like, I don’t want to eat that now. I got a meal for later. So I’m not having the cravings and I’m not overeating like I was, which are two big things that I think stop a lot of people from losing weight and keeping it off.

Dr Frank: So that I want to thank you for introducing me that. Losing 

Judah: weight is the hardest thing that someone could possibly do. 

Dr Frank: Yeah, I agree 

Judah: with that. We put so much crap in our bodies and you gotta look at it like our bodies are almost a sewage system. If you throw couches and you know, trash into the sewer system, it’ll block the way that the city infiltrates its water system.

Judah: Yep. But give it a couple days and allow it to cleanse itself out. And next thing you know, everything in the body is clicking on the right. Your thought process is so much clearer it. Your digestion is a one, and now when your body’s at that reset, now we can go in and go, all right, let’s talk about what you should eat for breakfast.

Judah: Let’s talk about even if you need to eat breakfast. I’m that type of person where, and you’re probably the same way. You don’t take advice from people who you can’t 

Dr Frank: see. Yeah. You know, and yeah, I gotta know and trust them. Yeah, 

Judah: you come on, man. Like don’t gimme advice if you aren’t using the advice or you haven’t used it and I can’t see a return from it.

Judah: Yeah. So I’m that kind of guy where I want to make sure that I’m able to do these things so that I can properly coach you through them and give you an understanding of, hey, this is where we start and this is how we grow together. 

Dr Frank: Well, and the same thing with me, you know, over the. Anytime I tell a patient to do something in my office, it’s something I’ve already done.

Dr Frank: Yeah. Whether it’s wearing orthotics, doing K laser treatments for whatever body part is, is injured, doing lipo laser doing, we have a ChiroThin weight loss program getting adjusted. I do these things, not only because I want to keep myself healthy, but also so I can give better advice to my patients. Hey, I’ve done this, this is the results you can expect.

Dr Frank: And I can look somebody in the eye and they’ll know, hey, like this guy means it because he’s actually done it. So I, I know what you’re talking about and I know you do the same thing with, with, with your clients too. 

Judah: And I love what you just said, that, that was amazing. If I don’t 

Dr Frank: stay in shape, I can’t be a chiropractor.

Dr Frank: It’s a very physical. It’s also mentally, you know, I have to be able to make quick decisions, give people good advice, and I gotta keep my head in the game regardless of what’s happening at home. Mm-hmm. with my kids or whatever. I gotta be okay. I’m here for you and I’m here to serve you while I’m in this office for the next 10 hours.

Judah: Imagine you get that defiant client who goes Juda, you can’t do it. Why would you tell me to do it? And here you are because you’ve already had, what, 10 sessions today? You’re fatigued. You haven’t had time to. , and now you’re over here trying to prove a client wrong. Yep. Which the fact that you neglected yourself, you now can’t properly perform the, the service that you’re trying to teach them to adopt

Judah: Right. So it, it is counterproductive. So at some point, where do you stop, reevaluate. And then start really coming up with an idea and understanding how to really reach the clients. And the only way that we can reach the clients is being who we say we are and doing the things that we are telling them to do.

Judah: So that’s kind of another reason why, you know, this approach for me was so critical because it has now opened me up to saying, Hey, you know what, Judy? This is pretty hard and this, this single mom has three kids and she works two jobs. Like she can’t see you at the gym. How can you help her? I 

Dr Frank: think almost the pandemic helped with that because you can do now a lot of coaching through Zoom and you can really just be a part of them even if you’re not right next to them.

Dr Frank: You’ve done the natural body building competitions really to prove. You can do what you do and and look amazing on stage and do it without drugs and without illegal substances. And that’s what I admire too, is that you’re doing those competitions specifically for yourself so you can train others how to do it on their own too.

Judah: The holistic lifestyle is my 

Dr Frank: steroids. I like that because 

Judah: that’s all anabolic steroids do is they maximize your recovery. 

Dr Frank: That’s true, but, and you had another saying that you were just telling me earlier. What was the other saying you were telling me about trusting 

Judah: if, if your body trusts you, you can trust your body.

