Weight Loss That Stays Lost, ChiroThin Program Founder Tells All

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Coach Frank, back with you again. Did you ever wonder why all weight loss programs and plans don’t seem to work for everybody? Did you ever try a weight loss plan? Someone else has done it successfully and didn’t get the same result. Are you failing where others are crushing their weight loss efforts while you’re not alone? Even I have had quite a few challenges in this area.

And if you’re thinking there’s a hidden barrier preventing you, you’re not far off. There is my guest today is the founder of a program that addresses this hidden connection. Where was it hidden all this time? Well, you’ll have to let him tell you himself, but you’ll be a little embarrassed to know it’s been right there with you the entire time and has been alerting you in many ways.

And as it turns out, your posture has something to do with it. Sound interesting. Well, it is. And just finding out this one thing can be the difference between more failures or future you at Sporting Good Posture, fitness and ideal weight too. So crank up the volume and dial in for this exciting episode, which I’m going to bring to you right after this.

Let’s do this, The name of sports, fitness, and health fans. With another episode of the Sporting Good Posture digital radio experience gear up for coach Frank’s advice from the sidelines as he helps you crush your game. No matter what sports, health, or fitness game you play. This is coach Frank on Sporting Good Posture. What are you sporting?

Hey coach, what do you got for us today? Welcome back to another episode of Sporting Good Posture. This is your health and fitness coach from the sidelines Dr. Frank Mar gala, but you can call me coach Frank if you’d like. And as usual, I’m here for you with an exciting and informational episode packed full of free advice for you to step up your game.

And today we’re going to step things up in a big way on the subject of weight loss. Now, before you tune me out, yes, I know this is a pretty oversaturated subject and it’s been done to death, but I have to tell you in my office since I have been doing the program, my guest today started the results had been through the roof and I’ve gotten more people sporting their ideal weight than ever before.

And yes, I’m going to have him explain it all to you. His insight mages change the dynamic of the results you can get and change the trajectory of your weight loss goals. So stick with me for just a minute more and I’ll bring him to you right after this short message. Hey Jeremy. Wow. Bumping that iron getting bought for summer.

Hey Hayley. Wow. You look amazing. I guess the gym’s working out pretty well for you wish it was for me trying to lose some weight, but no matter what I do, I can’t seem to take it off. Oh, I’ve been there. I’ve tried tons of diets and routines and just couldn’t take the weight off. No matter what I did,

it was depressing. We did something, right? What’s your secret, Actually, my chiropractor, Your chiropractor? I was so surprised, but it worked. He was doing something called the ChiroThin program. The ChiroThin program, The ChiroThin program is designed like no other supervised by licensed doctors of chiropractic ChiroThin is based on your body’s natural structure.

Following mother nature’s blueprint, ChiroThin gets to the bottom of all the reasons people have difficulty losing weight and puts you on the road to your ideal body. And that means the ideal you, Hey, Jeremy, you’re looking pretty buff. Did you check out the ChiroThin program? That Hayley, thanks for turning me on to it for my girlfriend and mom too.

We all had a breakthrough. Can’t believe we finally lost the weight. Well, it looks like my loss was your gain. If losing weight is a challenge, get evaluated today for free to see if you are fit for the ChiroThin program at an ideal health and wellness center, don’t just get then get ChiroThin call 615 567 6683. My guest today is a Logan college of chiropractic graduate from 1993.

He’s a second-generation chiropractor and six in his family. He’s owned and operated a multi-office chiropractic company. And he’s the founder and CEO of Cairo nutraceutical. And ChiroThin he combined two things that most people don’t know are related and they have everything to do with not only what I do as a practicing doctor of chiropractic and weight loss coach but also everything to do with you and your ideal state of health,

weight, and fitness too. He’s the founder of a program appropriately called ChiroThin, which is something that not only gets incredible results where other programs have failed, but it has been astounding. My patients, since I started applying it and I have to admit it’s astounded me too. I can’t believe the results we’ve been seeing. It’s been truly miraculous and inspirational, to say the least,

but those aren’t my words. These are the words of my patients who started applying this to their wellness plan and couldn’t stop talking about it, but rather than go on about his story, I think I’ll let him tell you himself, please. Welcome to Sporting Good Posture, Dr. Jason Strode, Hyde. Welcome to the show today, doc. Thanks, Dr.

