• Achieving weight loss didn't turn out to be as simple as you thought New Year's resolution? - check. Start diet? - check. Join the gym? - check. But then you found it wasn't as easy as you envisioned. Truthfully, it was physically and mentally taxing. It was painful! You become exhausted at which [...]

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    Foot pain or “Plantar Fasciitis” is often a sign of no arch support Shoes may be getting more fashionable, but they are certainly not getting much more supportive. Arch support these days seems to be non-existent. And, it's not just affecting the feet. While, yes, it can cause heel pain, Plantar[...]

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    Making weight loss in Franklin after the holidays a solution not just a resolution Getting back to work after the holidays can be stressful enough without considering those pounds you put on. This condition sends thousands seeking weight loss in Franklin down the New Year's resolution pathway only [...]

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  • I’m Dr. Frank!

    Meet our wonderful Franklin Chiropractic Team at Ideal Health and Wellness Center!

    (see my Bio Here)


     This is Courtney!

    Hi guys! I’m Courtney! Growing up as a small town girl, for years all I knew was trees, back
    roads and farms. Once a senior in high school I finally moved to Memphis to begin my city dream and pursue my painting career! I finally decided that the University of Tennessee is where my heart belonged(Go VOLS!), so I went to study biology at the University of Tennessee at Martin. In 2011 I performed a year long clinical rotation at McNairy Regional Hospital where I learned that helping people is my passion. I now reside in Nashville where I’m able to continue my art, live in the city and help my patients lose the weight and inches that are hindering them from living a healthy happy life!

    This is Maria!


    Hello All!

    My name is Maria, I moved to the great city of Nashville in December of 2015. Prior to my move I took an internship in Costa Rica and worked with a non-profit for 3 months. While working there I realized that my life was meant to serve people and help them reach their full potential.

    Now I spend my days helping and encouraging our wonderful patients achieve their health goals!





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