Judah: If you, if you cutting corners, if you are not doing what you need to do, no one else sees it. But guess who sees it though? Your body. Body, you can lie to everybody else. You can lie to me as your. But all I gotta do is look at the, the stats. If we’re keeping accurate stats, the goal is two pounds a week.

Judah: That’s, and you say you wanna lose 30 pounds, it’s gonna take you 15 weeks. That’s math. It takes 3,500 calories to burn one 

Dr Frank: pound. And that’s a reasonable expectation too. I think people think that they’re gonna do this in a very short time, and there’s ways to do that, but it’s not always a healthy way.

Dr Frank: No. And it’s not always gonna stay off that way either. So doing it right and maybe taking a little bit longer is better than just, you know, doing a half ass job and just trying to speed through it. 

Judah: Absolutely. And you know, the goal over. That course of time. Cause I usually do 30 days at a time. Yeah, over that course of 30 days.

Judah: It’s to retool your brain and retool just actually to. Undo all the bad information that you’ve, you know, accumulated over the years. Everybody has their own. Well, this guy told me if I ate, you know, cardboard for two days, uh, you know, it’s, it’s something always crazy. You heard it all, man. And I’m, my number one question to them is, have you done it right?

Judah: Did it 

Dr Frank: work for 

Judah: you? Did it work? Yeah. Because if it worked for you, no one can tell you different. Yeah. Know thy self. Like, I think, I truly believe that’s the number one thing we were put here on this earth for, is to know ourself. And if you don’t know how to operate this body, it’s just like not knowing how to operate a car.

Judah: It could be deadly. 

Dr Frank: And you know, you were talking really. The gym is just a small part of the, that’s 

Judah: Disney World. Can you 

Dr Frank: go into, yeah, go into that. What you’re saying. Cause you made a really good point about that, and I think people have it completely opposite. 

Judah: The gym is only 10% of the total pie when it comes down to being fit, as we call it.

Judah: The gym is a tool, right, that allows you to break down muscle fiber and build it back up through your nutrition and your recovery effort. So [00:18:00] think about this. If the gym is only 10%, because truth, you don’t burn calories in the gym. You give your body the ability after the gym to burn more calories. See, I think that’s where people, that’s the misconception.

Judah: I love that if I go stand on this stair climber, I’m gonna burn these calories. Like, okay. If that was the case, you would see so much body fat laying next to the stair climber, . Yeah. You know? Very good. It doesn’t. I mean, you still look the same when you get off. Because if, if I can get on a stair climber and just go and lose weight every day, man, it should be a line at the stair climber.

Dr Frank: That’s Well, yeah, and you’re right. It’s maximizing your body’s ability to be able to do those 

Judah: things. There you go. You’re teaching. You’re teaching your body that, Hey, we are going to burn calories today. What you need to do is the calories that I put in, you let ’em go. Because that’s what we’ve, we’ve trained our bodies over the years to hold on to energy because we don’t put out enough effort.

Judah: When I see a person overweight, I look at a smart body. Yeah. Because that means that body has now gone. Okay. We can’t trust him to take care of me, so I’m going to, whenever he puts food in me, I’m just gonna hold onto it because I don’t know the next time he is gonna to. That’s a good communication is everything , mind, body connection.

Judah: When I communicate to my body, Hey, I’m gonna put this food in, but we’re going to the gym here in an hour and I’m gonna do a really hard workout. So I want you to use what I put in you right now to help me break down more muscles, fiber, and then when I get home, I’m going to, I’m gonna replenish that account and then I want you to use that to build the.

Judah: When my body is so occupied on doing what I’m telling you to do, when does it ever store fat? 

Dr Frank: That’s the beauty of it too. And, and you, you know, doing these competitions and you also experimenting on your own body has really got you tuned in on, on exactly what to do. Now, while you were training for your competition, you had been coming in and doing lipo laser.

Dr Frank: I wanted to ask you about your experience with that and now what you’re seeing after the fact with your body, uh, especially like with your waist. 

Judah: What people don’t understand about red light therapy is it rejuvenates the muscle. Wow. So by having red light therapy that close to my abs, one of my biggest problems were when I was training abs is I would get crazy cramps in my abs.