Frank, how’s it going? We got to talk a little bit before the podcast and we talked a little bit about how more and more chiropractors are doing weight loss. And I just wanted to ask you kind of how you saw the connection with that and how you see more of these chiropractors doing weight loss as well. Yeah. You know, Dr. Frank,

that’s a, it’s a great question. So as you know, it was the program<inaudible> we? Oh, I’m the co-founder and co-owner of the company. So having had multiple high-volume chiropractic practices, you know, where we served a lot of patients, I mean, just serve, serve, serve all day long. One of the things that I realized was that it is about getting people better as fast as possible.

You’re one of the things I always said was my job for every patient was to get them better, as fast as possible, keep them better, longer, basically save them time, save them money while improving their health. And it hit that as the rates of people being overweight and the rates of obesity was going up. One of the trends that I noticed in my practice,

you probably saw it in Garcia in your practice is that as people move to a higher BMI, a lot of times there is a little bit slower or it’s more complicated. And if I wanted to be able to help those patients get better, faster, stay better, longer, and save themselves time or money. Then I needed to have a system in place that I could recommend to them that I had certainty in its ability to work,

not only to work for them to lose weight but even more importantly, to give my patients the ability to have a real world, easy to implement maintenance strategy, to help keep that weight off long-term as long as they follow the recommendations. And that was the etiology of it, you know, and, and going back to chiropractic and chiropractic philosophy, you know,

we all learn this day, one of chiropractic school, right? As, as health, as a complete state of physical, mental, and emotional, spiritual wellbeing, and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity, and also the chiropractic triangle of health, right? So if you want to be healthy, it’s not just not having a symptom. You need physical well-being,

you need chemical well-being and you need emotional well-being. If you talk to some of the older school chiropractors, like my dad, I’m the second generation chiropractor. My family, my dad was a 1964 graduate of Logan College of chiropractic, you know, those, yeah, back in the day, those guys called it the three T’s right.

Thoughts, traumas, and toxins, right? So we’ve, we’ve brought that. We’ve modernized that theory, but really what we all know. And we just really put the pieces together was that chiropractic is awesome. It helps reduce physical stress. It helps reduce chemical stress. It helps with emotional stress because the nervous system controls the function of everything in the body.

You know, basically, from the top hair on your head to the very last cell on the bottom of your feet, the nervous system controls all that. So the spine and a properly functioning nervous system are critical to overall health and wellbeing. But as research started coming out, it became irrefutable that people that are overweight or obese have a higher degree of physical stress being placed on their bodies as they move through space.

Everyday research has come out. It’s irrefutable that people that have higher adipose levels carry more fat cells or have a higher degree of being overweight. Their body produces systemically internal chemicals that stimulate systemic inflammation than the human body. Two of the big ones that I like to focus on are what’s called<inaudible> and TNF. So all six stand for interleukin six and then at the NFA is tumor necrosis factor-alpha,

but both of those are pro-inflammatory signalers for the body. So the higher those levels, the more internal inflammation your body is going to produce, that’s going to destroy not only a person symptomatically, it’s not only going to destroy or significantly negatively impact the results that an average chiropractor can get. But more important to me is from a global health model. We know that 85% of disease states and the United States are pro-inflammatory diseases.

So really it goes beyond just knee pain, joint pain, and being able to get on the floor and play with the grandkids. All of which are important, right? Quality of life is important. We want people to get their lives back, but the real hidden thing that a lot of patients don’t see as this information becomes more apparent chiropractors becoming aware is like

if we want to have that massive global impact on a patient’s health, and that patient is overweight. If they have a BMI that is higher than 2,728, it is critical that help them in a way that is easy for them to follow using real food, no gimmicks, you know, get that weight back under control because as you reduce those adipose levels,

not only does the body start reducing the production of those chemicals that produce inflammation, but it starts increasing the levels of chemicals that help fight systemic or internal inflammation. I mean, let’s be real. The majority of people that say, I want to lose weight, want to lose weight for vanity reasons. So you’ll may maybe they had a scare.

Maybe they had a spike in blood pressure, or maybe they’re pre-diabetic and they’re being told, but the challenge is, as people know, they need to do this, but the systems that are out there, the things that they’re being told, they’re either not easy to follow, or they’re not effective where they have very high recidivism or rebound weight effect to them.

So that was the etiology of it. And when I kind of put all of this together, I honestly had this aha moment. And hence the etiology of ChiroThin a lot of chiropractors, because we are interested in health and wellness. We are interested in global wellbeing. We know that it’s simply not a diet. We know it’s gotta be nervous, a properly functioning nervous system as well,

but you have to have a blend of those two things. So we know it checks the box on physical stress. We know it checks the box on the chemical stress, and I don’t even think we need to probably discuss how somebody who feels better about themselves and how they look, and how much emotional stress that reduces as well. So really what it does,

Dr. Frank isn’t fully reinforce everything that chiropractic is all about while being a separate and unique thing from chiropractic. You put out a lot of good information and a lot of good research. I wanted to comment on a few of those because I’ve seen this in my practice now, and it is true. I, I noticed that the people that are overweight or obese do have a slower recovery rate from these injuries.

They’ve had, they do have more inflammation. They’re not getting good sleep. They have low energy. They have the chronic things in place that cause high blood pressure, diabetes cancers, and all those kinds of things that show up when you are overweight. And the inflammatory response is of the biggest things that cause aging of the body. Not only on the inside

but the outside as well. It causes wrinkles. And, and your body just kind of breaks down when you have all that inflammatory response going on. I’ve implemented this a lot in my practice. Now, I first started this about seven or eight years ago. I was doing light bulb, and laser treatments with my patients. The biggest thing like you said,

is vanity. And I wanted to try to open the fat cells for people who were trying everything else. They were eating better, working out, sleeping, right. Or at least they thought they were, and they weren’t getting the weight loss of the inch loss that they thought they would. And I added the light bulb laser in because I saw people taking phentermine and these crazy diet pills and the injections are doing surgeries and I didn’t want them to do that.

So I thought of something that was FDA approved, and that was non-invasive with the light bulb laser, but I was missing this component of the weight loss. And that’s really, I think now finding this the last couple of years has been a game-changer in my practice. And I tell you, some of the testimonials I’ve had from my patients are,

have been amazing. And a lot of them have even gotten off of medications as a result of these weight loss results. Well, you know, it goes back to Dr. Rang to, you know, I don’t have to tell you this, but anybody associate this is, I just want to let them know that our body is designed to be healthy.

We’re not designed to be sick, right? We’re designed to be self-healing. When I cut myself, I don’t have to think about how my body is going to heal. Our bodies are regenerative, but to maximize the human body’s potential, we have to make sure that the controlling organ, the controlling system, and the nervous system can talk properly to the parts.

But then we also have to give it the things that it needs to make sure that it can run and operate maximally and at its maximum. So if a person is diabetic or they’re overweight, or they’re on blood pressure medication, that’s an abnormal state in the human body, simply taking high blood pressure medication. Doesn’t fix that. It just does what it’s supposed to do.

Now, if we can get the body to become healthier, we should expect that body to start healing. Now, whether or not the high blood pressure goes away or not, that remains to be seen that’s on an individual basis. And I would never claim that. But I think it’s reasonable to expect that as a person becomes healthier, we should expect and anticipate their body to repair itself,

to start healing, to start functioning better. And when that happens, then it would become at some point reasonable to expect that the body would need less of a particular medication, which is treating a condition, or if the body regenerates and heals itself fully, then, you know, at that point, their medical doctor, their deal would likely take them off of the blood pressure.