Judah: And what I found out was while I was doing that laser lippo, it was also recovering my. So now they came back actually thicker and stronger now, 

Dr Frank: and I knew they, there was healing abilities of that lip bulb laser because of the red light therapy. But now you’re living proof that it’s actually, that’s what it was doing.

Dr Frank: Everything’s 

Judah: about recovery. Yeah. Everything that we do is about learn how to feel good. The t i Toxic feeling, anything that’s gonna take you away from that feeling, that’s where your cravings have subsided because you. That Like right now, I man you talking about somebody every weekend that had a Papa John’s pizza, that was me.

Judah: Yeah. But now when I see a pizza, like, especially cuz I watch tons of YouTube, I mean, I’m a wealth of, you know, sometimes useless knowledge, and every ad that comes on YouTube is like a pizza or some type of food. Mm-hmm. . And now as I look at that, I’m. The first thing that I think about is how am I gonna feel after I eat them?

Judah: I know what feeling good feels like, and I don’t want to jeopardize that. So that actually keeps me motivated to maintaining that feel good, you know, idea. So that’s where the cravings, that’s, that’s why we broke the cravings, because now I’ve taught you, hey, yeah, it feels good to eat that pizza. Yeah, you released those endorphins.

Judah: But once those endorphins have subsided and now you’re in the bathroom for an. 

Dr Frank: You regret it immediately, and that’s really where it’s at. If you can control those cravings and you can start knowing what good feels like, you don’t want to feel bad anymore, and you’ll do anything you can to stay out of that toxic mode because it’s so hard to get out of it again that you just don’t want to go there.

Judah: All right, so I think we should go ahead and just talk about the elephant in the room. Yes, sir. I consider it a cuss word. Where are you mentally on sugar? Now 

Dr Frank: I know how bad sugar is, especially like just cane sugar. It’s, it’s in everything. It’s an additive. Like we were talking about ketchup before, just things you don’t even think about.

Dr Frank: There’s a ton of sugar in it. Sugar now makes me feel horrible. , 

Judah: I don’t even, that’s what I wanted to hear, 

Dr Frank: hear like, so my wife, her birthday was last week and my daughter made a cake and I had. Like this tiny little sliver of cake, and I’m like, that’s good. Years ago, I would just eat a bunch of that and I would feel terrible afterwards.

Dr Frank: But you’re right, sugar, sugar is the number one thing that’s causing people to be unhealthy and the leading cause of heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, cholesterol, Alzheimer’s too. And I, and it’s unfortunate, I’m seeing this now, my mom is, is in her seventies. and I’m seeing how diet has played a role in unfortunately having her to see her go through some dimension now.

Dr Frank: Yeah. And I, I, I fear it’s just gonna get worse, but a lot of it’s fueled because of not eating right for the years before that. Cuz intestinal health has so much to do with mental health. Absolutely. Your intestines are toxic. It’s, there’s a direct link between intestines in your brain. You have a higher incidence of Alzheimer’s, dementia, sleep.

Dr Frank: If you’re not getting enough sleep, when you sleep, your body basically cleanses out the toxins you’ve used. Your body’s a machine you gotta get rid of the toxins you use as fuel from the day. So the fat you’ve burned, the carbs you’ve burned, it’s gotta go somewhere. If you’re not getting enough sleep, that’s the time it cleanses it.

Dr Frank: Absolutely. Those two things for mental health are huge. So cut down on the sugar and get better sleep and you’re gonna start seeing. Just so much better health overall. 

Judah: So that’s, that’s what it boils down to. It’s the routine and that’s where I come in. Yes, you can go through all these things and you can see what works and what doesn’t work, but at the end of the day, you still have questions about how do I implement this into my daily life?

Judah: See, that’s where the lifestyle part of my coaching comes in. Yeah, I’m a holistic and wellness coach, but it’s a lifestyle. It’s teaching my body that on a daily basis. Here are a couple things that will keep me progressive, keep me being as efficient as I need to be. And like you just said, sleep is when I tell you it’s at the top of the Yeah.