Medication is not needed, you know, I mean, we have a thousand locations around the United States or North America act, but at the end of the day, you know, we get these reports and it’s the blood pressure medication. It’s diabetes medication. It’s, you know, fibromyalgia is doing better. Its thyroid issues are doing better. It’s just,

that the body is more able to do what it was designed to do, which is moving through space daily with very little stress. And when these hiccups come along, it’s designed to heal itself to shift that we people, sometimes their body gets into a condition where it can’t work. Optimally. The other amazing thing is that I find that coupling the ChiroThin with the light bulb,

and laser has even increased my results, not only for the weight loss but even the inch loss as well. And I wanted to ask you kind of, why does that work so much better, with the light bulb laser and the ChiroThin combined? Like what is the ChiroThin doing that makes those fat cells have a better ability to open like that? That’s a little bit of the secret sauce of the formula Without giving away.

It’s kind of like asking Coca-Cola to let you into the vault where they keep the recipe. Right. But you know the formula is very specifically designed to do multiple things, right? And you need to note our ChiroThin nutritional support formula is hormone-free. There are no hormones used in manufacturing or the finished process. It’s also stimulant-free.

So there’s no, ephedra, there’s no caffeine. So there are no hormones and no, no stimulants. Basically what it does is it’s designed to help your body regulate its metabolism at a higher level. So that on just any given day it’s, the metabolomes are going to be higher. It’s going to help the body balance its blood sugar. It’s going to help aid in digestion.

It’s going to help provide detox. Basically at the end of the day, what it’s doing is it’s allowing your body to tap into fat for energy instead of tapping into carbohydrates and muscle. So it’s also not a magic bullet, right? So we have the ChiroThin nutritional support formula. What most people call in the United States drops in candidates sprays, but you know,

that’s the drops, but then it’s, the dietary guidelines that go along with that. And it’s all about the right amounts, quantities, blends, and ratios of certain types of foods. So it’s localized, certain blends and ratios of low-glycemic index anti-inflammatory foods, certain blends and ratios of complex carbohydrates, certain, you know, a certain amount of fresh fruits.

Some doctors allow their patients to have a certain type of bread component, others don’t and that’s kind of optional, but really what we’re doing is we’re supporting the body with our, with the ChiroThin formula. We’re teaching them how to balance out the foods that they consume. So we’re not giving them shakes to drink. We’re not giving them bars. We’re not making them go spend three hours a day doing cardio in a gym,

because even if a person could do that to get to their goal, I mean, the reality is, is nobody’s going to want to do a, drink, a bar for breakfast and lunch for the rest of their life. And what happens is, is they wind up, I’m going to use the term falling off the wagon, right? They wind up maybe losing the weight,

but then they wind up rebounding when the way that they lost the weight became so burdensome or interfering with their life. That they’re just like, I just, I don’t want to do this anymore. So with that’s why with ChiroThin then nutritional support formula combined with the fact that it’s all using real food that people buy at the grocery store. So we’re not only teaching them how to,

or what types of blends and ratios to use while they’re going through the program. They’re learning how to shop for those types of foods. They’re learning how to prepare those types of foods. And when you do that and then a person follows the maintenance guidelines, basically what’s going to happen is we’re teaching them how to consume foods in a way that promotes long-term weight loss and improves health and wellness.

Instead of going back to the things that they did before, which promote disease and deteriorating, the deteriorating health, you know, the light therapy, you know, helps with that procedure. You know, the reason that you’re getting, you’re seeing these results may be when you’re combining the two that may be outperformed, either of them as a standalone is you’re taking a multifaceted approach where one is you’re using light too,

to modulator the fat cells in a certain fashion. And with the ChiroThin program, you’re taking it more from a systemic internal system where the end product is weight loss, where the red light is going in, straight from basically is going in and targeting those fat cells where we’re doing it, biomechanically and dietarily. You’re going in with an ancillary device known as the red light therapy,

libel lasers, a lot of peanut peanuts, and targeting those cells. So it’s kind of like a, it’s kind of like the one, two punch, right? Absolutely. The light bulb laser was, it was an amazing thing to find, but adding it with the ChiroThin not only is getting those short-term results, but I am seeing those longer-term results that most people get frustrated about when they don’t have a successful diet program or,

or weight loss or whatever they’re trying to do. I see that long-term change that I normally don’t see, which is why I’m very impressed with this program. And so are my patients. Yeah. So to wrap up, what would you like to leave our listeners with before we sign off today, You deserve whatever it is you want out of life,

but you have to take the steps to get there. Amen. I put a post up last night on social media, Dr. Franks had talked about just starting. Most people want perfection. We’ve heard of analysis paralysis or failure to launch things like that. People deserve whatever it is that they want in life. And I truly believe that. And I truly believe that most can get it.

I think I have more confidence in people’s ability to get what they want in life. Then sometimes they do. But the biggest hindrance that I see as people wait for things to be just right to start, they got to wait for the stars, the lineup, and they spend all this time doing all of this research training to make the best decision. But at the end of the day,

Dr. Frank, there’s no best, best to start. And it’s okay if it’s okay. If you start it’s okay. If you start in, it’s imperfect. It’s okay. If you start and it’s flawed because you’re going to learn from that. And it allows you to course-correct, because you’re starting to learn and that builds momentum. And when you start doing that,

the universe has a way of putting you in place with the experts that take maybe what was a flawed process, to begin with. But because you’re doing it, you’re, you’re taking steps. The universe puts you in front of people that are going to pressurize your actions and turn them into diamonds. And that’s where miracles happen. So I want people to know that whatever it is that they want in life,

it’s there, they just have to start. And the universe or God is going to put you in contact with people that can help you get there. But you got to start. I have a good friend that says done is better than perfect. That’s one of my favorite sayings in life that and ready fire aim. Yes, absolutely. Well, it’s been a real pleasure having you on,

and I’d like to have you on at some other point as a guest later on maybe next year. And thank you for taking the time today and for the great information that you gave us today. And really, I think my listeners will enjoy this and understand a lot more about this program that I’m doing at the office. I’m glad I could help Dr. Frank,

Meanwhile, make sure to contact my office directly right now, since each person has a different reason. They are retaining weight. I am conducting individual evaluations, free of charge. That’s right. I’m not charging you to evaluate you. I would never think of doing so until I figure out what’s going on, you really shouldn’t have to pay to get that kind of answer.

So I’m hooking you up. So all you have to do is call my office at (615) 567-6683. And we’re going to get you scheduled for a one-on-one with me. And at the end of it, you’ll know two things. Number one, you’ll know exactly what your specific situation is and why you’re retaining the weight. And number two, you’ll get recommendations on what you can do about it.

So what do you have to lose on that one? If you’d like to know more information like you learned today, make sure you go to SportingGoodPosture.com and click on weight loss at the top. That’s where I’ve sorted all the episodes of the show that have to do with weight loss. You can listen to lots more content that will be helpful on the subject.

And don’t forget my digital radio talk show is free for you also. And speaking of hitting me up, if you have specific follow and DM me on Instagram at Sporting Good Posture or instant message me on Facebook at ideal health and wellness center, as always tell me what’s going on. And I’ll tell you what I think will everyone that’s about it for today.

I had a blast bringing you this vital information, and I hope it’s helped as you found out, that posture has everything to do with weight loss too. So if you haven’t given yourself a self-posture check, whether you’re an athlete or not, it’s not important. Check yourself in the mirror and look for those imbalances. Then reach out to me, hit me up on Instagram or Facebook,

or even just call me directly in the office and (615) 567-6683, but call anyway, to schedule that evaluation, I’m always standing by on the sidelines to call the plays. You need to win no matter what game you decide to play in life. Remember the coach’s door is always open. This is coach Frank I’m Sporting Good Posture and a better, healthier weight. How about you?

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