Judah: Sleep, water, 

Dr Frank: and sleep. Sleep. That’s. 

Judah: Water at the top because when we find water in the universe, that means there’s a sign of life, , , water, and then sleep where no one ever goes to sleep at night and not plug their phone in. That’s right. Why do we not like sleep is the equivalent to plugging our bodies in.

Judah: but once again, it’s like having an old adapter . You know, if, if, if your body is not already doing what it needs to do, if it’s already struggling while you’re awake, it’s probably gonna struggle while you are asleep. So therefore your sleep doesn’t actually give you what you need and you still wake up.

Dr Frank: Which is the case for many people. Yeah.

Judah: Um, so, so yeah. People are just in the vortex of bad habits that need some type of guidance, and that’s where I come in and say, Hey, this worked for you. Okay, let’s make this a thing. Okay, this works. Let’s make it a thing. And we just, you just need accountability and that’s what I’m there for, to make sure that you’re staying accountable to what you understand to be.

Dr Frank: That leads me into what we’ve been talking about this year now is Jude and I are gonna be working a lot more hand in hand with, with the things that we’re doing with his, his clients and my patients, and really trying to hone in on what is gonna help you personally in your, in your quest, whether it’s losing weight, building muscle, whatever your goals are, but also doing it the right way and having the right mindset.

Dr Frank: And that’s something that, that both Jude and I are gonna be helping you with. 

Judah: That word man mindset. 

Dr Frank: If you can’t control your cravings, if you can’t control your portions, if you’re not getting good sleep, if you’re not in some of these good routines, no matter what you do, and, and, and if you try to overcome it with the gym, you can’t outpace a bad lifestyle.

Dr Frank: You can’t. I’ve, I’ve tried it and you know what, I’ve done some things in the past where I made the gym the top of my list, and it, and it works for a lot of, But it didn’t get me over the hump because I also didn’t incorporate some of the other things that we’ve been talking about today. So that’s one thing.

Dr Frank: Me and Jude are gonna be working together just for me personally, but also, um, for the, he’s gonna be doing shows, natural body building shows later this year again. And we’re also gonna be doing a big challenge come November, which we’ll, we’ll talk about more in a future podcast. But we’re gonna be doing a lot of things together to really help his clients and my patients get the best and, and get the most out of their, their bodies.

Dr Frank: And really, like you said, it starts with changing the mindset. 

Judah: And now that I look the way that I look, I had to remember that I see myself as the truth. Yeah, 

Dr Frank: you’ve been, well, you’ve been on both sides of it now. Absolutely. You can speak from experience and you have the the photos to prove it. You have the progress to prove it, and you’ve had the time basically in the lab over the last number of years, even before the last few years, but like the last 20 or so years of all the things you’ve done, you know what to do now and what not to do, and you can sit there and really help people hone in on how they can get the most 

Judah: outta their body.

Judah: If you look at me, Obviously something I’m doing is working. 

Dr Frank: We’ve posted some pictures on my Instagram. Uh, if you follow me, ideal Health and Wellness Center, you’ll see some of the pictures of him doing the lip a laser in the office. Me standing with him, I mean, Judas a specimen man, like he’s put the time in and I gotta tell you and see some of his pictures when he gets to the shows.

Dr Frank: And then he is got another show coming up, I think he said in December. Yeah. And man, he knows how to do the right thing for his body to prep and be ready for these. . You know, 

Judah: every time you think of body building, you think of these body building diets, right? Where you’re eating six meals a day, you’re overtaxing protein and all these things.

Judah: Yeah. And what I’ve learned is those things also have negative consequences that come along with them. And the one thing that I was hitting was like a down slope depression. Yeah. Because what you do is you build yourself up into this person that is a bodybuilder. Yep. But what do you do after the show

Judah: You know? And that’s, that’s what a lot of people don’t think about before they start. So when I started in January on this, I told myself I wanted to do this as intuitively as possible. Meaning I wanted to just listen to my body. I wanted my body to tell me what it. To do, and you know, like I said, I started in January and my first show in June, on June13th, I placed first in my middleweight division.

Judah: That was impressive. First of all, when they called my name for first, I didn’t . It was I, I didn’t plan for that, but it was just a testament to how powerful our minds can be when your body trust. What you’re about to see over the next couple years is Juda doing all kinds of, you know, weird physical feats because I want to test out, these bodies are amazing, man.

Judah: This is God’s greatest gift that he’s ever given us, and shame on us for not being able to, you know, utilize it and enjoy it for the time that 

Dr Frank: he gives. Yeah, I wanna maximize the life that we have. I want to help people get the most out of whatever it is they want to do, whether they’re a bodybuilder or whether they’re just trying to go hiking, you know, with their kids.

Dr Frank: Like whatever it is, I just want people to be able to live their best life, and that’s why I enjoy working with you and, and picking your brain with this stuff and watching you. Experiment with your own body on how to make this 

Judah: possible. That’s the reason that I kinda, I took on this new persona is because to start off a new lifestyle, you have to change your mindset, and in my mind, I had to leave the old me behind.

Judah: And I had to adopt the new practices of Juda. And that’s what social media gets. Dr. Frank, you can still get Julan though. You know me And you can sit around and we can, we can chop it up and we can have fun and you know, but Judaline is a person dedicated to helping others realize their. Without all the harsh realities of some of the stuff that can go on.

Judah: Meaning if I wanna lose his weight, I have to go on this crash diet and take all these pills, or go get surgery to do it, and you neglect what all that comes with, that kind of stuff. Not only is this practical, but it’s financially feasible and I, I’m. I’m that guy who, I look at the risk versus the reward on everything.

Judah: Imagine when you’re not really risking anything, it’s even, and you’re getting a huge reward from it. So yes. Is Judah, j u d a h, underscore lions, that’s l i o. I d a s. It’s like I, I, I got that from King Leon of the 300. I was just gonna 

Dr Frank: say, man, I love that movie. 

Judah: Yeah. I don’t wanna be a person who just sits there and tells people what to do.

Judah: One thing that I admire about King Leon of the 300 was when he went into the battle of the monopoly against those a hundred thousand Persians. He was at the front. He was leading it. That’s right. And he looked the most impress. He did. So that’s kind of the persona that I wanna take into this holistic lifestyle where I’m gonna lead from the front by doing everything that I can do and so I can show people the progress.

Judah: So it gives them enough motivation, reach out to me on Instagram, Facebook, I made a deal with God that I was gonna give it a hundred percent this year on body building. And everything that I’ve done thus far that it, you know, God has truly allowed me. Due has helped me in so many 

Dr Frank: different ways. You talk the talk, but you walk the walk and that that’s the people I want to be around.

Dr Frank: So I look forward to working with you more this year and in the future. And then I know you got that, that I think it’s December, 

Judah: right? Is Oh yeah. It’s the big boy 

Dr Frank: man. It’s, we’ll be doing more lipo laser with you. We’ll be getting you ready for that. We’ll be tracking your progress and uh, we’ll do another episode here in about a month or so to kind of update on, on everything.

Dr Frank: And then going into to, to November what we’re gonna be. Uh, even more so to get people on the right track before the holidays hit. 

Judah: Awesome, man. I, I’m, I’m so looking forward to it because this is usually the time that a lot of people are starting to kinda wind down and I don’t, I, I want people that’s, that are listening to this, that are football fans.

Judah: Football season just started. Yep. What is the most important quarter of the football game? Fourth quarter. We are now in the fourth quarter of the. That’s a good point. You, you could have stunk up the whole game, the first three quarters of the game. You could have stunk it up. But this is an opportunity right now in the fourth quarter to truly get yourself back on the horse.

Judah: Truly get your mind back focused on what it is that your heart truly wants. And I don’t care who it is, if they’re listening to this podcast, they feel the same way that a lot of people are feeling, they want answers. They want truth, they want reality, and there’s the only way to get the reality and the truth that you’re craving, and that’s by being proactive on the attempt to just change your lifestyle.

Dr Frank: Well, thanks man for your time today. I know you got some things going on today. You probably gotta get to the gym again. . 

Judah: Yes, maybe . Yeah. Thanks again for everything. I mean, you have been one of the biggest supports on my team right now, and I, I can’t thank you enough. So therefore, The way that I can thank you is to truly show that same love to anyone that comes to me, that that wants to just be better, who wants to live a productive and efficient lifestyle, because you’re not just doing it for you, you’re doing it for all those people who you fam basically, you’re doing it for your family.

Judah: I agree, man. So I’m, I’m, I’m, I’m here to help, man. Reach out. 

Dr Frank: All right, man. Thanks again. We’ll be talking. So one of the cool things Judah brought up was just about his experience with doing the lipo laser. Cuz like he was saying, when you’re trying to do weight loss, you’re trying to get inch loss, it’s usually not a quick thing that’s gonna happen.

Dr Frank: It’s gonna talk about taking, talk about taking about 15 weeks. If you’re trying to lose 30 pounds, that’s a couple pounds a week. And really in the meantime, sometimes you don’t see those results and it can feel like a long time. Why we offer lipo laser is so that you can see those quicker results. And what he brought up was a great point about how it’s also helping his recovery.

Dr Frank: Cause really red light therapy is not just for inch loss, but it’s also for circulation. It’s for decrease in inflammation and it’s for recovery after these workouts. So he was saying how he was getting a lot of cramps and his. And he just wasn’t recovering as quickly from these workouts. So he’s found that the light bulb laser not only gets the inch lost, he’s looking for, but also the recovery He needs to be able to go and work out the next day and continuously do that to prep for these shows and also be able to train his clients.

Dr Frank: And really that’s something that you need to think about if your body. Is getting cramped up if you’re just not really able to recover with your workouts. The lipo laser is also a great tool for that recovery part of it. So we also have the K laser in the office where if you actually get a joint injury, it’s great for that localized knee problem back problem.

Dr Frank: Foot problem, shoulder problem, and then the lipo laser gets more of a blanket coverage, especially on, on that torso area where you can get cramped up from these workouts and it really gets that recovery speeded up a lot. So make sure you’re following Judah on Instagram at Judah, J U D a H, underscore Leitis, L I O N I D A S, folks, I’m looking at his Instagram right now and man, if you look at some of the training videos, he’s.

Dr Frank: He’s got pictures from the competitions. He is done this year. I mean, you can see the time that this guy’s put in to his body and his mind to be able to do this kind of stuff. And, and he’s 37 now. I mean, this isn’t like he’s, you know, 17 or 27. I mean, this guy is around the same age as me and many of you that are listening out there, and he’s been able to do this with his body.

Dr Frank: Just so you know, it can be done in your thirties, it can be done in your forties. I’ve had Dr. Ben Duke on a few months ago who, who got into body building in his forties now and won competition’s up in Pennsylvania doing that. So it can be done and it’s just takes the right mindset and the right team around you to be able to do that.

Dr Frank: So, Jude and I are gonna be working together a lot more going forward, and we’re gonna be working together to really get your body back where it needs to be. So whether it’s chiropractic, weight loss, lip bulb, laser, if you need some coaching, Jude is great with that. Workouts, personal training, all these things are really helpful to get you on the right track to back back to where you want to be.

Dr Frank: So reach out to me on Instagram. Ideal Health and Wellness Center or Facebook at Ideal Health and Wellness Center. Tell me what’s going on and I’ll tell you what I think. Remember, the coach’s door is always open. This is Coach Frank. I’m sporting good posture. How about you? 

Judah: The Sporting Good Posture Podcast is a broadcast wellness production powered by Ideal Health Wellness Center, all content copyright 2021, all rights reserved.

Judah: Executive producer Frank Sar, coach Frank appears courtesy of Ideal Health Wellness Center in Franklin. For more information, visit sporting good and follow coach on Instagram at Sporting Good Posture. 

Dr Frank: Okay, so sit tight because we’re gonna bring all that to you and more right after this. You forgot already.

Dr Frank: Nothing’s coming to my mind. Now. We need something here. Okay. All right. Do you know what you’re supposed to say now? Yeah. Okay, good.